Logistics software programs can help you simplify your business operations and increase efficiency. Read this blog to find out the top software programs. Or, click here to find out how 1500+ companies are simplifying and streamlining their shipping logistics with xChange.

Being part of the shipping industry, you know that it is quite complex. Shipping cargo from one location to another involves multiple steps – sourcing the containers, loading the cargo in containers, keeping track of the shipments, and making sure the cargo reaches the destination on time.

Without a robust system in place, it can be hard for your business to operate efficiently as most of your time is spent on these manual tasks. One of the best ways to improve your shipping logistics is by automating your processes through a logistics software program.

At Container xChange, we strive to do that for every step of container logistics. We provide you with a cloud-based online platform where you can – trade or lease containers, track your containers and get automated updates, access real-time container prices and much more!

We provide all these services on a single platform at 100% market price transparency. Right from sourcing your containers at the best prices to invoicing and payments – Container xChange is all you need.

1500+ vetted companies from 2500+ locations across the world are already using Container xChange to simplify and automate their shipping logistics. Click the banner below to find out how xChange logistics software program can help your business become more efficient and increase your profits!

logistics software prorgams

What are logistics software programs?

Logistics software programs are technology solutions that help companies manage their shipping and inventory operations efficiently. They can help automate most of your manual processes, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and enhance the overall productivity of your company.

Logistics software programs also help companies improve their supply-chain visibility and provide accurate data to keep operations under control. Some of the solutions provided by logistics software include order and inventory management, transportation management, warehouse operations and shipping logistics management.

We’ll discuss more about the benefits of choosing logistics software for your business later, but first, let’s look at the top logistics software programs.

5 best logistics software programs

Here are the top logistics software that you can use to simplify your day-to-day operations.

Take a look at the table below to get an overview of these companies.

Container name Website Services provided
Container xChange https://www.container-xchange.com/ Container trading, leasing, tracking, insurance and financial services.
Cargowise https://www.cargowise.com/  Customs and cross-border compliance, international eCommerce, warehousing, and landside logistics.
 AGX https://www.agxworld.com/ Collaborate with agents and customers with ease using AGX’s virtual one-file system. 
Descartes https://www.descartes.com/home Retail, transportation & and logistics, manufacturing & and distribution field service & and sales.
Xeneta https://www.xeneta.com/ Ocean and air freight rates.
FreightPOP https://www.freightpop.com/ Freight rates, shipping, tracking, and auditing of inbound and outbound LTL, FTL, parcel, and international air and ocean shipping.
GoFreight https://www.gofreight.com/ Managing and tracking ocean, air, and inland delivery operations including accounting, warehousing, PO management, security filing, sales, and invoicing.
Shipthis https://www.shipthis.co/ Single integrated solution for all modes of shipment operations. Warehouse solutions, tariffs, and on-demand real-time shipment tracking features.
Magaya https://www.magaya.com/ Supply-chain management, rate management, customs compliance, CRM, and warehouse visibility.
Alpega TMS https://www.alpegagroup.com/en/ Reduce overall freight spend and carbon footprint. Live vehicle tracking, dock appointment scheduling, reusable/returnable packaging management, and mobile solutions.


Container xChange

logistics software programs

Container xChange is a one-of-its-kind online platform for all your shipping and container needs. Our company aims to provide digital solutions for all your container logistics needs.
By becoming a member of our platform, you can:

We’ll discuss more about these services in detail later in the blog. Want to directly talk to our experts on about xChange? Click here to schedule a free demo and talk to our experts.

Here’s what one of our customers Tagustainer, a European container trading company has to say about using the xChange platform. 

“From buying the container to having it shipped, the entire process was simple and affordable with xChange. Overall, the platform is very easy to use. Everything can be done on xChange, including payments and negotiations with suppliers.”

Read the full success story here


logistics software programs

Cargowise is a cloud-based logistics software that enables customers to execute complex logistics operations and transactions on one database. It provides solutions for international freight forwarding, custom clearances, transportation and warehouse.

Apart from these logistics solutions, Cargowise also provides e-commerce supply-chain management. It also offers enterprise solutions and helps you automate, consolidate and streamline core business processes like sales and marketing, accounting, human resources and more.


AGX is a communicative and collaborative platform that allows medium-sized freight forwarders to work with agents and customers seamlessly. Their cutting-edge solution will help you work with global partners and agents across the world on a singular (Virtual One File).

AGX provides a central platform that connects you to your partner’s TMS systems and allows them and you to be connected to other systems as required. With this, you can chat with your agent on the shared file, upload documents, and add colleagues for access as you go.

AGX decreases your manual workload which is time-consuming and error-prone and only provides end-to-end solutions for your operations.


logistics software programs

Descartes provides multiple software solutions for retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing & distribution, and field service & sales. If you’re in the retail business, you can use their software to manage your warehouse, store distribution and home delivery.

Similarly, if you’re in the shipping business, you can use Descartes for your accounting. The software will help provide you with integrated, multi-divisional financial management tools and reporting.


Xeneta provides real-time and on-demand ocean and air freight rates. Knowing freight rates can help you in negotiating better deals with shippers and ultimately provide better rates to your customers.

Xeneta helps you understand your own freight procurement performance in comparison to the market and helps you optimize your supply chain logistics. The company provides ideal price-to-quality rates and helps in bringing full efficiency to your freight processes.


FreightPOP is a cloud-based transportation management software solution that caters to mid-size and enterprise manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

They help you to simplify freight rate shopping, shipping, tracking, and auditing of your inbound and outbound LTL, FTL, parcel, and international air and ocean shipping.


GoFreight is a cloud-based solution designed to help NVOCCs and international freight forwarders manage and track ocean, air, and inland delivery operations including accounting, warehousing, PO management, security filing, sales, and invoicing. The centralized platform allows users to analyze and visualize critical information, facilitating decision-making for business leaders.


Shipthis is a powerful and comprehensive freight forwarding software that is built to help traditional freight forwarders, logistics companies, and NVOCCs meet the ever-changing expectations of global shippers and consignees while keeping up with the latest technological advancements.


Magaya is yet another software program for supply-chain management, rate management, customs compliance, CRM, and warehouse visibility. The Magaya Digital Freight Platform also provides the technology for streamlining and optimizing courier and small package operations.

The company also offers a suite of customs filing solutions – designed to streamline import and export processes. This ensures that regulatory compliance is consistently achieved in the most efficient way possible for their customers.

Alpega TMS

Alpega is a cloud-based transportation management solution addressing the needs of shippers and other businesses of all sizes. The SaaS solutions they offer optimize and streamline processes across the end-to-end transportation cycle for over 200 customers across 80 countries, managing over 30 million transport orders each year.

Alpega TMA helps you reduce your overall freight spend and carbon footprint. They also have live vehicle tracking, dock appointment scheduling, reusable/returnable packaging management, and mobile solutions.

4 reasons to choose logistics software program for your business

Now that we’ve looked at the top logistics programs, here are a few reasons why you should invest in choosing them for your business.

Helps in time management

Logistics software plays a crucial role in time management for shipping companies. By automating and streamlining various tasks, such as route planning, load optimization, and real-time container tracking, logistics software helps shipping companies increase their efficiency.

This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps companies save time and resources. For example, using the xChange tracking system, you don’t have to manually track all your containers, as you’ll get automated real-time updates. This way, you can focus your time on other crucial aspects of your shipping business.

Provides technical expertise

Software selection, integration, implementation and optimization is complex. The advantage of purchasing logistics software as a service is that it usually comes with guidance. From implementation managers to a project management team, their sole role is to ensure the optimal implementation of their logistics system. This way, you can rely not only on the software but also on the expert teams that have developed it and are ready to help you. At xChange, we’re always ready to answer all your queries and provide you with guidance. Click here and talk to our friendly experts to know more.

Provides transportation management system

Transportation management system (TMS) helps companies manage logistics associated with the movement of goods – by land, air, sea, or a combination of transportation modes.

TMS logistics software helps ensure the timely delivery of goods by optimizing loads and delivery routes, tracking freight across local and global routes, and automating previously time-consuming tasks – such as trade compliance documentation and freight billing. A TMS system reduces costs for both businesses and end customers.

Supports future growth of the company

In all the above benefits, we’ve highlighted that using logistics software programs can help you increase your efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and help you focus more on other crucial aspects of your business. When you do all this, your business is bound to grow. Logistics software programs thus support the growth of your company.

logistics software programs

How to choose the best software for your logistics company

With so many software options available, it’s important that you choose only the best one for you. Here are a few things to consider before you choose a logistics software program.

– Functionalities: The software that you choose for your business should provide you with multiple services. This way, your business won’t have to invest in different softwares for different needs.

– Scalable: Good logistics software should not only help you scale up your business but should also be able to keep up with the growth of your company. As your customers increase, the software should be able to efficiently manage all your operations with ease.

– Cloud-based software: Cloud-based software provides several benefits. This includes better data security and automated updates. A key feature of data on the cloud is that it is usually accessible from any location and any device. This allows people in your company to use the software from anywhere from any device.

– Big data and industry insights: Big data is the collection of large amounts of data in order to find trends, make forecasts, and reduce costs for the future. It’s used to predict hazards and provide insights into how to improve processes. Big data also helps players in the industry to see which areas can be further monetized.

– Offers good customer support: And finally, you should choose a software program that offers good customer support. They should be able to help you if your business faces any difficulties and guide you on how you can make the most of the software.

At Container xChange, we provide you with all of the above mentioned services. Read on to find out how xChange is the all-in-one logistics software you need for all your shipping needs.

Simplify your container logistics with Container xChange

At Container xChange, we help you in simplifying your shipping and container logistics. We do that by providing a neutral infrastructure that connects all logistics companies to remove friction and create economic opportunity.

Here are the services we offer to create an all-in-one online platform for all your business’s shipping needs.

logistics software programs

Container trading

On our 100% neutral trading platform, you can buy and sell containers at best prices. By simply stating your container requirements and location, you can find multiple offers to choose from in one dashboard. Browse through these offers, and choose the best container deals.

You can also easily put up sales offers on our trading platform as well. We help you connect with 1500+ vetted members globally and expand your container trading business. No need to rely on middlemen or brokers who take huge cuts in your trading deals. At xChange, you can buy and sell containers at 0% commission!

Container leasing

If you want to lease SOCs for one-way moves, or avoid repositioning empty boxes, our leasing platform is what you’re looking for.

Once you’re a member, use our leasing public search to find the perfect SOCs for your needs in no time at all. Simply type in the container type you want and the pick up location to see multiple offers that meet your criteria.

On our leasing platform, you can – manage all your deals in one place, negotiate free days, per diem charges, and pick up credits directly with partners using the live chat feature! This improves your efficiency and saves your valuable time.

Real-time container prices with Insights

So how do you make sure you get the best container deals? Well, you stay updated about the current container prices and leasing rates. To help you with that, we have the xChange Insights tool.

With Insights, you can access actual container prices and one-way leasing terms in up to 130 global locations. Our tool can help you find the best time and locations to buy, sell and lease your containers.

Container tracking

After you’ve sourced containers at best prices, you can keep track of your entire container fleet through the xChange tracking tool. At Container xChange, we help you track your containers and give you automated real-time updates, regardless of whether you’ve secured your containers through xChange. This means you can track all containers in your inventory, including the boxes you’re using on the xChange platform and outside of it.

You get automatic updates on pick-up reminders, container ETAs, return schedules, delay warnings, route changes, and container close-to-destination updates.

Container insurance

Container damage is unavoidable and can happen at any stage of shipping. The best way to save money on hefty expenses that come with container repairs is by booking container insurance. Once you have booked the right container insurance, you won’t be liable to pay for these damages and repairs out of your pocket.

With our container insurance feature, you can insure even the containers that are not present on xChange. It’s a super convenient way of insuring your entire fleet at a competitive price. Plus, you get full support from our team in the damage claim process.

Financial services

Lastly, we understand that conducting business with multiple partners across the globe can come with some financial risk. To protect you from this, we’ve developed the xChange wallet. You can make secure transactions through the xChange wallet. We ensure that your money is safe and that all your deals are running smoothly.

When you combine all the services we offer, you get an all-in-one logistics software program. Right from sourcing the containers to tracking them in real-time, Container xChange is your go-to solution to streamline all your shipping logistics.

Click the banner below and schedule a free demo with our expert team to know more about how you can use our platform to maximize your profits!

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Logistics software programs: Common FAQs

What are logistics software programs?

Logistics software programs help logistics companies manage their shipping and inventory operations. Logistics software can help them streamline many of their processes and can help their production cycle run more smoothly.

Should a business invest in logistics software program?

Investing in logistics software can simplify your logistics, improve your business’s efficiency and streamline multiple processes.

How to choose the best logistics program for your business?

The best logistics software program will depend on your business and operations. Ideally, you should choose software that’s scalable, provides multiple services, has a good customer support and is could-based.