Maintaining a cold chain is critical to guaranteeing the freshness and safety of temperature-sensitive cargo. Thanks to the cold chain process, economies around the world are able to participate in the global perishable goods market. Using this process, cargo can travel long distances and reach remote locations, all while maintaining its quality.

Reefer containers play a vital role in the cold chain process by keeping cold cargo at a constant temperature throughout shipping. So what’s the catch? Finding these in-demand containers at the best prices from reliable suppliers can be a challenge. This is where Container xChange comes in. 

We’re an online marketplace for leasing and trading shipping containers from 1,500+ vetted suppliers. On our easy-to-use platform, you can choose from 50,000+ containers in more than 2,500 locations globally. 

Want to browse reefer offers on xChange right now? No problem! Find reefers to lease at the best rates from reliable suppliers in no time at all. Simply choose ‘I want to use containers’, select your pick-up and drop-off location, then click ‘search’ to find deals that suit your budget today.

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Do you need reefer logistics solutions to streamline your cold chain process?

In the world of perishable goods and temperature-sensitive cargo, an efficient and reliable cold chain process is vital. In fact, the right reefer logistics solution can be the difference between the success or failure of your business. 

So what does this solution look like? A good reefer logistics solution allows for the seamless flow of goods from production all the way to the end consumer, all while maintaining the correct temperature requirements and product quality. 

This includes finding a reliable source to lease and buy reefers on demand at the best prices. Because when shippers need reefers, you’ve got to find them quickly and efficiently. Plus, you don’t want to be ripped off in the process. 

You’ll also need to track equipment as accurately as possible, so that you can preempt issues and keep customers and stakeholders in the loop. If you don’t keep up-to-date with the whereabouts of your containers, you could find yourself trying to solve problems when it’s already too late. And we all know that delays and issues leave customers unhappy. 

So how do you streamline your reefer logistics for maximum efficiency and profit? We’ll show you in the next sections of this blog. So keep reading for the reefer logistics solutions you need.

Reefer containers

Lease reefers on demand in 2,500+ cities worldwide

If you use reefer containers often, it’s important to have a reliable platform to source them from – and fast. What’s more, you want to feel assured you can get the best deals out there. 

With the xChange container leasing platform, you can find reefer leasing offers in 2,500+ cities around the world, all from the comfort of your office. We’ve got 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube sizes available for one-way moves.

Simply input your criteria and start browsing deals that suit you. You’ll be able to compare multiple offers at the same time, in order to make sure you’re getting the best option. 

What’s more, you can negotiate the leasing rates, per diem charges and free days directly with the supplier. No fuss, no middle men involved. 

Curious about the leasing rates you can expect along popular stretches? Let’s take a look at some pick-up charges for cargo-worthy 40ft reefers now.

Leasing stretch Pick-up charge
Hamburg to Nhava Sheva  US $200
Shanghai to Mundra US $200
Barcelona to Qingdao US $600
Antwerp to Jebel Ali US $200

If you like the leasing rates you see and want to find offers in more locations, you’re in the right place. Browse container leasing deals from 1,500+ reliable suppliers now.

Buy and sell reefer shipping containers at best prices 

Our container trading platform works in the same way as our leasing platform. Input the container type you’re after, plus the location to browse trading deals in 2,500+ locations. What’s more, there is no commission on containers, and no hidden fees, so the price you agree on is the price you’ll pay.

You can also activate the market scanner to receive notifications about offers that fit your criteria. So that you can grab hold of good deals before they disappear!

Curious about what you can expect to shell out on reefer containers in popular locations around the globe? Take a look at prices here:

For a cargo-worthy 40ft reefer container in Northern Europe, you’re looking at US $4,335, in the US $5,420 and in India US $7,144.

Want to find more great deals on reefers in the cities you need? Browse offers and negotiate the trading price you want to pay. Start finding reefers at prices that suit your budget today by clicking below.

Get reefer containers

Track your reefers in near-real time

During the cold chain process, it’s important to track containers for a variety of reasons. These include: 

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Preempting and avoiding risks
  • Quality assurance
  • Communicating updates to stakeholders

Luckily, you can do this easily in near-real time on the xChange platform. Get a global overview of your entire fleet, and focus on specific container numbers, locations and contracts to get more detailed updates. 

You’ll also receive automatic alerts when containers are delayed, discharged or rolled over, so that you can anticipate hold ups, make alternative arrangements and notify partners in time.

Here’s what Elizabeth David, Operations Director of LFs has to say about using xChange tracking:

“xChange Tracking enables us to gain trust from our customers, make corresponding decisions in a timely manner and ultimately help our customers save money.” 

Want to track containers in order to avoid potential issues, save cash and keep customers in the loop? Start using our tracking tool to simplify your reefer logistics today.

Reefer logistics: How does the cold chain process work?

Packaging, storage, transportation, and tracking – these elements form the backbone of cold chain logistics. They empower economies to participate in the global perishable goods market by ensuring that freshness knows no boundaries. Let’s learn more now.

Cold chain packaging

When it comes to the cold chain, packaging plays the role of a superhero safeguarding the freshness and integrity of temperature-sensitive goods during transportation. 

Plus, cold cargo packaging is no ordinary packaging – it’s tailored to meet the specific requirements of the product. 

Take vaccines for example. These are delicately packaged in insulated boxes within insulated containers. Cold packs and temperature tracking devices are often included for extra protection.

Each category of cold cargo has specific packaging requirements, which depend on factors like:

  • Required temperature and humidity level
  • Shipment size
  • Duration of shipping
  • Outside temperature and changes that might occur

Cold chain storage

Next, enter the cold chain storage facility: a sanctuary for goods awaiting shipment. These specialized warehouses are designed to maintain precise temperatures. 

They’re a hub of activity, which includes handling consolidation, deconsolidation, loading, unloading and storage. Some warehouses also offer services like blast freezing, precooling, frozen receiving, ripening and inspection checks.

Reefer transportation and tracking

Now, let’s embark on the journey itself. Once cold cargo is packaged and ready for shipping, it’s loaded onto reefer containers. As we know, these are equipped with built-in cooling systems. To add to this, reefers are also able to control humidity. Why? Because too much humidity can cause moisture-related damage.

Along its journey, temperatures inside the container need to be tracked constantly. With changing environmental conditions, temperatures may need to be adjusted accordingly. Keeping a constant eye on reefer temperatures is thus vital in keeping cold cargo in the best condition.

Now that we’ve deep dived into the main aspects of the cold chain process, here’s a quick flowchart on how it works:

The cold chain logistics process flow chart

As you can see, reefer logistics has a lot of moving parts. That’s why you need a reliable platform like Container xChange to lease, trade and track reefers hassle-free. There are so many advantages to becoming a member. Keep reading to learn more.

Simplify your reefer logistics with Container xChange

Ready to simplify your reefer logistics once and for all? Then it’s time to sign up as a member on Container xChange, of course! Here are some of the benefits members enjoy:

  • 50,000+ containers available to lease and buy in over 2,500 cities around the world
  • 1,500+ vetted partners
  • 0% commission on deals & no hidden fees
  • Deal directly with vetted suppliers, no middlemen

So what are you waiting for? Click below to set up your free demo with one of our friendly experts today. You’ll get a sneak peek of our platform and learn exactly how xChange can work for you. Get started leasing, buying and tracking reefer containers quickly and easily now.

Simplify your reefer logistics

Reefer logistics: Common FAQs

What is reefer logistics?

Reefer logistics includes the packaging, storage, transport and tracking of temperature-sensitive goods such as meat, dairy and pharmaceuticals. In reefer logistics, the cold chain should always remain unbroken, ensuring that goods remain fresh and don’t spoil.

What are reefer containers?

Reefer containers have specialized cooling equipment and are designed to transport temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, dairy and pharmaceuticals. Reefer containers come in 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube varieties.

How are reefer containers transported?

Reefer containers can be transported via trucks, container ships and trains. It’s important to note that during transport reefers require a consistent power source. This keeps the cooling equipment running, ensuring that the cold chain is never broken.