Last updated: 18 October, 2023

Looking for the best deals on reefer sales? We’re here to help. Read this blog to learn how to grow your reefer fleet without breaking the bank. Plus, work with vetted container suppliers you can trust.

If you need to keep temperature-sensitive cargo fresh or frozen as it moves around the world, reefer containers are your answer. At a time when everything is easily accessible online, finding reefers for sale isn’t a hassle anymore. However, we know what is still a challenge: Sourcing them from reputable sellers at prices that suit your budget. 

You’ve got enough on your to-do list, so we’ll make it easier for you. On the Container xChange platform, you can buy quality reefer containers from vetted suppliers at 100% negotiable prices. We run a strict background check to ensure you’re are dealing with legitimate suppliers offering genuine deals. 

Seeing is believing, so why not try out our trading search right now to browse offers? Choose from 50,000+ containers available in over 2,500 cities to find the perfect deal for your needs. Type in the location and container type you’re after, then press ‘search’ to get started.

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Reefer sales: Cost of new & used refrigerated containers

Container prices depend on factors including the container type, size, location and market situation. Another important element influencing the price is the container condition

New reefer container price

Brand-new or one-trip reefers are a great investment if you’ve got the capital to lay down upfront. They’ll have no damage or rust and will last for over 20 years if well maintained. 

A new 40ft reefer container in the US will cost you around US $7,868. In China, on the other hand, you’re looking at US $15,184, showing just how drastically prices can vary from country to country.

On Container xChange, we’ve got new reefer containers of various sizes on offer in 2,500+ locations. Remember, prices are negotiable, so you can decide what you want to pay for the containers you need. Why not check out some prices right now to see the deals we have available? 

Used refrigerated containers for sale: A cheaper option

Used or cargo-worthy reefers are likely to have undergone repairs during their lifetime and will come with some dents and scratches. However, they’ll do the job of transporting your cargo all the same, for a reduced cost. The choice is yours. 

If you’re searching for a used refrigerated container for sale in the US, you’re looking at around US $7,668 for the 40ft variety. And in China, you’ll pay about US $8,362 for this container size.

So how much can you save opting for cargo-worthy equipment? If we use China as an example, you’re looking at a difference of US $6,822 between a new and a used reefer. Just think about how much you’ll be saving if you buy 10 used reefers instead of 10 new ones! 

Want to browse and compare the prices of used reefer containers in the locations of your choice, to see how much you can save? Take a look at cargo-worthy reefer deals right now.

Reefer containers for sale: Prices

Next, let’s dive a little deeper into the reefer sizes available, plus their uses and dimensions. There are three main sizes of refrigerated containers on the market:  20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC.

To get an idea of whether your shipment will fit in a container, it’s important to know the payload and cubic capacity (volume) of the equipment you’re after. You’ll then need to compare this with the weight and volume of your shipment. 

20ft reefer container prices

20ft reefer containers are ideal for smaller shipments of temperature-sensitive goods. Due to their lightweight nature, you can pack in heavyweight cargo to maintain that perfect weight-to-volume ratio.

reefer sales

For the 20ft reefer, the payload capacity is 27,400 kg / 60,417 lbs and the cubic capacity is 999 cu ft / 28.3 m³. 

If this is the container size you’re after for your cold shipments, you’re looking at around US $6,263 for a cargo-worthy 20ft reefer in the US. In Northern Europe, you’ll pay US $5,645 and in India US $8,146.

So you’ve looked at the dimensions and your shipments will fit into the 20ft variety perfectly. Great! Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on nifty 20ft reefers for your cargo at the best prices now. 

40ft reefer container price

One of the most commonly-used reefer container sizes is the 40ft. It provides you with double the storage space of the 20ft, and usually only costs around 30% more. Now that’s a good deal!

Reefer sales

The payload capacity of the 40ft reefer is 27,700 kg / 61,079 lbs and the cubic capacity is 2,093.3 cu ft / 59.3 m³.

Want to buy this value-for-money reefer size to pack in large shipments? Get cargo-worthy 40ft reefers for US $7,755 in the US, US $2,685 in Northern Europe, and US $7,246 in India. 

Noticed how cheap 40ft containers in Northern Europe are? Curious to see the reefer sales you can get in other areas? Find and compare prices and offers for 40ft reefers in 2,500+ locations quickly and easily.

40ft high cube (HC) reefer price

The 40ft HC reefer has the same dimensions as the 40ft, with one major difference. It’s got an extra foot of height. This container is ideal for transporting high volume shipments that don’t quite fit into the regular 40ft reefer.

Instead of buying more containers to accommodate your needs, opt for the high cube instead. You’ll fit more cargo into fewer containers and save money in the process.

Reefer sales

The payload capacity of the high cube is 29,520 kg / 65,080 lbs and the cubic capacity is 2,380 cu ft / 67.3 m³.

Interested in buying 40ft HC reefers? Get cargo-worthy 40ft high cubes for US $6,821 in the US, US $5,359 in Northern Europe and US $6,803 in India.

The high cube gives you the flexibility to fit extra large shipments into one container comfortably. We also have 45ft reefer containers available on our container marketplace. Find all kinds of reefers in the locations you need now, at prices that suit your budget. 

How to negotiate good offers on reefer containers for sale

So now you know the reefer sizes, dimensions and prices. Next, we’ll go over the easy steps to getting reefers at the best prices on Container xChange. 

First things first, it’s important to be in-the-know about what to pay for reefer containers. Make sure you do your research beforehand, so that you can spot a good price when you see one.

Browse container offers: Type in the location, plus the container type you’re looking for to start browsing. You’ll be able to shortlist and compare multiple offers at the same time in order to select the best option for your needs and budget. 

Negotiate a deal: Found the reefers you want? Then it’s time to contact the seller directly on the platform to negotiate a deal. The best part? There are no middlemen involved. Just you and the seller settling all of the finer details together. Convenient right? 

Make safe payments: Once you’ve signed the deal, the only thing left to do is pay for the containers. You can do this on xChange, using our xChange Wallet. It’s so quick and easy!

Wondering if you should lease reefers instead?

Want to be sure you’re making the correct choice buying reefers rather than leasing them? Let’s put your mind at ease with some of the main benefits of buying over leasing.

Opt to buy refrigerated containers if your needs resonate with any of the following:

  • You need reefer containers frequently or for long-term use
  • You’re tired of leasing equipment from suppliers, and all of the added fees and paperwork that come with this
  • You’d like to make modifications to containers
  • You want to build up your own reefer fleet 
  • You’d like to avoid the hassle of sourcing containers every time you have a new shipping requirement
  • You want to lease out reefer containers to earn extra profit

Leasing equipment on a regular basis can really start to add up. Buying containers means you’ll pay once-off costs, and can then use the containers hassle-free for as long as you need. Finished using them? Sell your reefers again at the right time, in the right location, and make a profit. It’s a win-win!

Does this option sound like it will make your life easier? Then buying shipping containers is the perfect solution for you. 

On the other hand, if investing in containers is too pricey, you can lease out equipment for one-way moves quickly and easily using the Container xChange leasing platform. Find out more about leasing containers on xChange now.

Reefer sales and services: Why is it important to get the best quality reefer?

Even though reefers are strong and sturdy, they’ve got a lot more moving parts than standard containers. This includes the genset, fans and insulation. These special units also run on electricity, so they’re naturally more expensive to use and maintain than standard containers. And if anything breaks, there’s a lot at stake, including cargo getting spoilt.

If you invest in good quality reefers, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment. Why? They’re designed to last a minimum of 15-20 years if well looked after. Owning quality reefers means shipping cargo safely without worrying about constant mechanical failures. 

It’s easy to see why it’s important to get your reefers from trusted and reputable sources that won’t sell you sub-par equipment. 

Of course, even with good-quality reefers, you can expect to shell out more on repairs and maintenance than with standard containers. It’s just part of the deal. Take this into account when considering buying your own fleet.

So what can you do to ease the burden of reefer repairs, as well as protect yourself against unexpected container damages and loss? Let’s find out in the next section.

Reefer sales: Get reefers at the best price on Container xChange

Ready to find quality reefer containers for your shipping needs? Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of Container xChange. 

Vetted suppliers

At xChange, we give you the best of both worlds — reliable suppliers and quality containers. We understand the importance of trust in a volatile industry like ours, and that’s why we’re strict about our vetting process. This only increases the trust factor among members, allowing you to create strong partnerships that stand the test of time. 

Secure payments 

You might be wondering, ‘Are my transactions safe?’. With the xChange Wallet, the answer is ‘100%’. With us, you have only one payment partner to deal with. All payments are credited in real time, and you can check your credits and charges on the platform any time you like. 

0% commission on all deals

We’re a completely neutral and transparent platform. All prices are stated upfront and we don’t take any commission on deals. So you can rest assured, the prices you decide on are the prices you’ll pay – no hidden fees, no nasty surprises!

So what’s next? Click the banner below to set up your free demo of our platform. One of our friendly experts will give you a sneak peek of how xChange works, and answer all of your burning questions. At last, find reefer sales that fit your budget, from reliable partners today.

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Reefer sales: Common FAQs

What’s the difference between a standard container and a reefer?

Standard dry containers are used to transport dry cargo like paper, clothing, electronics and grains. On the other hand, reefers, or refrigerated containers have special cooling equipment and are used to transport temperature-sensitive goods like meat and medication.

How does a reefer container work?

Reefer containers blow cold air from the refrigeration unit through vents at the bottom of the container, all the way to the back doors. The warm air at the top of the container flows back to the refrigeration unit over the cargo, where it is cooled down.

What types of cargo are transported in a reefer container?

Reefer containers are used to transport temperature-sensitive cargo, as well as frozen goods. This includes meat, dairy, pharmaceuticals, fruits and flowers.