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The UAE enjoys an international status as a key logistics and maritime hub. Connecting Asia to Europe and Africa, it’s a critical gateway for bilateral trade. Located strategically near the Strait of Hormuz, Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port is a particularly important port. It’s the busiest port throughout the Middle East and the ninth busiest port in the world.

The UAE’s success has been built on a foundation of two things: a strong regulatory environment, and significant infrastructure investments. UAE has seen growth across the whole spectrum of maritime business. This ranges from container shipping, to shipbuilding and repairs, brokerage, insurance, and ship ownership.

Overview of shipping container industry in UAE

The pharmaceutical sector in the Middle East has been growing tremendously. This has contributed to the growth of the UAE’s logistics industry, thanks to pharmaceutical exports. In 2019, the UAE exported USD 315.9 billion worth of goods. During COVID-19, the UAE also witnessed a negative impact on its logistics market but is expected to recover quickly and surpass 2019 levels by 2022.

Currently, most shipping container production is concentrated in Asia. 95% of all containers are manufactured in China. And other economies are emerging as alternative container manufacturers – such as India. Although the UAE is not known internationally for container manufacturing, there are a few niche manufacturers in the market producing specialized containers. These range from ISO tank containers to flatbed containers.

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Recent developments in the UAE shipping industry

The UAE plays a critical role in China’s much-anticipated Belt & Road initiative. In 2019, the UAE announced a 50-year plan to continue developing its extensive logistic infrastructure. This will strengthen connectivity between the world’s two fastest-growing regions: Asia and Africa. These factors have led UAE authorities to continue investing in critical facilities. This includes a strong regulatory framework and the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre to drive efficient maritime arbitration.

Technology also plays a key role in Dubai’s port operations. Dubai’s port operator, DP World, earlier this year announced a project to connect its 82 container terminals with blockchain technology. This will reduce costly paper trails and improve efficiency. DP World also recently signed a contract to equip Jebel Ali Port with a fleet of autonomous internal terminal vehicles (AITVs) in 2020. This will further optimize efficiency while reducing emissions.

Since Covid-19 began, the UAE has worked rapidly to safeguard operations while keeping supply chains open. This allowed not only essential goods to be moved, but allowed trade to continue flowing through the region.

With its high standards of health and safety, strong regulatory environment, and use of intelligent automation, UAE ports are set to recover more quickly. This recovery and strong geographic position will continue to create new opportunities in the UAE for container manufacturers.

Container Manufacturers in the UAE

The following are examples of niche container manufacturers in the UAE, and the services they provide:

Four Lines is another niche container manufacturer in UAE.

Four Lines Industries L.L.C

Four Lines Industries L.L.C. produces high-quality ISO tank containers designed to transport heavy liquid products without spillage or leakage. This includes chemical, acid, fuel, and water tanks. The ISO tanks are weather-resistant and prevent abrasion. They also keep the stored items at ideal temperatures to protect their quality.

Four Lines’ ISO tank containers are DNV-GL Certified with CSC / IMDG / ADR / RID approvals. This allows them to be used for storing and transporting dangerous chemicals and goods.

The Four Lines head office and design and manufacturing facility are located in Al Ghail Industrial Zone – NFZ in Ras Al Khaimah. The main industries it serves include the Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Military, Food and Beverage, Dairy, Construction, Transport, and Logistics industries.​ It serves not only companies throughout the UAE but also exports containers to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Asia.

Qasioon is a niche container manufacturer in UAE.

Qasioon Trailers Industries FZE

Founded in the UAE in 1997, Qasioon Trailers Industries FZE produces a wide range of specialized containers and trailers. This includes tank trailers, tippers, flatbed semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, custom ISO containers, and ISO tank containers. Qasioon Trailers is also one of the most sought-after frac tank manufacturers in the country.

With a strong focus on quality, the company has achieved ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for the manufacture of trailers, semi-trailers, and tanks. Qasioon Trailers grew significantly after shifting to the Hamriyah Free Zone (FZE), and they currently operate a 210,000 sq ft fabrication facility.

The company’s operations have expanded beyond UAE to cover the whole GCC region, such as Oman, Yemen, and including Africa.

How are shipping containers manufactured?

Depending on the container’s size, the cost of manufacturing can range between $1500 to $4500. The following is a quick guide to how shipping containers are manufactured:

Materials for container manufacturing

Shipping containers can be made from a range of materials. This includes steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced polymer, or even a combination of all. The most commonly used material for the container body is Corten steel. This prevents corrosion. For container tanks, the body is also typically made of steel. However, the use of glass-reinforced plastic, thermoplastic, and polyethylene tanks is increasing in popularity – especially for specialty chemicals.

For standardized ISO containers, the flooring inside the container is usually made of plywood. The body of the container is painted with durable paint, and coated with Zinc primer to avoid corrosion.

Overview of the process

Each shipping container starts with a big steel sheet. This is then cleaned and prepared through priming and sandblasting. While this takes place, the other elements are prepared – like door frames, corner frames, and wall panels. Then, all these different parts are assembled together. Finally, the container is painted and the door(s) are installed.

How do you find your shipping containers? 

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