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Up until a few years ago, the container manufacturing industry was entirely dominated by Chinese companies. Indian businesses also relied on China to meet more than 90% of their shipping container demands. However, recent years have seen a slowing of the China-dominated manufacturing sector. Something we’re seeing especially because of major firms like Chinese Singamas scaling down.

This has brought many opportunities for container manufacturers in India. Manufacturers, who’re now stepping up to fill the demand-supply gap in the global supply chain network. The container manufacturing industry in India is set to boom. Particularly, with the government helping with policies and the availability of important production factors.

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Overview of Indian container manufacturing industry

The Indian Container Manufacturing Industry is in its beginning stages. The country is still heavily dependent on the neighboring ‘dragon’ for its shipping container supplies. We’re now seeing a slowdown of containers manufactured in China. And with that, the rising need for containers in India has caught the eyes of investors. Both national and global.

India’s external trade went up to $838.46 billion by the year 2020. A number, that speaks volumes about the rising cargo container demands. It’s expected that the shipping industry will need a minimum of 60,000 new containers in the next 6 years. The imported containers from China cost the country 40% more. With that in mind, the shipping industry is most likely turning to domestically manufactured containers.

There are a few companies that have ventured into container manufacturing to meet some portion of this demand. Leading industry houses like Jindal Steel are planning to enter the market by setting up plants in Odisha and Chandigarh. As part of the Make in India initiative of the current Indian government, a cargo container manufacturing hub in the state of Gujarat is also planned. It’ll create more opportunities for existing container manufacturers in India while attracting new companies.

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Recent developments in Indian container manufacturing

The expected growth figures for the container manufacturing industry in India might not match the actual scenario. Especially, when we look at the looming shadow of COVID-19. Over the past year, major container manufacturers in India and leasing companies are treading carefully to meet the demand.

Logistics companies are hesitant to buy new containers. That also means, that leading container manufacturers in India have cut down production almost to half. Currently, there’s less hope for many new manufacturing units being set up in India. The existing manufacturers are also limiting their fleet mostly to used containers for survival.

Once the COVID restrictions ease up, container manufacturers will gear up for new business opportunities. The Indian shipping industry can piggyback on government-regulated initiatives and step into the new dawn of global trade.

Leading container manufacturers in India

Up next is a list of shipping container manufacturers in India detailing their services and area of operation.


DCM Hyundai Ltd

Established in 1993, DCM Hyundai is jointly owned by Hyundai Group of Korea and DCM Shriram group of India. The venture runs its manufacturing operations from a well-equipped facility in Faridabad, India. DCM Hyundai manufactures and supplies shipping containers, load carriers, and cargo handling units. They also produce bunkhouses, trailers, tippers, car carriers, and Genset containers.


J.K. Technologies Pvt. Ltd

J.K. Technologies was established in 2000 as a leading manufacturer and supplier of shipping containers in the industry. The company operates from New Delhi. It specializes in various types of containers used for storage, shipping, or even office space along with bunk-houses, and porta-cabins. They have a prestigious client base including renowned businesses like SAIL, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, and Siemens.


AB Sea Container Private Limited

AB Sea is another prominent container manufacturer and leaser in India established in 2007. The company provides container shipping, leasing, warehousing, and other logistics-related services. They operate from New Delhi and have state-of-the-art facilities including an inter-city transport service.


Techno-cap Equipments India Pvt. Ltd

Incepted in 2009, Techno-cap is engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality ocean cargo containers. Adhering to industry standards, their containers come in various sizes and designs fit for different purposes. Apart from shipping containers, they also manufacture bunk-houses, dry containers, resort containers, and many more. The company carries on its operations from Industrial Estate Malumichampatti, Coimbatore.

How are shipping containers manufactured?

Depending on the size (20 ft or 40 ft), shipping container manufacturing can cost anywhere between $1500-$4500. Here’s an overview of the ISO standardized container manufacturing process.

Materials used

The main materials used in container manufacturing are steel, plywood, and paint. Generally, manufacturers use Corten steel to make the container body. It prevents corrosion. For flooring, manufacturers rely on hardwood because of its durability and availability. The paint used is of optimum thickness coated with Zinc primer to avoid corrosion.

Overview of the process

The first step is cutting and cleaning the steel sheet through priming and sandblasting. This prepares it for the next stages. Simultaneously, other components like door frames, wall panels, and corner frames are prepared. In the next step, they put all these parts together into one unit. After that, the container is painted and door(s) is installed. That’s it. Now the container is ready. 

How to find your ideal shipping container?

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