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Looking for reefer containers for your temperature-sensitive cargo? We have quality reefers in 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC and 45ft HC sizes available.

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Average prices of reefer containers

On the Container xChange platform, we have containers in 2,500+ locations around the world. Here are the average prices for 20ft reefer containers in popular locations.

Qingdao: US $8,559

Hamburg: US $3,909

Houston: US $3,237

Nhava Sheva: US $8,009
Mundra: US $9,529

Reefer containers for sale at the best price globally

Choose the container condition that best suits your needs. Whether it’s brand new, cargo worthy, wind and water tight (WWT) or as-is, we’ve got you covered. Cargo-worthy containers offer the best value for money. These popular boxes are considerably cheaper than new containers.

All of our intermodal cargo-worthy containers are: Certified safe to transport cargo by land or sea, strong and sturdy, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and good options for storage.

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3 sizes of reefer containers available on Container xChange

We’ve got reefers in 3 sizes, so take your pick by clicking on the picture below.

20ft reefer container
40ft reefer container
40ft reefer HC container

Reefer containers for sale: Types, uses and dimensions

Dimensions 20ft reefer container

20ft reefers are great for smaller cargo loads. They’re also easy to move as they’re lighter than other boxes.

Measurement 20ft Reefer
Internal length 17.9 ft / 5.44 m
Internal width 7.5 ft / 2.29 m
Internal height 7.5 ft / 2.27 m
Tare weight 3,080 kg / 6,790 lbs
Payload capacity 27,400 kg / 60,417 lbs
Cubic capacity 999 cu ft / 28.3 m³ 

Dimensions 40ft reefer container

The 40ft reefer is double the size of the 20ft, but usually only around 30% more expensive. It’s great value for money.

Measurement 40ft Reefer
Internal length 37.9 ft / 11.56 m 
Internal width 7.5 ft / 2.28 m
Internal height 7.4 ft / 2.25 m
Tare weight 4,800 kg / 10,584 lbs
Payload capacity 27,700 kg / 61,079 lbs
Cubic capacity 2,093.3 cu ft / 59.3 m³

40ft HC reefer containers for sale
If you’ve got a lot of cargo to pack into your reefers, you may want to go for the high cube version, as it has an extra foot of height.

45ft HC reefer containers for sale
Want even more extra height? Opt for the 45ft HC reefer to get as much space as possible for your cargo.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a reefer shipping container?

Reefer containers are refrigerated shipping containers, and are fitted with special cooling equipment. Reefers come in various sizes, including 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC.

How much does a reefer container cost?

The cost of a reefer container varies depending on the condition, location and current market situation. For a 20ft reefer container, you’re looking at US $ 3,237 in Houston, US $ 3,909 in Hamburg and US $ 8,009 in Nhava Sheva.

What is the size of a reefer container?

A 40ft reefer container has an internal length: 37.9 ft / 11.56 m, an internal width of 7.5 ft / 2.28 m and an internal height of 7.4 ft / 2.25 m. The tare weight is 4,800 kg / 10,584 lbs and the payload capacity is 27,700 kg / 61,079 lbs.

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