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Ananya Borgohain

"Never attempt to win by force, what can be won by deception."

Machiavelli in The Prince

About Ananya Borgohain

With more than 10 years of experience in writing and editing, Ananya has worked as the Books Editor of The Pioneer–India’s second oldest English-language daily national newspaper–where she also wrote extensive cover stories about politics, society, literature as well as interviewed public figures including Presidents and Grammy-winners. She has been a Senior Correspondent for the country’s largest business news organization, The Economic Times, where her writings focused on small businesses, finance and global trade. Subsequently, she held a key role at one of the world’s Big 5 publishing houses, HarperCollins Publishers, where she curated and published bestselling and award-winning books. Beyond the written word, her professional interests extend to logistics, particularly the intersection of modern technology and international trade. Her commitment lies in delivering insightful narratives that capture the pulse of our interconnected world. Academically, Ananya has a BA, MA and MPhil in English Language and Literature.