High cube containers are one of the most commonly used container types. Especially 20HC and 40HC are the go-to choices because they provide extra space. 

Yes, we know. There are many different container types out there. And that’s enough to get your head spinning. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to high cube containers, let’s give you a quick, but in-depth, overview of what’s made high cube containers so popular.

A distant, identical, but taller cousin of 20ft and 40ft standard containers, these specialized high cube containers are much in demand because of the extra height. At the same time, 20HC and 40HC are easy to stack on the vessels as they have a similar width as standard containers. 

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If you’re still wondering what a high cube container is, we’re here to help you understand it better below.

What is a high cube container?

It’s a type of intermodal freight container that is taller and wider than a standard container. These containers are used to transport large, bulky items that do not fit well in traditional containers. High cube containers are typically used for oversized products, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial materials. While they are not as common as standard containers, high cube containers play an important role in the global shipping industry. By providing a larger space for cargo, high cube containers help to ensure that goods can be transported safely and efficiently from one location to another.

Uses of high cube container

One of the most versatile shipping containers on the market today is the high cube container. Here are several ways that this type of container can be used. High cube containers are often used for shipping goods by sea or land. They are sturdy and weather-proof, making them ideal for transporting items long distances.

These containers can also be used for business or individual purposes. They are spacious and can be easily stacked, making them a great option for storing large items for ocean freight or large quantities of items. They have a variety of uses. If you’re looking to ship your cargo and worried about how to fit it in standard boxes – a high cube container may just be the perfect solution for you.

What are the high cube container dimensions?

Standard-sized containers with a height of 9’6” are called high cube containers. They look like standard containers, but because they are a bit higher, they appear like a cube when viewed from the front and back. Which explains their name. The high cube containers are known under many names. Such as High cube, Hi-Cube, HC, or HQ. The majority of these containers are made from durable materials like steel or aluminum.

High cubes are used to ship all kinds of dry cargo, just like standard containers. But, they are extremely functional for transporting light and large cargo, especially the ones with heights (maximum 2.70 m).

The high cube containers have numerous lashing rings (mounted on front top end rail, bottom cross member, and corner posts). The lashing rings can max bear a 1000 kg load. Some high cubes containers may have recesses on the floor. These have two purposes:

Help center the containers on a chassis, and allow these containers to lie lower. This gives them a taller construction.

High cube container dimensions: 20HC, 40HC, 45 HC and all their measurements

Containers are made according to standard sizes set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This way, they can be stacked efficiently. Something that reduces the risk of toppling over during transit.

High cube containers are similar to the 40ft standard containers in length and breadth but have a height difference of exactly 1 foot. That gives the high cubes an additional ~344 cubic feet of storage capacity. The extra height also means that the containers are heavier than the standard. 

Let’s have a look at the high cube container’s dimensions compared to a standard 40ft container:

Mostly, high cube containers are 40ft tall. But they can also be 45ft, depending on the requirements. Here are the internal measurements and capacity of these containers.

Internal measurements

Measure 20ft HC
Internal length 19.4 ft /5.902 m
Internal width 7.7 ft/2.352 m
Internal height 8.9 ft/2.698 m
Tare weight 2,315 kgs / 5103.701lbs
Payload capacity 28160 kg / 62082.173 lbs
Cubic capacity 37,28 m³
Measure 40ft HC 45ft HC
Internal length 12.03 m / 39.5 ft 13.55 m / 44.5 ft
Internal width 2.35 m / 7.8 ft 2.35 m / 7.8 ft
Internal height 2.67 m / 8.9 ft 2.67 m / 8.9 ft
Tare weight 3,940 kg / 8,687 lbs 4,820 kg / 10,628 lbs
Payload capacity 28,600 kg / 63,052 lbs 27,860 kg / 61,431 lbs
Cubic capacity 76.3 m3 / 2,694.5 cu ft 86 m3 / 3,036 cu ft

But given the extra height, it’s important to take note of this: High cube containers are often considered over-heightened for inland transportation. Especially when they’re going under tunnels, bridges, and so on.

In terms of volume, how much can you fit in a 40ft high cube container?

760 medium flower pots. 610 standard package boxes. 152 bicycles, give or take a couple. There’s room for many things in a high cube container.

But let’s try to simplify it a little. Here are some standardized sizes that might be a bit more tangible. According to European pallet size (1.2m x 0.8m), you can fit in 25 pallet stacks in a 40ft high cube container. For American pallets (1.01m x 1.21m), there can be 21 pallet stacks as long as they are not hanging over the sides.

Talking of HC containers, one of the boxes in demand amongst the high cube container range is 45 HC. Let’s know more about it here –

45 HC container

These containers are increasingly becoming popular amongst businesses and are typically constructed from corrugated steel and are windows. The standard dimensions of a 45 HC container are as follows: length – 45 feet, width – 8 feet, height – 9.5 feet. 

The interior volume of these containers is 2,700 cubic feet, and they can typically hold up to 40,000 pounds of cargo. Thanks to their size and durability, 45 HC containers are well-suited for carrying a variety of goods, including heavy machinery and even vehicles.

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