High cube containers are one of the most commonly used container types. Read this blog to get an overview of the container type. Also, learn how 1,500+ companies are sourcing these containers at the best price. 

High cube containers are a taller cousin of 20ft and 40ft standard containers — with a height of 9’6”. High cubes, in short HC, have the same floor space as standard dry containers, but the extra height adds storage space. This enables them to meet more cargo demands. Thus, making it one of the most cost-efficient and popular sizes in the market today.

While it’s easy to find HC containers, you can never be too sure that you’re paying the right price for these in-demand containers. And if you want specialized HCs, there’s a good chance that your local sourcing network may not have them.

That’s where Container xChange can help you. We’re an online container marketplace with 10+ container types available in 2500+ locations. On our platform, you get multiple container offers to compare, negotiate, and book directly from suppliers.

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    What is a high cube container?

    High cube containers have an extra foot (12 inches, about 30cm) in height compared with dry containers. These containers are used to transport large, bulky and higher volume cargo that does not fit well in traditional containers. High cubes are typically used for transporting all kinds of general cargo (dry cargo). Plus you can use these containers to store oversized products, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial materials. 

    high cube containers

    High cube containers play an important role in the global shipping industry. By providing a larger storage space for cargo, these containers ensure that goods can be transported safely and efficiently from one location to another.

    Apart from standard dry containers, there are also specialized HC containers. These are reefer HC containers , pallet-wide HC containers, side-door HC containers and  double-door HC containers. For forwarders and NVOCCs specialising in niche cargo like project and out of gauge cargo, the HC variety becomes a popular choice. For instance, a high cube reefer, with its extra storage space, will reduce the number of reefers required to ship high-volume cargo. Similarly, a high cube pallet-wide will carry 2-6 pallets than a 40ft version. In the overall logistics cost, this can make a lot of difference. 

    When it comes to these specialized high cubes, you can easily opt for cargo-worthy containers — significantly cheaper than new containers. Learn about the current offers on specialized high cube containers in your location.

    20ft high cube container dimensions 

    Understanding the dimensions and capacity of HC containers will make it easier for you to choose the one that fits your needs. Let’s start with a 20ft HC container.

    A 20ft high cube container is similar to a standard 20ft container with extra height. Here are the dimensions of a 20ft HC container. 

    Dimensions of 20ft HC container
    Internal length 19.4 ft /5.902 m
    Internal width 7.7 ft/2.352 m
    Internal height 8.9 ft/2.698 m
    Tare weight 2,315 kgs / 5103.701lbs
    Payload capacity 28160 kg / 62082.173 lbs
    Cubic capacity 37,28 m³ 

    40ft high cube container dimensions

    If your cargo can’t fit inside a 20ft HC container, it’s a good idea to go for a 40ft HC container. This will provide you with more storage space. And will be cheaper to purchase than two 20ft HC containers. Here are the 40ft high cube container dimensions: 

    Dimensions of 40ft HC container
    Internal length 12.03 m / 39.5 ft
    Internal width 2.35 m / 7.8 ft
    Internal height 2.67 m / 8.9 ft
    Tare weight 3,940 kg / 8,687 lbs
    Payload capacity 28,600 kg / 63,052 lbs
    Cubic capacity 76.3 m3 / 2,694.5 cu ft

    The 40ft high cube dimensions and capacity makes it clear why this is one of the most popular container size among shippers and carriers.

    45ft high cube container dimensions

    If you want even more space, a 45ft HC container is the ideal choice for you. Take a look at the dimensions of this container from the table below. 

    Dimensions of 45ft HC container
    Internal length 13.55 m / 44.5 ft
    Internal width 2.35 m / 7.8 ft
    Internal height 2.67 m / 8.9 ft
    Tare weight 4,820 kg / 10,628 lbs
    Payload capacity 27,860 kg / 61,431 lbs
    Cubic capacity 86 m3 / 3,036 cu ft

     Found the right size for your cargo? Whether it’s 20ft, 40ft or 45ft – it’s available on xChange! Simply head over to our platform to get new and cargo-worthy high cube containers at the best price. 

    What is a high cube container used for? 

    One of the most versatile shipping containers on the market today is the high cube container. These containers are often used for shipping goods by sea or land. They are sturdy and weather-proof, making them ideal for transporting items for long distances. 

    To give you an idea of how much cargo they can hold, here are a few examples. According to European pallet size (1.2m x 0.8m), you can fit in 25 pallet stacks in a 40ft high cube container. For American pallets (1.01m x 1.21m), there can be 21 pallet stacks as long as they are not hanging over the sides. You can also fit 760 medium flower pots, 610 standard package boxes and 152 bicycles in a 40ft HC container. 

    Since these containers provide so much space, they’re more expensive than smaller containers. Read on to get an overview of their prices.

    How much do high cube containers cost?

    By now, you have an idea about the capacity of different high cube sizes as well as how much cargo they can carry. The next (and very important) factor to consider is the price of the container before making your purchase.

    We’ll tell you how you can see the prices of containers yourself, but for now, let’s look at the average prices of 40ft HC containers in cargo-worthy condition. 

    Price of cargo-worthy 40ft HC container
    Location 40ft HC 
    China $2,067
    USA $2,572
    India $2,350
    UAE $2,450
    Europe $1,915

    As you can see, the prices are different in every location. To make the best deals, you need to stay updated about the market prices of containers. Read on to see how you can do that. 

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    Find up-to-date high cube container prices in your location

    Did you know that the prices of containers fluctuate regularly? Being part of the shipping industry, it’s important that you keep track of container prices to maximize your profits. If you still rely on your local network to inform you about the current market prices, there’s a better way. 

    We present to you xChange Insights. On Insights, you can access real-time container prices in 60+ locations globally. This way, you can check the prices in your location and gain an upper hand in price negotiations. And even expand to new markets and find the best locations to buy and sell containers.

    Shipping container dealers

    Let’s take 40ft HC containers for example. From the table above, you can see that the price of 40ft HC containers is the lowest in Europe. It’d then make more sense for you to purchase the container from Europe than the US. 

    So, when you’re aware of the current prices, you can buy containers in the cheapest locations and sell them where the prices are high. This way you’re maximizing your profits by simply being aware of the market prices across various locations. 

    With Insights, you can not only access current market prices but also see their development over weeks, months and even years. This gives you the ability to analyze market trends and determine the best time to buy or sell equipment. 

    How Addhome Group gets prices 

    “Insights is an extremely useful tool for predicting prices and deciding when to buy containers. Every week, I use the app to check actual prices, recent trends, and supply levels.”

    How to start: Check real-time container prices in 130+ locations for free today.    

    Get best offers on high cube containers on xChange

    Now that you know how to access real-time container prices, the final step is to source high cube containers at a good deal. 

    At Container xChange, you can easily lease, buy or sell containers in 2500+ locations globally. Just fill in your requirements on the platform, including container type, condition and location. You’ll then be presented with multiple offers to choose from. 

    High cube containers

    You can browse through the offers from vetted container owners and compare them in one dashboard. Since you already have knowledge of prices through Insights, you can easily find the best deal. And negotiate further. 

    Plus, all our members go through a vetting process. It makes our platform a safe space for you to expand your business to new markets. Speaking of safety, xChange wallet ensures your money is safe and all your transactions are going smoothly. No need to manage multiple payments because xChange wallet will do that for you. 

    All this with 0% commission and no hidden costs. We offer 100% market transparency making our platform a better and safer choice for you. 

    Container xChange is the all-in-one platform you’ve been waiting for all your shipping needs. So why look somewhere else? Just click the banner below to get started. 

    high cube containers

    High cube containers: Common FAQs

    What are the dimensions of 40' high cube container?

    The dimensions of a 40ft high cube container is 39.5ft x 7.8ft x 9’6”ft. High cube containers have an additional foot in height than standard containers.

    How tall is a high cube container?

    High cube containers have a height of 9’6”ft. They’re one foot taller than 20ft and 40ft standard containers. This gives high cube containers more space for cargo.

    How much do high cube containers cost?

    The price of high cube containers ranges between $1900 to $2500. The prices varies according to the location and container availability.

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