LNG ISO tanks are designed specially to transport gases. Looking for an LNG ISO tank? Get the full overview of the features and specifications as well as average prices on different types.

As the demand for international trade rises day by day, the need for good quality and reliable means of conveyance increases. To carry liquefied natural gas across the world, the LNG ISO tank caters to the demand with a variety of customizable features.

In many countries, LNG ISO tank containers are used to optimize energy supply chains and obtain Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for use in cities and remote locations. The LNG containers are available for short and long-term lease and offer an effective solution to the LNG supply problem.

Read on to get a complete overview of the LNG ISO Tank and how to get them at the best price.

LNG ISO Tank Containers

ISO storage tanks for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) are characterized by their ability to hold this gas at temperatures of -162 °C (-260 °F).

What the inside of an LNG tank looks like

An LNG ISO tank has two containers — an inner tank containing LNG, and an outer tank with insulation materials. Full containment tanks are most common and vary significantly in size based on their purpose. Transporting LNG in ISO tanks is an innovative and effective alternative to conventional natural gas distribution.

Here are other ways where LNG ISO Tank containers are useful 👇

What Can You Transport In LNG ISO Tank Containers? 

LNG ISO tank containers are intermodal containers used to move liquids, gases, and powders. It is built in accordance with the ISO standards, making it suitable for different modes of transportation. Both hazardous and non-hazardous products can be transported in tank containers.

LNG tanks are typically constructed with 4 to 6 tanks arranged in a row down the center. The vessel has a double-hull design because two separate ballast tanks, cofferdams, and voids surround the tanks.

LNG or Liquified Natural Gas is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4, with some mixture of ethane, C2H6) converted into liquid form for storage or transportation without the use of pressurized vessels or storage. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive gas.

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Three facts about LNG tanks

LNG ISO Tank Container Specifications

LNG ISO tank containers are the easiest means of conveyance to transport liquified natural gases. The tank containers are available in various specifications to serve different purposes.

A 20ft cryogenic LNG ISO container offers a storage capacity of 22,000 liters starting at a 17 BARG working pressure. 

Similarly, two 40ft LNG ISO containers can have different specifications, and they can be leveraged for different purposes. For instance, a 40ft cryogenic LNG ISO container provides an exceptional 45,000 liters of capacity with an incomparable total payload of up to 36,000 kg. The working pressures for a 40ft LNG ISO standard container range between 10 BARG to 22 BARG with and without pump options.

Furthermore, a 45 ft swap body type LNG ISO container is also available in the market with a 7 BARG working pressure and a maximum capacity of 60,000 liters, ensuring the fastest liquid transport with low tare weight.

LNG ISO Tank Types

There are a variety of LNG ISO containers available in the market, like:


Container Specification
(L x B x H /mm)

Loading Capacity
(in L)

Design Temperature

20 ft LNG ISO Container 6058 x 2438 x 2591 22,000 L 55
40 ft LNG ISO Container 12460 x 2500 x 3980 25,000 L 55
20 ft Standard Cryogenic LNG ISO  6058 x 2438 x 2591 20,200 L 55

Many names: 40ft LNG ISO Container vs. ISO VAC 40 LNG?

There’s a common misconception regarding which container to select for different requirements, especially when it comes to choosing between 40 ft LNG ISO Container and ISO VAC 40 LNG.

To clear the confusion, be assured that both the container types — 40ft LNG ISO Tank and ISO VAC 40 LNG — are the same with just variable names.

LNG Container Safety Considerations

LNG ISO tank containers are advised to be handled with extra care since they might contain highly inflammable shipments. Here are some other safety aspects to consider:

  • Whenever handling natural gas, there is a possibility that gas will permeate clothing, so avoid smoking near the tank, especially while filling and discharging.
  • In case of a leak, remove any ignition sources and cut off the gas supply. Further, shut off the leaky spot, and have ample ventilation. Also, make sure it is away from any electrical units.

LNG Tanks Under Pressure

LNG ISO tank containers are multi-layered vacuum-insulated pressure tanks, supported by double-walled transport tanks. They are designed for efficient and economical transportation of LNG. The maximum pressure level of an LNG ISO tank container is 0.690 MPa.

LNG ISO Tank Prices 

The prices of LNG ISO tank containers vary depending on factors like which country it is bought in, the country it is sent to, or the type of LNG ISO container used. Here is the price list of different LNG ISO tank containers:

Container Type

Average Price

20 ft LNG ISO Tank USD 10,000
40 ft Cryogenic LNG ISO Tank USD 50,000 – 52,000
10 ft Low Pressure LNG ISO Tank USD 8,000 – 42,000
40 ft LNG ISO Tank USD 54,000 – 56,000
45 ft LNG Tank USD 33,000 

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Learn how to get the best deal on LNG iso tanks

ISO Tank Container Types

ISO tanks are cost-effective containers as they can store and transport material with a lower shipping and transportation cost. There are different types of ISO tank containers available in the market catering to diverse requirements. 

Capacity of 20ft and 40ft tank

ISO Tank Containers are regulated by ISO standards which mandate their manufacturing, testing, and certification as per international guidelines. This certification guarantees their reliability to transport a range of products from food, oil, chemicals, solvents, and fuel.

Here are the major types of ISO tank containers:

Food-grade Tank Container

  • Used to transport food products made of stainless steel with mineral wool insulation.

Silo Tank Container

  • Transport bulk powder commodities like cement, fly ash, plaster, and lime.

Swap-body Tank Container

  • Comes with a barrel that is larger than the frame, and the standard length is 23 to 25 feet.

Reefer Tank Container

  • A refrigerated tank that maintains a set temperature to preserve products.

Gas Tank Container

  • Suitable for the intermodal transportation of liquefied gases.

Multi-compartment Tank Container

  • Have 1/2 partitions inside the tank to allow different products to be shipped in a single container.

LNG ISO Tanks Container

  • Used to transport liquids, gases, and powders as bulk cargo.

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Finding LNG ISO tanks online

LNG Tank Container FAQ

Are LNG tanks pressurized?

Yes, LNG Tanks are pressurized. The maximum working pressure of a standard LNG ISO tank is 250 PSIG or lower, with the product stored at 50-120 PSIG.

What is a rollover in LNG tanks?

The rollover in LNG tanks occurs when the vapors from an LNG tank are rapidly released because of stratification.

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