Investing in one-trip shipping containers is both smart and practical. In this blog, you’ll learn about the advantages of these new containers, plus how to get them at wholesale prices from trustworthy sellers on Container xChange.

One-trip containers are containers that have made just one trip from the place of manufacture to their first destination—they’re basically new! We’ll discuss more about them later in the blog. 

But if you’re wondering where to buy single use containers for sale from reliable suppliers, without worrying about scams or being overcharged—the solution is right here. 

With Container xChange, the neutral online marketplace for trading and leasing shipping containers, you can reach out to 1,700+ vetted suppliers globally! Additionally, we’ve got 100,000+ containers of all types, sizes, and conditions available, so we can assure you, you won’t leave empty-handed. 

Check out the prices of single use shipping containers in 2,500+ locations today. Simply put the container type and location, then click ‘search’ to see the trading marketplace in action.

Explore current offers on one trip shipping containers in your location of operation, match with potential new partners, and discuss pricing options, all under one platform.

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            One trip shipping containers for sale: Types and prices

            Interested in buying one-trip containers, but not sure which types or sizes you’ll need? Let’s look at some of the most popular containers available in the market, and their prices. 

            10ft one way shipping containers for sale

            The 10ft container is perfect for seasonal shipments, portable storage or small container loads. As this container type is rare in the industry, it can be quite expensive, and thus, it’s important to buy it from a reliable source. On the xChange platform, buy 10ft one trip units for US $3,800.

            Want to see if you can get a better deal? Browse and compare one trip 10ft container offers from a wide variety of suppliers directly on our platform now.

            20ft single trip shipping container cost 

            20ft dry containers are popular for transporting smaller shipments of dry goods like electronics, grains, and clothing. Due to their lightweight nature, they’re ideal for packing in heavyweight cargo to maintain that optimum weight-to-volume ratio.

            In New York, you’re looking at US $2,127 for a 20ft one trip unit, in Houston, US $2,110 and in Los Angeles, you’ll pay US $2,235.

            Want to see prices for 20ft one trip shipping containers in other regions? Check out availability and prices of 40ft containers in 2,500+ locations on xChange.

            40ft one trip shipping containers for sale

            40ft containers are ideal for shipping bulky cargo. It’s cheaper and more practical to get a 40ft container rather than two 20ft units. They’re usually only around 30% more expensive, for more than double the space!

            For a 40ft one trip container in New York, you’ll be shelling out US $3,396, in Houston, US $3,530 and in Los Angeles, US $3,552.

            If these prices don’t suit your budget, don’t worry. On xChange, you can negotiate directly with sellers to settle on a figure you’re comfortable with. Browse and compare 40ft one-trip offers and reach out to sellers directly today.

            One trip high cube shipping container price

            40ft high cube containers are similar to 40ft standard units but with an extra foot of height. They’re suitable for transporting high volume cargo such as large furniture and machinery. 

            If one trip high cubes are what you need for your extra-volume cargo, get this container size for US $3,166 in New York, US $2,970 in Houston, and US $3,032 in Los Angeles.

            Take note, on the Container xChange platform, you can buy single use high cube containers for a better price than standard 40ft units in all three of the above locations—for an extra foot of space! Make the most of low high cube prices in your area now.

            Reefer single use shipping containers for sale

            If you’re transporting temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, dairy, or pharmaceuticals, the reefer is your go-to container type. Keep in mind that because it’s a special container it’s likely to be pricier than standard equipment. 

            For a one trip 40ft reefer on xChange, you’ll pay an average price of US $20,250.

            Think the prices of reefers look high? Don’t worry, simply reach out to sellers directly to settle on a deal that works for everyone. Browse reefer container listings now to find an offer that suits you.

            If you’re interested in buying standard or special one-trip containers at negotiable, wholesale prices, you’re in the right place. Click below to set up your free demo with one of our friendly experts today. You’ll learn just how easy it is to find the best deals on single use containers and save money for your business.

            Buy one trip containers

            Conditions and features of one trip shipping containers

            Curious about what to expect from a single trip container? Here’s a quick breakdown:

            Since one trip containers haven’t spent much time shipping cargo or in container terminals, they’re almost brand new. Overall, single trip units have made a maximum of one trip total. 

            Due to minimal exposure to harsh conditions, you can expect these units to be wind and watertight. Plus, as they’re unlikely to have been damaged or undergone repairs yet, they’ll also be completely structurally sound.

            That being said, every time a container is picked up, loaded, or unloaded, it gets some wear and tear from the forks, as well as dents and bruises from being stacked. So, you can expect minor dings and scratches on the sides, as well as inside the container. 

            Forklifts also leave marks on the container floor during handling. But don’t fret; all of these things are considered normal. 

            However, think twice before accepting any container with visible damage such as large dents or holes, even if it has only been used once.

            When exploring shipping containers for sale on our container marketplace, you can find one-trip units in various sizes, from compact 10-foot containers to larger 40-foot options. xChange also ensures the highest standards of container quality by offering a contractually reinforced policy: you get 7 days after the release of containers to check the quality. If you’re not satisfied, you can either swap your containers or request a refund!

            See the latest offers on one-trip containers in your location.

            One trip container conditions

            One trip container vs excellent and used shipping container: How to choose

            Confused between one trip, excellent, and used? Let’s check out the differences now so that you can feel confident in your decision to buy one trip containers over other options.

            Single trip/Brand New vs excellent containers

            As we mentioned before, single trip or brand new containers have made only one trip. They offer the highest quality, have IICL-6 and a valid CSC Plate. These containers have minimal dents or scratches and have 100% original paint.

            On the other hand, containers in Excellent Condition (Multi-Trip/IICL) have made two or more trips across the sea. Yet, they are structurally sound with excellent condition of frames, walls, roof, doors, and seals. They also have a valid CSC plate and offer IICL-5 or 6 standard.

            Due to taking more trips, containers in excellent condition are cheaper than brand-new or one-trip containers. Check out the difference in the prices here in your preferred location. 

            One trip vs used containers

            Used, or ‘cargo-worthy’ containers are certainly cheaper than one-trip equipment. However, they’re likely to have undergone a host of repairs during their lifetime. They will thus have a much shorter lifespan than single trip containers. 

            Another concern with used containers is whether or not they’ve transported toxic materials in the past. Chemicals and waste products can leak or spill during shipping, contaminating the interior of the container. 

            With a one trip container, on the other hand, you’ll know exactly what’s been transported in the unit so far.

            One trip equipment does sound like a smart option, in terms of both quality and price, right? Keep reading to find out more about why you should buy one trip containers below.

            Why should you buy one-trip containers?

            Excellent condition: Single trip containers are as close to new shipping containers as you’re going to get. So while they may have minor dents, scratches, and scuffs, you can rest assured they’ll be in near-perfect condition. 

            Long lifespan: Again, because they’re almost new, one-trip containers will last you a long time. If you go for used (cargo-worthy) containers on the other hand — they’ve likely been damaged and undergone various repairs already, so their lifespan will be shorter. 

            Buying single use containers guarantees you many years of wear—up to 25 if they’re well maintained!

            Compliant with shipping standards: Because single trip containers are almost new, they’ve been manufactured to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. This means they’ll come with a valid CSC plate. So you won’t have to worry about any fines or penalties during shipping.

            Do all of these benefits make you want to get your hands on single use containers as soon as possible? Luckily, you can! Find out how to buy one trip containers at the best wholesale prices in your location now.

            Grow your business and make profits with one trip containers

            There are various ways you can make money off single trip containers. Here are the three main methods:

            • Buying and selling containers
            • Buying containers and leasing them out for one-way moves
            • Buying, repositioning and selling containers

            In this blog, we’ll be focusing on method three. Why? Because it’s an extremely effective way to make big profits with one-trip units, of course! So let’s dive in.

            How to buy, reposition and sell one trip containers

            For this method, you buy containers in low-demand (surplus) locations and sell them again in high demand (deficit) locations. Plus you lease the shipping containers out for the move between these two areas. So you make a profit on trading the containers, plus on pick-up charges for leasing them out. 

            Here are the easy steps:

            • Search for container offers on the xChange trading platform, and browse and compare options.
            • Once you’ve found an offer you like, negotiate a good price with the supplier and make the payment.
            • Next, hop onto our leasing platform to lease out your newly-purchased units for the one-way move between the surplus and deficit location.
            • Lastly, sell the containers again in the deficit location for a higher price and make a further profit off the units. It’s so simple!

            Use the Container xChange platform to make big profits and save on sourcing costs—you’ll never look back! Chat to our expert team today about how our marketplace can help you grow your business today.

            Buy and sell one trip containers at the best prices on Container xChange

            If you’re ready to get one trip unit for shipping or investment purposes, subscribe to our platform for a nominal fee, and enjoy the following benefits:

            Over 100,000 containers available in 2,500+ locations: Once you join Container xChange, you’ll have access to our wide range of quality shipping containers available all over the world. Buy containers of various types and sizes in any location you need, all from the comfort of your office.

            Work with vetted and reliable partners: All of our members go through a mandatory background check before joining xChange. So you can rest assured that every partner you work with is trustworthy and professional. All you have to worry about is getting the best offers for your business.

            Negotiable prices and 0% commission on deals: Interested in a one trip offer but not happy with the price? Luckily, you can negotiate this directly with the supplier—no middlemen involved. At last, save both time and money, and remove the hassle.

            Safe payment handling: With Container xChange, we make every effort to keep your payments safe and secure. Plus, you get a 7-day quality assurance period, in order to ensure you’re happy with your units. If you’re not, you can easily swap your containers or get a full-refund! 

            Get started right away with a free demo of our trading platform now. Here you’ll learn exactly how to find and negotiate the best deals on single trip units from reliable suppliers. Click on the banner below, and you’ll be saving money for your business with one trip container deals that suit your budget and needs in no time at all.

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            One-trip shipping containers: Common FAQs

            What does one trip mean for shipping containers?

            A one-trip shipping container has made only one trip from the manufacturer to its first shipping destination to drop off cargo. One-trip containers are basically new.

            How much does a 20ft one trip shipping container cost?

            A 20ft one trip container in New York will cost you US $2,127, in Houston, US $2,110 and in Los Angeles, you’ll pay US $2,235.

            What’s the difference between a one-trip and a cargo-worthy shipping container?

            A one-trip shipping container has done a single trip from the manufacturer to its first shipping destination to drop off cargo. It is basically a new container. A cargo-worthy unit has done many trips in its lifetime, but has been deemed safe and fit for shipping by container surveyors.