Investing in one-trip shipping containers is both smart and practical. In this blog, you’ll learn all about one-trip containers, plus how to get them at the best prices from reliable suppliers on Container xChange.

Is buying brand-new containers proving too costly for your budget? Don’t worry; one-trip containers are the next best thing – for a cheaper price. This way, you’ll get almost new equipment and save money in the process. It’s a win-win!

So where can you buy one-trip containers safely at prices that suit your budget? We’ve got the solution. Container xChange is an online marketplace for trading and leasing shipping containers from vetted suppliers at the best prices. We’ve got over 50,000 containers of all types and sizes available in over 2,500 locations worldwide. 

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What is a one-trip shipping container?

Containers that are already used once before they reach their destination are called one-trip shipping containers. These containers have been loaded with cargo one time and have made just a single trip. 

One-trip shipping containers are almost new but due to the single trip, they may have some minor dents, scratches, and wear and tear from their journey. And therefore, they can no longer be categorized or sold as ‘brand new’.

Containers in shipping terminal

Why should you buy a one-trip container?

Curious about why one-trip containers are a good choice? We’ll take you through some of the top reasons to opt for one-trip equipment now.

Excellent condition: One-trip containers are as close to new shipping containers as you’re going to get. So while they may have minor dents, scratches and scuffs, you can rest assured they’ll be in near-perfect condition. 

Long lifespan: Again, because they’re almost new, one-trip containers will last you a long time. If you go for used containers on the other hand they’ve likely been damaged and undergone various repairs, so their lifespan will be shorter. Buying one-trip containers guarantees you many years of wear – up to 25 if you really look after them!

Cost-effective: If you want containers that are good quality and don’t have to be replaced often but you’re put off by the price of new containers, one-trips are a practical alternative. 

As soon as a new container leaves the factory and is loaded with cargo, it starts to depreciate in value – much like when a new car leaves the showroom floor. So you’ll get one-trips at a more affordable price.

Compliant with shipping standards: Because one-trip containers are almost new, they’ve been manufactured to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. This means they’ll come with a valid CSC plate. So you won’t have to worry about any fines or penalties during shipping.

Do all of these benefits make you want to get your hands on one-trip containers as soon as possible? Luckily, you can! Find out how to buy one-trip containers at the best price in your location now.

One-trip shipping containers for sale: Types and prices

Interested in buying one-trip containers but not sure which container types or sizes you’ll need? Let’s look at some of the most popular containers available. 

20ft and 40ft containers with dimensions

20ft one-trip container

20ft dry containers are popular for transporting smaller shipments of dry goods like electronics, grains, or clothing. Due to their lightweight nature, they’re ideal for packing in heavyweight cargo to maintain that optimum weight-to-volume ratio.

Curious about what you’ll shell out for 20ft one-trip containers? In New York, you’re looking at US $2,298, in Hamburg US $2,117 and in Nhava Sheva, US $2,078.

Want to see the prices for 20ft one-trip containers in your preferred location? No problem! Check out availability and prices in 2500+ locations right now.

One-trip 40ft container

40ft containers are ideal for shipping bulky cargo. They’ve got the capacity of two 20ft containers, but are usually only about 30% more expensive. So it’s both cheaper and more practical to get a 40ft container rather than two 20ft units.

For a 40ft one-trip container in the New York, you’ll be shelling out US $3,991. You’ll need to set aside US $3,745 in Hamburg.

Like the prices you see and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity? Browse more 40ft container offers from vetted suppliers today.

40ft HC dry shipping container

40ft high cube containers are similar to 40ft standard containers but with an extra foot of height. They’re suitable for transporting cargo with extra height such as large furniture and machinery. You can also use them to pack in more cargo instead of buying another container.

If one-trip high cubes are what you need for your extra-volume cargo, get this container size for US $3,736 in the New York, US $3,035 in Hamburg and US $2,933 in Nhava Sheva.

Noticed that high cubes in Hamburg are cheaper than 40ft containers? Take advantage of the low prices of high cubes right now.

Reefer shipping container

If you’re transporting temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, dairy or pharmaceuticals, the reefer is your go-to container type. This special container comes in 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC variations. Keep in mind that because it’s a special container it’s likely to be pricier than standard equipment. 

For a one-trip 40ft HC reefer in New York, you’re looking at US $19,520 and in Antwerp, you’ll be shelling out US $18,547.

Think the prices of reefers look high? Don’t worry, you can negotiate directly with the seller. Browse reefers in various sizes now to find an offer that suits you.

If you’re interested in buying standard or special one-trip containers at prices that fit your budget, you’re in the right place. Click below to schedule your free demo with one of our friendly experts today. You’ll learn just how easy it is to find the best deals on containers right away.

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How to make big profits on one-trip containers

There are various ways you can make money off one-trip containers. Here are the three main methods:

  • Buying and sell containers
  • Buying containers and leasing them out for one-way moves
  • Buying, repositioning and selling containers

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on the third method. Why? Because it’s an extremely effective way to make big profits with one-trip containers, of course! So let’s dive in.

How to buy, reposition and sell one-trip containers

For this method, you buy containers in low-demand (surplus) locations and sell them again in high demand (deficit) locations. Plus you lease shipping containers out for the move between these two locations. So you make a profit on trading the container, plus on pick up charges for leasing it out. 

To help make this method a success, we’ve got the perfect tool for you: xChange Insights. With the Insights platform, you can get up-to-date container prices in over 180 locations, at any time of day or night. 

Plus, with the Global Trader feature, you can check out the top locations to buy, reposition and sell, and see your estimated profits in just a few clicks.

Let’s look at an example of how this method works now. 

After checking Insights, you see that 20ft containers are selling for US $2,100 in Nhava Sheva. Next, you find out that the same containers are getting sold for US $2,300 in Shanghai. 

As you can see, container prices in Shanghai are higher than in Nhava Sheva, so you can make a profit buying and selling in these two locations. Plus, the pick-up charge for this stretch is US $280. 

Let’s do the math: If you buy containers in Nhava Sheva and sell them again in Shanghai as one-trip containers, you’ll make a profit of US $200 per container. Add to this the pick up charge of $280, and you’ve made US $430 per container. 

Now, what if you did this with 10 one-trips? You’re looking at US $4,800

Want to use Insights to help you make smart trading and leasing decisions today? Get a demo of Insights now and learn more about how this platform can help you make big profits.

Conditions and features of one-trip shipping containers

Curious about what to expect from a one-trip container? Here’s a quick breakdown:

On-trip shipping container conditions

Since one-trip containers haven’t spent much time shipping cargo or in container terminals yet, they’ll still be almost-new. Overall, this equipment wouldn’t have been at sea more than 90 days in total. 

Due to minimal exposure to harsh conditions, you can expect one-trips to be completely sealed and wind and watertight. Plus, as they won’t have been damaged in any way or undergone repairs, they’ll also be 100% structurally sound.

That being said, every time a container is picked up, loaded or unloaded, it gets some wear and tear from the forks, as well as dents and bruises from being stacked. So, you should expect minor dents and scratches on the sides, as well as inside the container. 

Forklifts also leave marks on the container floor during handling. But don’t fret; all of these things are considered normal. However, think twice before accepting any container with visible damage such as large dents or holes, even if it has only been used once. 

One-trip vs new and used shipping containers: How to choose

Confused between one-trip, new and used? Let’s check out the differences now so that you can feel confident in your decision to buy one-trip containers over other options.

One-trip containers vs new shipping containers

If you buy a brand-new shipping container straight from a container manufacturer in China, you’ll have to ship it to where you need it. By doing so, you take an otherwise brand-new container on its very first trip, making it a one-trip container anyway. But you’ll pay the ‘brand new’ price for it. 

So why not just buy containers categorized as one-trip for a reduced price – makes more sense, right?

One-trip containers vs used containers

As discussed earlier in this blog, used containers are certainly cheaper than one-trip equipment. However, they’re likely to have undergone a host of repairs during their lifetime. They will thus have a much shorter lifespan than one-trip containers. 

Another concern with used containers is whether or not they’ve transported toxic materials in the past. Chemicals and waste products can leak or spill during shipping, contaminating the interior of the container. With a one-trip container, you’ll know for sure exactly what’s been transported so far.

One-trip equipment really does sound like a smart option, in terms of both quality and price, right? So keep reading to find out how to buy these containers now.

Buy and sell one-trip containers at the best prices on Container xChange

If you’re ready to get one-trip containers for shipping or investment purposes, look no further than the Container xChange platform. Once you’re a member, here are some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy:

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Work with vetted and reliable partners: All of our members go through a mandatory background check before joining xChange. So you can rest assured that every partner you work with is trustworthy and professional. All you have to worry about is getting the best offers for your needs.

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Safe payment handling: With the xChange Wallet, all payments are 100% safe and secure. Plus, keep track of all your transactions right on the platform. Convenience at its best.

Time is ticking, so why not get started right away with a free demo of our trading platform? Here you’ll learn exactly how to buy one-trip containers at the best prices, from reliable suppliers. Click below to sign up right now, and you’ll be buying containers at prices that suit your budget in no time at all.

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One-trip shipping containers: Common FAQs

What does one-trip shipping mean?

A one-trip shipping container is a container that’s done a single trip from the place of manufacture to the destination where goods need to be delivered. One-trip containers are almost-new, and will have only minimal wear and tear.

How much does it cost to buy a shipping container?

The cost of a shipping container depends on a number of factors, including the container type, condition and the current market situation. Location is another important factor affecting price. For a one-trip 20ft container in the US you’re looking at US $2,221, and for a 40ft in the same location, US $3,798.

What is the lifespan of a one-trip shipping container?

The lifespan of a one-trip container is generally around 25 years, granted it’s well maintained. One-trip containers will have a much longer lifespan than used equipment, as they haven't been damaged or undergone any repairs yet.

What is a one trip shipping container?

A one-trip shipping container is a container that's only taken a single trip during its lifetime. This trip is from the place of manufacture to the place where its first shipment needs to be delivered. It can be seen as an almost-new container, and will have only minimal dents and scratches.