Pallet wide container is a special container type designed especially to transport pallet freight. This blog gives you a sneak peek into the best price to get one, the uses, and the dimensions of pallet wide containers.

Have you been looking for the perfect container to ship those bundles of pallets you just got a consignment order for? Then stop your search as you’ve reached the right place. The answer you’re looking for is a pallet wide container.    

But what is a pallet wide container, you may ask? To understand this, we first need to delve into the meaning of pallets. 

Pallets are flat wooden structures that support stacks of heavy goods placed on them. The rigid structure of these pallets makes the movement and transportation of unit loads easier with forklifts.

What is a pallet wide container?

Pallet wide container, as mentioned above is a special container designed to accommodate a larger number of Euro pallets, and are common in the European continent. Just like standard containers, pallet wide containers are also manufactured with steel but its floor is made with wooden planks for higher durability and friction coefficient.

A pallet wide container

The dimension of this type of container is wider than a standard ISO container. The internal width is 4 inches (0.10m) wider to accommodate the pallet size variation. You’ll learn more about the dimensions and different pallet sizes in the latter part of the piece. 

Pallet wides are commonly available in 20ft, 40ft and 45ft high cube containers

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Why use a pallet wide container?

Pallet wide containers are more efficient than standard containers (especially for European pallets). Due to their size, they can accommodate more Euro pallets. Additionally, the pallets are tightly secured in these containers, thus avoiding unnecessary movement. This reduces the risk of cargo damage due to stowing and accidental cargo slipping during transportation.

Here, it’s essential to understand that pallet sizes adhere to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to ensure uniformity globally. However, some regions have their specific pallet sizes. The most common pallet sizes are: 

  • American pallet: 40” x 48” (1.219m x 1.016m)
  • Australian standard pallet: 46” x 46” (1.168m x 1.168m)
  • Euro pallet: 40” x 47” (1.016m x 1.193m)

While a standard 40ft ISO container can load 25 Euro pallets, on a 40ft pallet wide container you can load 30 pallets.

pallet wide


Note: Though the Australian pallets are the most commonly used, Pallet wide containers are designed to accommodate Euro pallets. 

Interestingly, a pallet wide container brings down your operational and distribution costs by more than 15% because of reduced dispatch time, cost of product packaging, and avoiding accidental damage losses.

What are the common uses of pallet wide container

You can make use of a pallet wide container in various ways. And make sure your shipment is transported efficiently and damage-free. Though a pallet wide box can carry just about any type of cargo, here are a few common uses: 

  • Shipping raw materials
  • Transporting large equipment 
  • Storing and transporting pallets of different continents
  • Transporting industry apparatus and devices

How much does a pallet wide container cost?

Pallet wide containers are region-specific, specialized containers, which is why they’re not easily available and difficult to find. This factor also influences the price globally. 

But at xChange, we make it easy for you to find the container at the most competitive price. Let’s have a quick look at the average price of a 40ft high cube pallet wide box and how much you need to shell out. 

A 40ft high cube pallet wide container that’s put for sale has an average price of US $3795 in Barcelona. Whereas the price can range anywhere from US $3300 to US $3960 if you’re looking for a pallet wide in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg or Le Havre. 

In the Northeast region of Asia such as Shanghai, the average price goes up to US $5300.

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Pallet wide container dimensions and specifications: 20ft, 40ft and 45ft HC

A pallet wide container can carry a large amount of Euro pallets with maximum ease and efficiency. 

These containers are made according to standard sizes set by the ISO. The most commonly used pallet wide containers are 20ft tall, but they can also come in 40ft standard, or 45ft high cube containers (depending on your requirements).

These three different types of pallet wide boxes have the same external dimensions as standard ISO containers, the internal dimensions vary.

Here are the internal measurements and capacity of these containers.

20ft pallet wide container dimensions

The 20ft pallet wide containers can carry 14 Euro pallets instead of 11.

Measure 20ft Pallet Wide
Internal length 5.89 m / 19.3 ft
Internal width 2.44 m / 8 ft
Internal height 2.39 m / 7.8 ft
Tare weight 2,400 kg / 5,291 lbs
Payload capacity 28,080 kg / 61,906 lbs
Cubic capacity 34.3 m3 / 1,213 cu ft

40ft pallet wide container dimensions

The 40ft pallet wide containers can carry 30 Euro pallets instead of 25.

Measure 40ft Pallet Wide
Internal length 12.03 m / 39.5 ft
Internal width 2.44 m / 8 ft
Internal height 2.39 m / 7.8 ft
Tare weight 3,800 kg / 8,377 lbs
Payload capacity 29,740 kg / 65,565 lbs
Cubic capacity 79.9 m3 / 2,786 cu ft

45ft HC pallet wide container dimensions

The 45ft high cube pallet wide containers can accommodate 33 Euro pallets instead of 27.

Measure 45ft HC Pallet Wide
Internal length 13.55m / 44.45ft
Internal width 2.41m / 7.9ft
Internal height 2.69m / 8.85ft
Tare weight 4,280kg / 9,435.7lbs
Payload capacity 29,720kg / 65,521.38 lbs
Cubic capacity 86.2m3 / 3,044.12 cu ft

Advantages of pallet wide container

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of pallet wide containers, you’re also aware that this special box was designed specifically to carry Euro pallets. These boxes are wider than a standard container, thus, the stowing, storing, and transportation process of pallets is much easier and more efficient. 

Here are a few benefits of pallet wide container that will interest you:  

pallet wide

Wooden flooring reduces friction

While the container is made of steel just like a standard container, the box has wooden flooring. This ensures less to no friction, keeping your cargo safe and secure.  

Ideal for transportation of Euro pallets

You can transport goods such as raw materials, large industrial tools and equipment, tools, and of course a large number of Euro pallets smoothly. 

Stowing of pallets minimize damage and slipping

Be rest assured that all your pallets are stacked without any force because of the sufficient space the container provides. This way of stowing the pallets helps in reducing the risk of damage and slipping of freight. 

Best for storage of goods

If you’re looking for a box that can store your cargo conveniently and keep it safe – pallet wide is your go-to choice. They’re ideal for secure storage and transportation of goods and commodities. 

Less cost of product packaging

As you read earlier, pallet wide containers can reduce your operational cost by 15%. This is because of reduced dispatch time and product packaging. Therefore, pallet wide containers are financially economical too.   

Wind and watertight

Pallet wide containers are an excellent blend of strength, functionality, and affordability. Due to its sturdy structure, pallet wides are considered wind and watertight. Rest assured, your cargo is weatherproof. 

In terms of volume, how much can you fit in a 40ft pallet wide container?

Let’s imagine, in a 40ft pallet wide container, you can accommodate: 

  • 760 medium flower pots or, 
  • 610 standard package boxes or, 
  • The contents of two 4 bedroom houses

To simplify things in standard sizes: according to European pallet size (1.2m x 0.8m), you can fit in 30 pallet stacks in a 40ft pallet wide container. For American pallets (1.01m x 1.21m), it can fit 25 pallet stacks.

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Pallet wide container: Common FAQs

What are the dimensions of a pallet wide container?

The dimension of a pallet wide container is wider than a standard ISO container. While the external dimensions are the same as standard ISO containers, the internal dimensions vary. The internal width is 4 inches more to accommodate the pallet size variation. These boxes are commonly available in 20ft, 40ft and 45ft high cube.

How many Euro pallets can fit in a pallet wide container?

According to European pallet size (1.2m x 0.8m), you can fit in 30 pallet stacks in a 40ft pallet wide container. For American pallets (1.01m x 1.21m), it can fit 25 pallet stacks.

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