Are you on the lookout for sea containers for sale for your next consignment? You can find the perfect box at competitive prices on our platform. Wondering how you can go about doing that? Let’s get you started!

Your client has an order to ship out. You need to get them a top-grade container without spending a fortune on it. You know how hard it is to find a high-quality container at low prices. So, are you up for the challenge? We think you are because we’ve got your back. With xChange, you can buy containers without making a dent in your wallet with just a few clicks. How can you do that? Let us show you.

On our trading platform, you get a virtual marketplace where you can buy different sea containers. You have 10,000+ containers to choose from. You also get access to 1000+ vetted members, in 2,500 locations worldwide. This guarantees you that you’re dealing only with trusted suppliers with complete security.

Let’s get right into it and see how xChange can help you get sea containers for sale at the best prices.

Find dry cargo sea containers for sale on xChange

Dry cargo containers are popular picks for shipping. That’s because they are designed to transport heavy items across various transportation modes (ship, rail, truck), making them the perfect intermodal boxes. These containers are the top choice for companies looking to ship their items securely.

At xChange, we believe in offering you full market price transparency. Thus, all the prices you see are quoted up front, are negotiable, and without any hidden commissions. You only deal with vetted members, so you can rest assured that your money is safe. You can compare the prices with each other and choose the deal that suits you. Additionally, you can safely manage all your transactions in one place with the xChange Wallet.

So, now that you know that you can get a container for your client at the most competitive price. Let’s get you started on how much you should shell out for a container.

20ft and 40ft sea containers for sale

For your client’s dry cargo needs the 20ft and 40ft DC containers are the perfect match. Your customer can ship a variety of dry cargo some of which include items such as pallets, boxes, tools, barrels, and clothes.

Since standard containers are popular they are more easily available than special boxes. They are also easy to store on various modes of transportation making them the perfect intermodal box.

Before we begin stating the prices you must take note that the prices are based on the transactions happening on the trading platform and are subject to changes. Also, prices of the containers change due to various factors such as the container type and condition.

Below is the 20ft and 40ft DC container price range.

Container type Avg.  price range
20ft DC US $3,952- US $4,078
40ft DC US $3,312- US $4,686

2ft sea container

High cube second hand cargo containers for sale

High cubes are similar in structure to standard containers. In these container types, the length and width remain the same, and the height increases by 1-foot. This comes in handy if your client needs to transport light and large dry cargo. Especially ones that have big heights, with a maximum reaching up to 8.8 feet.

Below are the prices of high cubes.

Container type Avg. price range
40ft HC US $4,023- US $4,686
45ft HC US $8,916- US $3,982

40ft HC container

Sea containers for sale: Popular boxes on xChange

We’ve covered the standard containers. Let us now take you through the special container types and their prices on our platform.

Open-top container

Hefty cargo such as big construction supplies, heavy machinery, and bulky cargo materials can all fit well inside this box.

Explore our chart of open top container prices.

Container type Avg. price range
Open top US $5,290- US $6,100

open top container

Reefer container

Does your customer need to transport goods that need cold temperatures? Get them a reefer. These boxes ship cargo that needs cold temperatures such as fresh fruits and vegetables, medicines, meats, and photographic films.

Here are the rates for reefer containers.

Container type Avg. price range
Reefer container US $18,788- US $21,028

reefer container

Double-door container

If your client needs to transport cars or bikes, this container type has double doors that swing open outside on both ends. This makes the loading and unloading process easy for all automobiles.

Discover discounted prices of double doors below.

Container type Avg. price range
Double door container US $4,121- US $5,715

double door container

Pallet wide container

For extra security on your client’s freight, pallet wides are a must. These boxes ensure that the cargo being transported is held tightly and safely on wooden pallets with almost no chance of slipping.

Want pallet wides? Here’s their price range.

Container type Avg. price range
Pallet wide container US $3,500- US $9,500

pallet wide container

Flat rack container

Flat racks carry bulky cargo that can be fitted into the container from the top. You can place heavy pipes and cables into this container type.

Find flat rack rates in our table below.

Container type Avg. price range
Flat rack container US $3,907- US $6,042

flat rack container

Side door container

If you need extra space for massive freight that needs more door space to fit inside, these containers have extra doors that open on the long side of the container. This box is perfect to make way for a piece of heavy machinery that won’t fit through the entryway.

If a side door is what you’re looking for have a look at their price range.

Container type Avg. price range
Side door container US $6,302- US $9,475

side door container

Hard top container

Hard tops are also a good pick when you want to ship large cargo. They’ve got a removable steel sheet on top, to make room for cargo that is big and needs space on top of the container.

Need a hard top? Check out their rates on our table.

Container type Avg. price range
Hard top container US $8.500

hard top container

Tank container

Tank containers are used to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. So, if you’re client needs to transport liquids, this container is for them.

Do tank containers pique your interest? Explore their prices below.

Container type Avg. price range
Tank container US $20.000

tank container

Used shipping sea containers for sale: When to buy vs lease a box

Before we move ahead, how are you planning to get your sea containers for sale – through buying or leasing? If you are clear on the following points, you can easily choose which option to go for:

  • What does your client need the container for?
  • How long do they require the container for?
  • How much money can be invested in getting the box right now?

If your client needs a box for permanent and frequent use, and their usage demand is always high, we recommend you buy a container. However, if their needs are always changing and they aren’t sure how long they’ll need the box, leasing is the way to go.

To put it simply:

You should lease a box when:

  • You don’t have enough capital at hand but need containers for shipment.
  • Your needs tend to change, and you experience a temporary surge in demand for boxes.
  • You don’t know how your long-term demand will develop.

You should buy a box when:

  • Your usage demand always remains high and you need a box for permanent and frequent use.
  • You need to modify a container or convert them into something else, say an office space.
  • Your requirement is mainly for storage purposes.

Lucky for you on our neutral platform we offer both buying and leasing options. With us, you can find and compare different container prices in real-time, along with the security of vetted suppliers to buy or lease containers from.

Ready to make your move? Click here to explore our trading platform.

Sea shipping containers

Find suppliers for shipping containers on sale on xChange

Speaking of vetted suppliers, a trustworthy supplier is crucial when catering to your client’s needs. On xChange, you can connect with reliable suppliers.

We have a mandatory vetting process during onboarding, to ensure your safety from day one at xChange. With us, you can find certified partners to do business with. We work with trusted names around the world, including Kuehne and Nagel, Seaco Global, and Conway.

You can make deals and negotiate with these big players directly, cutting the middleman out completely, to save time.

When you need trusted suppliers to make deals with for your client’s shipment order without interference from any other third party, you can rest assured you’re in good hands at xChange.

If you’re ready to get your client a safe and secure deal on their container?

Go ahead and click to connect with our trusted suppliers below.

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How xChange makes it easy to get sea containers for sale

Let’s see what you’ve got so far on xChange:

  • All the different container types to choose from to meet your client’s needs. ✔
  • Competitive prices on containers with no hidden costs and zero commission fees.✔
  • A transparent marketplace where deals, negotiations, and transactions take place all under one platform. ✔
  • Access to trusted suppliers to get containers from without any worry.✔

All that’s left to do is head over to our virtual container marketplace and get sea containers for sale to ship your client’s cargo to its destination.

Ready to go? Why not start with our free basic membership plan. With this subscription, you can get unlimited access to buying searches and transactions without paying any commission. That’s right, It’s commission free!

Connect with trusted partners. Skip lengthy contract negotiations. Endless email exchanges and surfing through hundreds of websites looking for containers. Buy the container where you need them, and pay the price that you are happy with. Not just that, you can also track your containers in real-time sparing you from constant worry about their whereabouts.

So go on and purchase your sea containers for sale at your fingertips.

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Sea containers for sale: Common FAQs

What is the price of a 20ft container?

The average price of a 20ft container ranges from US $3,952 to US $4,078.

What Is the price of a 40ft container ?

The average price of a 40ft container ranges from US $3,312 to US $4,686.

How much does an ocean container cost?

The average price of ocean containers ranges from US $3,952 to US $20,00.

Are sea containers water-tight ?

Yes, sea containers are wind and water-tight to keep goods safe from external damage.