The global shipping container market is on the rise and is only expected to significantly grow. With that being said, today has never been a better time to buy and sell containers. Let xChange help you with that.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Our trading platform is a 100% neutral global marketplace with zero commission fees.
  • Using our platform, you can trade old and new containers, depending on your cargo’s requirements and budget.
  • There are 11 types of containers you can find on xChange.
  • On xChange, you can connect with buyers and sellers and negotiate the best trading prices.

Buy & sell shipping containers

Sell shipping containers

So you want to ship your clients’ cargo but are struggling to source containers? This is because the shipping industry is very unpredictable and volatile. As a freight forwarder, you don’t want to miss out on new clients. And you also want to continue to maintain your relationships with existing ones.

This is where we come in. xChange is a digital container logistics company where container buyers meet sellers in 2,500+ locations across the globe. On our platform, you can connect with trustworthy shipping players, grow your network, and trade containers with full transparency and security.

Are you looking to buy or sell containers? We can help you with both. Let xChange help you find buyers and sellers of containers, connect with trusted partners, and trade at the best possible prices.

Simply, enter your location and container type below, and let the trading begin.

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Do you want to buy a single container? Our basic trading membership is ideal for exactly those needs!

Buy & sell shipping containers

Choosing the perfect box can be tricky let alone time-consuming. Luckily, we’ve got your back. On xChange, you can find buyers and sellers for new and used shipping containers with just a few easy steps. Now, you may be wondering in what instance you’ll need a used container and a new one. Well, this depends on your cargo and budget.

New and old boxes on xChange

If you’re looking for the highest level of quality and have some bucks to spare, then a new container would be an excellent option for you.

Now, if you’re looking for an affordable option then a used container might be the perfect box for you. And, if you’re looking to sell your new container, you can easily price it higher compared to a used one.

Want to buy and sell new and used shipping containers? Use our 100% neutral trading platform to connect with trusted buyers and sellers, and start trading today.

Trade new & used boxes

Benefits of buying & selling shipping containers

Wondering why you might want to buy or sell containers? Here’s a list of some reasons to consider:

Reasons to buy a shipping container

  • A shipping container is an asset and can be leased to earn revenue.
  • It’s easier to modify owned containers instead of leased containers.
  • Save on long-term leasing fees.
  • Provides flexibility and security in shipping.

Reasons to sell a shipping container

  • Selling shipping containers can become a short-term or long-term source of revenue.
  • There’s a high demand for shipping containers which is expected to grow.
  • If a container is no longer suitable for your cargo, you can sell it in the second or third-hand market.
  • Avoid depot storage fees by selling containers that are stuck at a port.

11 types of shipping containers on xChange

Types of shipping containers

Looking to buy shipping containers but not sure which containers fit your needs? Here’s an overview of the 11 most common containers you can find on xChange:

  • 20ft and 40ft standard shipping containers
    These containers are usually made from steel and are air-tight and water-resistant.
  • High cube shipping containers
    High cubes offer you more vertical space and are ideal for shipping bulky cargo.
  • Reefer shipping containers
    Reefers are like big refrigerators that allow you to control the inside temperature of the container.
  • Double-door shipping containers
    These containers have doors at each end which makes it easier to load and unload cargo.
  • Open-top shipping containers
    Open-tops have no roof, making them ideal for irregularly-sized cargo such as heavy machinery.
  • Pallet-wide shipping containers
    These containers are designed to carry wooden Euro pallets and can take up to 15 Euro pallets instead of the average 11.
  • Flat rack shipping containers
    Flat racks only have sides on the short ends of the container, making them perfect for heavy loads and bulky cargo.
  • Side-door shipping containers
    Side-doors have extra doors on the long side of the container. This makes it easier to load and unload bulky cargo that doesn’t fit through the end doors.
  • Hard-top shipping containers
    These containers have a detachable hard top and it’s great for cargo that can’t be loaded through the side doors.
  • Tank shipping containers
    Tanks are made of strong steel and anticorrosive materials to securely transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, gases, and powders.
  • Insulated shipping containers
    These containers keep a consistent temperature inside the container, no matter what the outside temperature is.

Found the perfect container that meets your needs? Or, looking to sell your special containers? Then, click on the banner below to connect with trusted buyers and sellers on xChange.

Buy and sell shipping containers

Dimensions of shipping containers

Here’s an overview of the internal dimensions of the 11 most common types of containers on xChange:

DC HC Reef DD OT PW FR SD HT Tank Insu
L 19.4ft 39.5ft 17.9ft 39.5ft 19.4ft 19.3ft 19 ft 39.5ft 19.4ft 12,0m      18.1ft
W 7.8ft 7.8ft 7.5ft 7.9ft 7.8ft 8ft 7.7 ft 7.4ft 7.8ft 2,4m 5.7ft
H 7.9ft 8.1ft 7.5ft 7.9ft 7.8ft 7.8ft 7.7 ft 7.5ft 7.8ft 0m 6.1ft

Looking for more specs and metrics? Head over to this blog for a detailed overview of their dimensions.

Get the best prices for your shipping containers

Did you know that the cost of a container can vary globally? You bet!

The age, location, size, and availability of a container can all significantly impact its price. Now, you might be asking: ‘How do I even determine how much to price my containers?’ Or, ‘How do I find containers that match my budget?’

Have no fear. xChange is here for you. Let’s understand how you can get the best prices.

When you log onto xChange and enter your location and container type, your dashboard will show you matching offers for your requirement. You can browse through the offers to see the market price for containers in your specific location.

That way, you’ll know exactly how much to price your containers for, or easily find containers within your budget. And if you’re not fully satisfied with the prices, you can always further negotiate with a buyer/seller on our platform. As easy as that.

Essentially, our trading platform provides you with a neutral and safe trading marketplace. To ensure your safety, every member of xChange undergoes an intense background check. This enables you to find trustworthy partners to strike your next deal with.

With full control and transparency, you can buy and sell containers on xChange hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for? Buy and sell shipping containers today on xChange by simply clicking on the banner below.

Trade shipping containers

Benefits of trading containers on xChange

Along with 100% market transparency and no commission, our platform offers you an array of added benefits. Keep on reading to learn more about our trading platform’s unique features and benefits.

Free basic subscription

Looking to do a one-time container purchase? Then our basic membership is ideal for you. Check it out here. Looking to sell containers? With a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to a professional subscription and buy and sell containers to your heart’s content.

Grow your network

You can significantly grow your partner network with xChange. Create a free company profile and gain access to 1000+ vetted shipping players from 2500+ locations globally. That way you can gather partner reviews and show how reliable you are.

Manage payments in one platform

Toss out the heaps of invoices because the xChange wallet is at your service. We take care of managing all your transactions and issue one consolidated invoice at the end of every month.
You can also see your revenue and costs in real-time. Convenience at its best!

Make better decisions with Trading Insights

Our trading insights provide real-time container pricing and the best buying and selling locations. Wait! There’s more. Our weekly price forecast also informs you of price changes before the rest of the market. Do you know what that means? You’ll be able to buy and sell containers at the best possible price.

Want to buy & sell shipping containers? Hop on to xChange!

Long gone are the days of hunting for trading partners and endless market research. With our 100% neutral online marketplace, you become a part of a global trading network. Well, what does that even mean?

On our platform, you can find 10,000+ available boxes in over 2,500 locations worldwide.

And the best part: you can also easily connect with 1,000+ vetted members! And that list includes Seaco, Kuehne + Nagel, Trident, and Conway, to name but a few. We know how difficult it is to get access to these big industry players let alone an email response from them.

So, say goodbye to lengthy processes and the hassle of looking for traders offering competitive pricing. Because we’ve got your back!

Buy and sell boxes

How to buy and sell shipping containers on xChange

Buy and sell shipping containers on xChange trading platform

Our trading process is pretty simple. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll undergo a thorough background check. This background check is conducted to make sure that xChange remains a safe and transparent marketplace. So, you and all our members can conduct deals with confidence.

After, simply log into your xChange account. If you want to source containers, click on ‘I want to use containers’. But, if you want to make your containers available, then click on ‘I want to supply containers’. Next, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and container type.

And now we hit that search button.

After a few moments, you’ll be presented with a number of container offers or buying demands in 2500+ locations. From there, you can shortlist the best options according to your requirements and then close the deal on your terms. And, if you’re not completely satisfied with a deal, you can always further negotiate on our platform. Pretty convenient, right?

Ready to grow your network and strike a trading deal? Click on the banner below to talk to one of our experts who will smoothly guide you through the trading process. Plus, they’ll answer all your questions. Happy trading and smooth shipping!

Trade containers at best prices

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How much is a shipping container worth?

The worth of a shipping container depends on its type, age, condition, location, and availability. On average, a new 20ft DC container will cost you around US $5,000. A used one will be anywhere between US $3,500 to US $5,000.

Is there a market for shipping containers?

Yes, there is a market for shipping containers in 2022. The global shipping container market size was valued at USD 6.41 billion in 2020. This is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12% from 2022 to 2028. Currently, the container market is witnessing high growth due to rising maritime shipping.

How much is a 40ft shipping container?

A 40ft shipping container can cost you anywhere between US $2,751 to US $4,125. Its price depends on several factors, including age, condition, location, type, and availability.

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