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Canada, along with the United States, forms a major player in the global shipping container industry. Together the two countries make up a large, competitive North American market. So if you’re looking for shipping containers in Canada, but struggle to find them at the best prices from reliable suppliers, we’ve got your back.

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Shipping container price in Canada: How much to pay

As with all countries, container prices in Canada are constantly changing and are influenced by a wide range of factors. These include: 

The most common shipping container types in Canada are standard dry containers. These come in three main sizes: 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC.

20ft and 40ft containers with dimensions

A popular choice for transporting smaller shipments of dry goods is the 20ft dry container. Buy cargo-worthy 20ft containers in Toronto for US $1,158, in Vancouver for $1,581, and in Edmonton for US $1,342.

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Need something larger for bigger shipments? No worries! The 40ft dry container is double the capacity of the 20ft, but usually only around 30% more expensive. Get cargo-worthy 40ft containers in Toronto for US $1,485, in Vancouver for US $1,485, and in Edmonton for US $1,890

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If you’ve got high-volume cargo or taller goods to move, the high cube is your solution. This container has the same floor space as the 40ft but with an extra foot of height. 

Find cargo-worthy 40ft HC containers in Toronto for US $1,550, in Vancouver for US $1,433, and in Edmonton for US $1,911. 

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Save money choosing used over new containers

Trying to decide between new and used containers? Let’s compare some prices now so that you can make an informed decision about which condition best suits your budget.

For a brand new 20ft dry container in Vancouver, you’re looking at US $2,221 as opposed to just US $1,581 for a used container in the same city. So opting for used equipment will save you US $640 in this case.

Now let’s look at high cube prices in Edmonton. For a new 40ft high cube, you’re looking at US $2,933 whereas a used high cube will cost you just US $1,911. Here there’s a price difference of around US $1,022 per unit. 

Just imagine you buy 15 used high cubes instead of 15 new ones, you’ll be saving US $15,330 overall! The choice is yours. 

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Prices for special shipping containers in Canada

Besides standard dry containers, you can also find various special container types in Canada. Choosing special containers completely depends on your shipping needs. 

It’s important to note that special containers are specifically modified for certain uses and are likely to be more pricey than standard equipment. Here are two of the most commonly used special containers in Canada and their prices. 

The reefer container is perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive goods like meat and dairy. You can get a cargo-worthy 20ft reefer in Toronto for US $4,290 and a 40ft HC reefer for US $8,200.

If you’re looking for a container that makes loading and unloading quick and efficient, you’ll need a side door container. These have a door on the longer side as well as in the front, making loading larger cargo quick and efficient. 

Get 40ft side door containers in Montreal for US $6,000 and 40ft HC side doors for US $6,472.

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New & used shipping containers for sale in Ontario, Alberta, and more

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Decide on criteria and price range

First things first, decide on the container type, size and condition you need. Also, make sure you’ve got an idea of the price or leasing rate you’re willing to shell out before you start browsing.

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Browse offers

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Finalize the deal

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Make safe payments

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How much does it cost to ship a container to Canada?

If buying shipping containers doesn’t suit you, you can also opt to lease containers for one-way moves. This way, you’re moving your cargo without laying down large amounts of capital all at once. 

Curious about what you’ll shell out on popular stretches to Canada? Let’s take a look at some leasing rates right now. 

To move cargo in a 20ft container from Qingdao, China to Toronto you’re looking at a pick-up charge of US $243. You’ll also get an average of 89 free days along this stretch and a per diem charge of US $1.22 per unit.

And if you want to ship from Yantian, China to Vancouver, you’re looking at a pick-up charge of US $345.8. Along this stretch, you’ll get an average of 70 free days and per diem charges will be around US $6.60 per unit. As you can see, certain stretches are pricier than others.

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Get up-to-date shipping container prices and leasing rates

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Shipping container price Canada: Common FAQs

How much does a 40ft container cost in Canada?

The cost of a 40ft shipping container depends on factors like condition, type and current supply and demand. In Canada, you can buy a 40ft container in Toronto for US $1,751, in Vancouver for US $1,861 and in Edmonton for US $2,268.

How much does it cost to ship a container to Canada?

To ship cargo one-way from Qingdao, China to Toronto, Canada you’re looking at a pick-up charge (PUC) of around US $243. You’ll also get an average of 89 free days along this stretch, and an average per diem charge of US $1.22 per unit.

How much does a 20ft container cost?

In Canada, the cost of a 20ft container varies depending on the container type and location. You can get cargo-worthy 20ft units in Toronto for US $1,157, in Vancouver for US $1,670 and in Edmonton for US $1,737.