What is ocean freight?

Ocean freight is the transportation of goods over long distances by ship. It can also refer to the shipping or transport industry as a whole, including cargo ships and containers.

Ocean freight is typically used for cargo that needs to be transported over large distances, such as those between continents. 

The most common application of ocean freight is when shipping containers are shipped from one continent to another. The most common example of this would be between Asia and North America, where goods can be shipped from China or Japan to ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. These goods are then transferred into trucks that move them across the country to other destinations like Dallas, Atlanta, or Miami.

Ocean freight services are usually cheaper than air freight services because they are less expensive to operate and maintain, but they take longer due to their size and weight limitations.

Ocean freight has been around since the beginning of civilization—the ancient Egyptians were using ships to transport goods as far back as 4000 BC! In fact, it was actually impossible not too long ago: before the invention of steam power in 1780 AD, most cargo was transported by land or water because there was no way to move things very fast without engines.

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