Commercial shipping containers are used for multiple purposes. Read this blog to learn all about commercial containers, their uses, types, and how you can buy them at the best prices. 

Containers offer a practical solution for your various commercial and modification business needs, and finding them at the best prices is crucial for maximizing your profits. 

One easy way to find containers at competitive prices is through the Container xChange marketplace—where you can choose from 100,000+ containers from 1,700+ vetted sellers.

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            New & used commercial shipping containers for sale

            While looking for commercial containers, it’s important to determine the container condition that best suits your needs and budget.

            New shipping containers make sense if you’re planning to use them long-term or have to ship sensitive cargo. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, go for used shipping containers instead. They may have a few dents, but they will keep your cargo protected all the same.

            Let’s explore the most common standard commercial container types below. 

            20ft commercial shipping container 

            The 20ft container is suitable for most dry cargo. It’s also one of the cheapest shipping containers due to its smaller size. 

            20ft standard container

            The average price of a new 20ft container in the US is $2,250. However, you can get a new 20ft container on the Container xChange marketplace for $1,700. 

            If you’re looking for an affordable option, choose used 20ft containers instead. They’re perfect for storage and modifications. The average price of a 20ft cargo-worthy container is $1,310 in the US. But you can explore offers starting at $950 on xChange. 

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            40ft commercial shipping container 

            Choose 40ft containers for extra space. They offer double the capacity as compared to 20ft containers and are usually only around 30% more expensive than one 20ft.

            40ft dry container

            For a new 40ft container in the US, you’re looking at $3,540. Whereas, the average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft container is $1,610. Explore offers for 40ft containers starting at $1,100 by clicking the button below.

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            40ft HC commercial shipping container

            The 40ft high cube is the most popular high cube size in the market. If you’ve got dry goods that won’t fit into a standard 40ft unit, choose a 40ft HC instead. Plus, it’s usually only marginally more expensive than the standard 40-foot container.

            40ft high cube

            The average price for a new 40ft HC container in the US is $3,630. For cargo-worthy, you’re looking at $1,700 on average. Check out offers for 40ft HC containers starting at $1,150 on the xChange marketplace. Click the button below to get started.

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            Check out our detailed blog on different container types to find your ideal container type. 

            Popular uses of commercial shipping containers

            Apart from from shipping cargo, containers are used for multiple commercial purposes including storage and modifications. Let’s explore the different uses of containers below. 

            Container offices

            Container offices offer a cost-effective and flexible alternative to brick and mortar offices. To build a container office, you can add new floors, install windows, or reposition the doors, among other things. Check out deals for containers in your location for building container offices. 

            Shipping container sheds

            Shipping container sheds offer the perfect outdoor storage or workshop solution. They’re cheaper than building storage structures from scratch and you can choose the storage space based on your needs. For example, if you’re looking for big storage containers, you can opt for a 40ft HC container as compared to 20 ft. Find containers for sheds from vetted suppliers today. 

            Container restaurants 

            Another popular use of containers for commercial use is to convert them into restaurants. Container restaurants offer multiple benefits like customization, portability, and sustainability. Find cargo containers for sale to convert into restaurants today

            Commercial storage containers

            Many businesses either use containers for self-storage or build a storage container facility as an investment. Both new and second-hand containers can be used to store equipment. The decision will depend on your budget and preferences. Find 100,000+ storage containers for sale on the xChange marketplace! 

            Shipping container shop 

            Shipping container retail shops offer a creative way to turn containers into compact stores or pop-up shops. A shipping container store is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy to set up, making it a smart choice for businesses. 

            Shipping container commercial kitchen 

            Shipping containers can also be modified into commercial kitchens. These kitchens provide a flexible and affordable solution for mobile or pop-up dining and are easy to set up.

            These were just a few of the many ways a shipping container can be modified for different commercial uses. Read our detailed blog on shipping container modifications for more ideas. 

            Want to find shipping containers at the best prices for commercial uses? Use the Container xChange marketplace to choose from 100,000+ containers from vetted suppliers. Click the banner below to check out offers in your preferred location today! 

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            What is the price of commercial containers? 

            The price of commercial containers depends on the container type, size, and condition you’re choosing.

            You can get a 20ft cargo-worthy container for $1,020 in Chicago. For a new unit, you’re looking at $2,550. 

            The average price of a new 40ft container in Houston is $3,520, and for cargo-worthy, it is $1,220. 

            For a new 40ft HC container, you’re looking at $3,280 in Dallas. For cargo-worthy conditions, the average price is $1,770. 

            The prices of shipping containers can fluctuate based on market conditions. Keep up with what’s happening in the shipping industry and how it affects container prices by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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            How to buy commercial containers at competitive prices

            Container xChange marketplace offers you access to shipping containers in various conditions, sizes, and locations, ensuring you find the perfect container for your commercial needs. 

            Here are the three simple steps to securing budget-friendly container deals for your business.

            -Browse available containers: Hop onto our trading marketplace to browse and compare multiple offers from vetted sellers. We have more than 3,000 active offers in the US alone. 

            -Compare and negotiate prices: Once you find the right offer, reach out to the supplier via our platform to negotiate the price as well as the terms and conditions of the sale.

            -Money-back guarantee: We understand how making payments to a new partner can seem risky; that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee on xChange. Once terms are set with a seller, we secure your payment for 7 days, to allow you to inspect the container. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

            xChange makes it easy for you to buy commercial containers for your business. Click on the banner below to find your ideal container at competitive prices. Choose from 100,000+ containers today! 

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            Commercial shipping containers: Common FAQs

            What is a commercial shipping container?

            A commercial shipping container is a large, metal crate used for transporting goods by sea, rail, or road. It's designed to protect cargo and make handling and storage more efficient.

            How much are shipping containers?

            The price of a container will depend on the size and condition you’re looking for. For a standard cargo-worthy 20ft box, you’re looking at an average price of around $1,120, and for a 40ft container, around $1,848.

            What are the common types of containers?

            Dry containers are the most common types of containers. These include 20ft, 40ft, and high cube containers.