Shipping container sheds are the perfect outdoor storage or workshop solution. They’re cost-effective, durable, and quick to install. Learn more about the benefits of using containers as sheds, as well as how to get the best wholesale deals on units in a few simple steps. 

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            What are shipping container sheds?

            A shipping container shed is a unit that’s been modified into a functional workspace or outdoor storage area. Container sheds are often placed in gardens or backyards to store gardening tools and outdoor furniture. They can also act as workshop studios.

            Container shed

            Container sheds have a whole host of advantages over traditional wooden garden sheds. This is because shipping units are made from corrugated corten steel. They’re also:

            • Durable, wind and water-resistant
            • Portable, meaning they’re easy to transport and relocate
            • Cheaper than building storage structures from scratch
            • Eco-friendly
            • Rodent and pest-proof

            Turning a shipping container into a shed usually involves certain structural changes, alterations to the inside, as well as adding insulation. We’ll get into more details later in the blog.

            Popular container sizes for conex sheds

            Choosing which container size to buy depends on how much space is available at the site, as well as what the unit will be used for. Let’s check out the most popular sizes for sea container sheds.

            10ft shipping container shed

            The 10ft unit is one of the smallest shipping container sizes in the market. It’s ideal as a small storage shed for tools and gardening supplies—especially for gardens with minimal space available.

            It’s important to note that even though this container is small, it’s also rare in the market. So keep in mind that you’re likely to be overcharged. That’s why it’s important to use a reliable container marketplace like xChange, where you can secure the best prices from trustworthy sellers.

            20ft shipping container shed

            The 20ft dry container is suitable for gardens and yards with more space available. This unit can pack in a lot of tools and furniture, whilst still being compact and portable. A 20ft unit is also perfect for a medium-sized outdoor workshop. 

            40ft shipping container shed

            The 40ft dry container has more than double the capacity of the 20ft. So if there’s lots of outdoor space available and a large number of garden tools or furniture to store, this container size is great value for money. It also makes for a very spacious outdoor workshop. 

            Want 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft units to repurpose into shipping container sheds or workshops? Buy units in bulk and save big on our platform. Click below to chat with our expert team. Additionally, find containers to convert at the best wholesale prices today. 

            Gt containers to turn into sheds

            Top ideas for converting containers into conex sheds

            There are so many great ways to modify shipping containers to cater to a wide variety of needs. However, in this blog, we’ll only focus on converting containers into outdoor sheds. 

            Continue to explore our blogs to learn about other creative ways to transform containers into functional spaces. We’ll also help you get units at the best wholesale price for your container modification business. 

            Garden shed: Sea containers make the perfect garden sheds. Simply add shelves and cupboards to organize tools neatly, hooks to hang spades and gardening utensils, and a bench for potting plants. For small gardens, a 10ft container has more than enough space to store all of your gardening paraphernalia.

            Storage shed: A shipping container also makes the perfect garden or backyard storage shed. Depending on your storage requirement, you can opt for either a 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft dry unit.

            Workshop: For those who love DIY projects, a shipping container can make a great workshop space. For workspaces, we’d recommend a 20ft or 40ft container, to accommodate work benches, tools and whatever other equipment is needed. 

            Why use a shipping container as a shed?

            • Durable: Shipping containers are built to withstand extreme weather at sea, including storms and floods. They’re low maintenance and will keep tools, gardening equipment, and machinery safe and dry all year round. 
            • Eco-friendly: Using shipping containers—especially second-hand units—is more environmentally friendly than building storage structures from scratch. Shipping container customization means reusing already existing structures and reducing the need for new building materials and resources.
            • Mobile: Shipping units are designed for intermodal transport between trucks, trains, and ships. So they’re quick and efficient to move if sites change. 

            How to convert a shipping container into a shed

            There are three main elements to converting shipping units into container sheds. Let’s take a look at these now.

            Structural modifications

            Structural modifications may include reinforcing the unit, especially if you opt for a used shipping container that may have endured wear and tear over the years. You can also add a good quality lock if you want to protect your equipment from theft.


            Insulation includes installing vents to prevent mold and mildew from building up. This is especially important if wooden furniture or tools will be stored inside the container shed. Windows can also be added for extra airflow and light inside the unit. 

            Interior design

            This will vary depending on the needs of the customer. If the unit is going to be used as a tool shed, then shelves and cupboards should be installed. And for a workshop, lighting will also need to be added. 

            For used containers, the floors may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the condition. Options for replacement include plywood, laminated flooring, or an epoxy coat if the container is going to be used as a workshop. 

            Where to find units for shipping container shed conversions 

            Wondering where to buy containers to convert into sheds? The simple answer is; Container xChange. Here are the 3 easy steps to getting the units you need in no time at all:

            Browse and compare offers in one place: Once you know what container type and size you’ll need for your conversion project, hop onto our trading platform to browse and compare multiple offers at the same time. 

            You’ll be able to check out the suppliers too before deciding who to work with. Read reviews and ratings by other members to help you choose the right partner.

            Negotiate wholesale prices directly with the partner: Reach out to the seller directly to finalize the deal you like. You’ll be able to negotiate the price and tailor the terms of the sale to your needs. Cutting out the middleman also means faster turnaround times—at last! 

            Make secure payments: When everything is finalized, pay for your units using our secure payment platform. With xChange, your payments are safe, and we also provide 24/5 support in case you have any questions or issues. 

            Buy containers from reliable wholesalers

            Buy shipping containers for sheds at wholesale prices on xChange

            Ready to buy units to convert into shipping container storage sheds? There’s no better place to get the budget-friendly deals you’re after than on xChange. Here are some of the benefits of subscribing to the platform: 

            Work with vetted suppliers

            All of our 1,700+ members have gone through a mandatory background check, so you can rest assured they’re professional and reliable. This saves you valuable time when sourcing the containers you need for your business.

            7-day quality assurance period

            To ease your worries, we give you a 7-day quality assurance period to check that you’re happy with the units you’ve purchased—before the payment goes through. Or, you’ll get your money back. No fuss, no frills!

            100,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations globally 

            On xChange, we’ve got 100,000+ containers available in over 2,500 global locations. Plus, get 10+ container types all on one platform in various conditions. Find the container types and sizes you need without switching tabs once. 

            If you’re ready to get started right away, click below to schedule your free demo with our expert team now. You’ll learn all about how to source containers safely from reliable sellers, hassle-free. Finally, buy containers at the best wholesale prices for shipping container shed conversions and save big with the xChange platform. 

            Get containers for shed conversions

            Common FAQs: Shipping container sheds

            Can you make a shed from a shipping container?

            Shipping containers make perfect storage sheds due to their durability, cost-effectiveness, and mobility. Usually, a 10ft or 20ft dry container works best as a container shed for storing garden tools and furniture, or as a workspace. A 40ft unit is perfect for large storage requirements or as a spacious outdoor workshop.

            How do you turn a shipping container into a shed?

            To turn a shipping container into a shed, you’ll need to add ventilation to prevent mold, and add shelves and cupboards to store tools, garden equipment, or outdoor furniture. If necessary, you can also add windows and install lighting.

            How long do shipping containers last?

            If well maintained and serviced regularly, shipping containers can last 25 to 30 years. They’re designed to withstand extreme weather at sea, including storms, heavy rains, temperature fluctuations, and salt water, so they’re perfect as backyard storage sheds or outdoor workshops.