Ever wondered what CONEX storage containers are? We’ll give you a breakdown of these boxes along with their prices on xChange. Read on to know more.

Let’s say that your client owns a big retail business, say a big supermarket, and they’re battling with shipping out an order. They need a box to ship the cargo stat! But they don’t know what type of box would work best. CONEX boxes can be a comrade coming to their aid. These boxes come in a variety of dimensions making them the ideal container for shipping and storage.

If they require a smaller container to ship items in you can help them get a 20ft standard box. In contrast, if they require an extra-wide container for retail applications and palletized storage, you can help them with a larger box.

Sounds good, right? So where can you buy your CONEX? On our trading platform of course!

xChange is a virtual market for you to buy containers. With more than 1000+ vetted members in 2500+ locations worldwide. You’ll have 10, 000+ containers to choose from for your needs on our platform. You don’t even have to worry about trusted suppliers, because we have over 1000+ vetted companies available on the xChange platform, we make it simple and easy to find trustworthy partners. We have a mandatory vetting process during the onboarding at xChange, to ensure your safety first.

To get your box all you have to do is visit our website and scroll through various types of containers. When you spot a company you like you can make your offer and start negotiations! It’s that simple.

But, before you get your box, let’s give you a definition and a quick history of the CONEX.

What are CONEX storage containers?

CONEX is an abbreviation of container and express. These boxes have a time-saving advantage, they can travel easily by all means of transport, which shortens their travel time. Over the years these boxes evolved and were able to store and transport goods proficiently – perfect for your client’s needs.

facts about conex storage containers

What’s the history of CONEX boxes?

During the wars in Korea and Vietnam in 1952, the US military needed swift systems of transporting supplies to the soldiers at the front lines. The problem they faced during this time was that goods loaded on container vessels had to be reloaded onto trailers for road transportation. This logistic challenge ate up a lot of their time.

The solution was the CONEX. It was compatible with the trailers on which they could be carried. The first model was named the ‘Transporter’and rightly so. It then changed to ‘Container Express’, due to its fast and time-saving qualities. It was later shortened to ‘CONEX’.

conex containers

What are CONEX storage containers used for?

CONEX storage containers can be used for shipping and storage. Some of their most common usages are as follows:

Warehouse storage and shipping of perishables and non-perishable goods

These boxes can serve as storage units on construction sites to hold construction tools and equipment. They are also good for shipping a variety of cargo. From something as lightweight as your clients retail products, say groceries, to big and hefty pipes and cables.

Shipping and storage of agricultural equipment

Here again for large agricultural hardware these boxes are a boon. They come in a variety of dimensions and have high capacity weight loads to hold all kinds of heavy cargo.

Shipping and storing of bulk documents in offices and schools

CONEX containers are ideal for storing and shipping school supplies or playground and athletic gear. Bulk documents in offices can also be stored and shipped using these boxes.

Retail shipping and storage

Coming back to your client, CONEX boxes are a great match for retail storage and shipments. That’s because they are designed specifically for palletized storage.

Now that you know the uses of these boxes, are you ready to help your client ship their cargo?

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Characteristics of CONEX storage containers

But before your client ships their cargo in CONEX storage containers, you need to make sure if these boxes can handle the load and are safe, right? Well, the good news is that CONEX storage boxes are extremely versatile and secure. Their interlocking mechanism prevents theft. They are also built with corrugated steel sheets making them robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions to protect valuables. Rest assured your customer’s goods will be safe inside the CONEX box.

To learn more about their characteristics have a look at the chart below.

characteristics of the conex box

Conex box, shipping, intermodal, or storage container: What’s what?

With all these terms floating around, it’s hard to tell the differences. But what if we told you, there were none. Yes, you read it right. Gradually CONEX boxes came to be called shipping containers. So be it a CONEX box, shipping, intermodal, or storage containers — fundamentally they’re all the same.

Over time the CONEX box has evolved into different types and has different uses which we will explore further in this blog.

conex shipping containers

Prices of CONEX storage boxes on xChange

But before we get to that, let’s talk prices. If you want to buy a CONEX box, getting the right price is essential. That’s when we’re here to help. Container xChange is a commission-free platform. We also provide full price transparency. This means that all the prices you see on the platform are straightforward and negotiable. This way you don’t need to worry about hidden costs and commission fees. You also get to compare prices with each other and manage all transactions under one platform.

Nice, right?

As for our 1000+ members, you get to work with trustworthy suppliers who have all gone through mandatory vetting before joining the platform. This ensures that every member on the platform is certified – guaranteeing your safety.

The prices of containers you’ll find on xChange depend on the type and condition; you can have a better understanding of our prices of standard CONEX storage containers below.

Keep in mind that the prices are based on the transactions happening on the trading platform and are subject to changes.

Container type Price
20ft DC $2.235
40ftDC $2.967
20ft HC $4.250
40ft HC $4.215
45ft HC $5.400

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Types of CONEX storage boxes: Which one’s for you?

Now it’s time to get moving on shipping your client’s freight. For that, you must find the right size and type of container. The next section will help you understand which one you should choose.

Just like standard containers, the 20ft and 40ft boxes are popular boxes. You can understand them better below.

Standard containers

The 20ft and 40ft CONEX containers are the most commonly used containers for shipping and storage. Both these containers are easy to stack and are simple to produce which makes them more popular than more specialized containers such as reefer containers or flat racks.

For dry cargo like pallets, boxes, barrels, and clothes, these containers are a perfect match– we think these boxes would be ideal for your customer’s freight.

20ft dry container

High cube containers

High cubes are similar in structure to standard containers. The length and width remain the same, and the height increases. This enables them to meet more storage demands.

You can find these containers in 3 standard types, 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft. They are used to ship all kinds of dry cargo, just like standard containers. But they are extremely functional for transporting and storing light and large cargo, with large heights reaching up to a maximum of 2.70m.

These boxes might be a good fit if your client has a big shipping order.

40ft high cube container

If you need to explore other kinds of containers, xChange can lend a helping hand. You can know more about the different container types here.

How xChange makes it easy to get CONEX storage containers

Now you know all that there is to know about CONEX storage containers. So, let’s get you that box for your client’s cargo shipping needs. Here’s how:

  • Head on over to our platform.
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  • Type in the container type, and choose your pick-up location.
  •  Choose from a list of vetted certified partners. Get to work with big names in the industry. We work with trusted users around the world, some of whom include, Seaco Global, SeaCube, Trident International, and more.
  • Make your offer and start negotiations.
  •  Stay up-to-date on the location of your boxes with automated container tracking.

All this is based on the standard contract you’ve all filled out beforehand, making your negotiations smoother and your work faster.

1000+ vetted members and 10, 000+ containers in 2500+ locations worldwide, all at your fingertips.

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Conex storage containers: Common FAQs

What are conex storage containers?

The CONEX box is a shipping container used to transport and store supplies.

What are the uses of conex storage containers?

CONEX storage containers can be used for shipping various kinds of cargo. They can also be used to store different kinds of goods across workplaces and industries.

What is the difference between a conex and a shipping container?

A CONEX box, shipping, intermodal, or storage containers, they all mean the same thing.

What is the history of the conex box?

This history of conex boxes starts with the wars in Korea and Vietnam in 1952 when the US military needed swift systems of transporting supplies to the soldiers at the front lines. The solution was the CONEX.