Ever wondered if the UK manufactures its containers? Who the top UK container manufacturers are, or how much UK containers cost? In this article, we answer it all. 

As an island nation and global player, the UK houses some of the world’s busiest ports. And with containerized trade tripling in the last few years, the UK’s maritime sector is presented with a huge opportunity. So, what’s their take on container manufacturing 

Here’s an overview of container manufacturing in the United Kingdom, including a list of their top manufacturers.

Container manufacturers UK: an overview 

Container manufacturers UK

The UK maritime sector is already impressive. It’s responsible for 95% of the country’s trade, bringing in over 57% of the UK’s annual revenue.   

While China dominates the container production market, other countries like India are emerging into it. Could container manufacturers UK follow suit?   

Right now, the UK’s container productivity is a puzzle to be solved by the government. Meaning that at present, most UK container companies still ship in their new or ‘one-trip’ boxes from China. 

But according to UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, the industry plans to capitalize on the “huge post-Brexit opportunities for Britain” as they strive to “meet the maritime challenges of the 21st century.” 

It’s exciting to see where the United Kingdom will head in terms of manufacturing its own containers.  

Recent developments in containerized shipping UK 

According to data supplied by IHS Global (2020), the UK has the 24th largest trading fleet in the world. Their biggest trade partner is the EU and remained as such during 2020. In fact, more goods were moved between UK ports and the EU than any other region in that tumultuous year. 

In this same period, there were significant delays and impacts on receiving products and containers from the East.  

As the container shortage persists, importers in the UK have faced additional charges and long wait times. 

UK’s busiest port, Felixstowe, is experiencing significant delays in particular. Felixstowe deals with 48% of Britain’s containerized trade, so congestion at this port has added a further two weeks to lead times, increasing pressure on container availability.  

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Container manufacturers UK

UK container prices  

How much does a container cost in the UK? 

For a standard one-trip 20ft dry container in London, you’re looking at around US $2,613.33. While the same container at Felixstowe would cost you $3,578.57. 

Using xChange, you can find a new 20ft container starting at US $2,000. Our platform lets you choose containers based on what makes most financial and logistical sense to you, allowing you to dodge high prices. 

Container Manufacturers UK

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Big names of Container Manufacturers UK 

While container manufacturing is not common, many companies supply, refurbish, or convert shipping containers for varied uses. Here are some notable names in the UK container industry: 

YMC Container Solutions 

Container manufacturers UK

Headquartered in East Yorkshire, YMC Container Solutions is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and developers of specialized shipping containers. For over 40 years, this UK container manufacturer has produced a wide range of container types, including nuclear, offshore, and ISO. If you’re looking for fully customizable; sliding-door; or curtain-sided containers, YMC is your go-to. 

SJones Containers 

Container manufacturers UK

Although they don’t manufacture containers from scratch, SJones Containers refurbish second-hand containers to buy or hire. They sell new and used 20ft units for storage, shipping, and conversion. You can choose from ISO or High Cube containers of different dimensions, conditions, and variations.  With their depots located throughout the UK, collection or delivery is also never an issue. 

Budget Shipping Containers 

 Container manufacturers UK

One of the only companies in the UK manufacturing standard containers, Budget Shipping Containers offers new, used, and refurbished containers like 10, 20, and 40 ft ISO types and Flat Packs. It’s worth noting that their “newest” or one-trip containers are manufactured in and sent from China.  

Cleveland Containers 

Container manufacturers UK

Based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland Containers supplies a vast range of different-sized containers, from 6ft to 45ft. They supply new or used, either for sale or hire. Technically they do not manufacture the containers themselves, but they can refurbish or even “convert” your container into specialized uses, like construction, office space, or storage. They also buy containers if you’re looking to sell.  

Billie Box 

Container manufacturers UK

Billie Box is renowned for its great service and its focus on charity, offering one-trip and used containers for shipping or static storage. Their shipping containers for sale are either cargo-worthy or meet the latest IICL criteria and are fitted with an up-to-date CSC plate.   

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Container Manufacturers UK

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Container Manufacturers UK

Container Manufacturers UK: Common FAQs  

How much does a container cost in the UK?

The cost of a container depends on its size, shape and condition as well as container availability. The standard cost of a one-trip, 20ft dry container shipped in from China to the UK should be around US $2500, but this can fluctuate.

What companies make containers for ships?

95~96% of all containers are manufactured in China, of which three big companies dominate the market. They are: China International Marine Containers (42%) Dong Fang International Containers (26%) CXIC Group (14%) In the UK, the most notable manufacturer is YMC Container Solutions.

How long does it take to manufacture a shipping container?

Chinese companies are so efficient that they manufacture these steel boxes in bulk. In normal times, it would take as little as six weeks for a new container to be delivered after placing an order. But due to the incessant halt that COVID-19's put on production, it may take up to four months for a new container to reach its destination depot.

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