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Ocean container quotes

How to find ocean freight quotes online?

The traditional way of finding ocean freight quotes involves reaching out to your network via phone calls or long emails. You also have to contact different agents at different carriers for shipping schedules. And let’s not forget the lack of transparency in the industry.

Well, you can avoid all these steps and seamlessly book shipper-owned containers (SOCs) and vessel space on our Ocean Freight Marketplace.

Read on to know more about the Ocean Freight Marketplace and how it works.

Ocean Freight Marketplace: Get ocean container quotes for SOCs

Our platform is your go-to solution if you want market transparency, want to compare prices and book SOCs and vessel space on a single platform.

Ocean freight marketplace

Get instant sea freight quotes

Once you go to our Ocean Freight Marketplace, you can fill in the necessary details to get instant sea freight quotes. Fill in the port of landing, port of discharge, container type, cargo weight, container quantity etc. All this information ensures you get customized results. This way, don’t have to browse through irrelevant search queries.

Get up-to-date ocean container quotes

When you fill in all the information, you’ll get up-to-date ocean container quotes from different carriers and NVOCCs. All rates are 100% transparent so you can be sure that there are no hidden costs. Moreover, with these instant quotes, you’re saving your valuable time that would have been spent calling different agents.

Compare quotes to find best deals

Finally, browse through the quotes to find the best deals. Compare prices, check up-to-date schedules and book vessel space from trusted suppliers. All our partners go through a vetting process so you don’t have to worry about working with untrustworthy partners.

Negotiate freight quotes

Not satisfied with the freight rate the carrier is offering? Well, you can negotiate directly with the carriers through our platform. To do so, you’ll simply have to fill out the offer form and list your preferred price.

Sounds quick and seamless right? So why not give it a try? Simply click the banner below and get ocean container quotes now.

Ocean container quotes

Find ocean freight quotes on top routes

If you’re shipping cargo, there’s a high chance it’s going to be one of the following routes. These sea routes are most common on our platform and businesses easily find vessel slots for them on our platform.

  • China to Europe
  • Europe to China
  • China to US/Canada
  • China to India/Middle East
  • ISC to the Middle East

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Speaking of prices of vessel slots, let’s see why they’re always changing and what factors they depend on.

What do sea freight rates depend on?

It’s important for you to understand what sea freight rates depend on if you want to find the right prices. Here are a few factors to consider.

Ocean container quotes

Cargo weight

In general, ocean freight is around $2-$4/kg. The heavier the cargo, the more it will cost. Similarly, it also depends on FCL vs LCL. Here’s the difference between the two:

  • Full container load (FCL): FCL refers to shipping your cargo in a full container. Here, you pay for the entire container. It’s best when you have enough cargo that’ll fill the entire container.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL is suitable for you if you don’t need an entire container. Here you’ll share the container with other people’s shipments as well. The cost depends on how much space your cargo occupies.

If you want to know more about container loading, check out this blog.

Size of container

High cube containers will cost more than the standard 20ft DC container. This is because a larger container occupies more space in the vessel.

Check out this blog post if you want to know more about the container dimensions of different types of boxes.

Type of vessel required

Shipping dangerous goods like flammable liquids or gasses requires special ISO tank containers. They also need to be kept very carefully in the vessel while shipping. That’s why suppliers charge more for these containers than standard ones.

Demand and supply

Finally, the most important factor is the demand and supply of vessel space. If the demand is higher than the supply, the freight rate will increase. Similarly, if demand is lower than supply, the rate decreases. This change in demand and supply depends on the economic condition, port delays and consumer behavior.

The US shippers are seeing a 20% drop in ocean freight orders. This is due to a decline in consumer demand as a result of economic slowdown. Consequently, ocean carriers are canceling as much as 50% of sailings so they can match the vessel space with orders.

We understand how last minute cancellations can disrupt your entire shipping schedule. That’s why we’ve created a platform where you deal only with trusted suppliers. Our members get booking confirmation within 24 hours. Plus, they also easily get access to up-to-date schedules of different vessels to help plan their shipments accordingly.

Once you become our member, we’ll also handle all your payments. This way you’ll see all your transactions in one place and won’t have to worry about the different payments you make throughout the month.

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Ocean container quotes

Ocean Freight Quotes: Pros & cons of ocean shipping

Although shippers have to deal with a few cons while using ocean shipping, there are also many benefits to it. Here are some pros and cons of ocean shipping that you should know.

Pros Cons
Low cost of shipping Less speed 
Fewer restrictions  Cargo & container prone to damages
Sustainable than other modes of transport  Less reliability 

Choose best ocean container quote for SOCs on Container xChange

As you know by now, comparing prices for SOC vessel slots, and accessing shipping schedules is quite tricky. This is because schedules and rates are not transparent. And let’s not forget how long negotiations can take.

That’s where we can help. On our platform, you can get a seamless booking experience by first booking your SOC containers through our leasing platform. Then, heading over to the Ocean Freight Marketplace to find vessel slots instantly. Browse through multiple slot prices on our platform, choose the best one and get booking confirmation within 24 hours.

And if you don’t get your desired prices, you can directly get in touch with the carrier and negotiate for better deals. We also don’t charge any commission on these deals.

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Ocean container quotes

Ocean container quotes: Common FAQs

What do ocean container quotes depend on?

Ocean container quotes depend on a variety of factors. This includes the cargo weight, size of the container, type of vessel required and most importantly, the demand and supply of vessel slots.

What are the pros and cons of ocean shipping?

Some advantages of ocean shipping are sustainability, low cost of shipping and fewer restrictions. Some disadvantages of ocean shipping is that it takes more time to ship goods and the cargo is prone to damages.

How do demand and supply affect ocean container quotes?

If the demand is higher than the supply, ocean container quotes increase. However, if the demand is lower than the supply of vessel space, the prices decrease. The change in demand and supply depends on the condition of the economy, port delays and current happenings of the shipping industry.