The 20 foot storage container is a popular choice for storing dry goods of all kinds. Find out the dimensions, capacity, and weight limit to know just how much you can store in this container size. We’ll also tell you which kind of 20ft container is perfect for your exact needs. Plus, learn how to purchase quality containers for storage at the best prices.

20 ft shipping containers are easily available and are much cheaper than other containers. But you can never be too sure that you’re paying the right price for these in-demand boxes.

That’s where Container xChange can help you. We’re an online container marketplace with 50,000+ containers available in 2500+ locations. On our platform, you get multiple container offers to compare, negotiate, and book directly from suppliers. This way, you can choose what to pay for quality containers and at 0% commission.

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            20 foot storage container dimensions [internal & external]

            The first thing to inquire about containers is how much you can store in them. To begin, you’ll need to know the dimensions, weight, and volume of your storage load.

            Maybe your goods won’t fit in a standard 20ft container. In this case, you’ll need a slightly bigger unit, say, a 20ft high cube container. And if your cargo is large or oddly shaped, you’ll have to opt for a 20 ft open top container.

            Let’s know the dimensions of a 20ft standard container.

            Interior dimensions of 20 foot shipping container

            Whether you want to store goods on-site or ship cargo from one location to another, it’s important to know the internal dimensions of the 20-foot container to ensure your goods will fit.

            Even though the 20 ft size has ample space, it’s best to know exact measurements for capacity and inventory management.

            The length of a 20-foot container is 5.90 meters, its width is 2.35 meters and the height is 2.39 meters. The dimensions of the door are 2.34 meters in width and 2.28 meters in height. The tare weight is 2,300 kg. The payload of a 20′ container is 28,200 kg, which is its maximum loading capacity.

            Exterior dimensions of 20 ft shipping container

            A shipping container’s external dimensions will help you with space planning. Let’s say you’re a small business looking for a 20-foot container for storing your goods on-site. The external dimensions will help you plan how to fit and stack the container in the limited space in the most efficient manner.

            Plus, many local regulations and zoning laws specify size restrictions on placing storage containers on private property. Knowing the external dimensions will help you secure the necessary permits.

            Here are the 20 foot shipping container’s external dimensions:

            Measure 20ft 20ft HC
            External length 6.06m / 20ft 6.06m / 20ft
            External width 2.44m / 8ft 2.44m / 8ft
            External height  2.59m / 8.6ft 2.89m / 9.6ft

            20ft shipping container dimensions in feet

            As you can see above, you have the 20 ft container dimensions in meters and feet. So, let’s take a look at three other container dimensions in feet below:

            Measure 20ft container dimensions in feet 20ft HC dimensions in feet 20ft open top container dimensions in feet
            Length 19.8ft 19.8ft 19.8ft
            Width  8.85ft 8.85ft 8.85ft
            Height 7.10ft 8.9ft 8.6ft

            You now know the length, width, and height of the 20 foot container. Let’s look at capacity and volume.

            What is the capacity of a 20 ft shipping container?

            The capacity is yet another important thing to consider when choosing shipping containers. It’s the most realistic metric to tell you the exact cargo volume you can fit inside a container.

            We know that you can only fit cargo within the 20ft square feet in both standard and high cube containers. But the volume will vary depending on which one you choose.

            Here are the volumes of 20 ft and 20ft high cube shipping containers:

            Measure 20ft container 20ft HC container
            Volume 1,170 cubic ft 1,320 cubic ft.
            Volume (metric)  33.1 cubic m 37.4 cubic m

            How do you calculate the capacity of a 20-foot container?

            To calculate the capacity of a container, always take into account its internal dimensions. And then, use the simple formula of length x width x height. You will get the usable capacity of the container.

            How much can you fit in a 20-foot container?

            A standard 20ft container can hold:

            • 200 full-sized mattresses
            • 48,000 bananas
            • 50-60 refrigerators
            • 400 flat-screen TVs
            • The household items of a one or two-bedroom apartment

            How many pallets can fit into a 20 foot shipping container?

            Since the dimensions of Euro pallets are 1.2m x 0.8m, the floor of the 20 ft shipping container can hold up to 11 Euro pallet stacks. Similarly, according to the 1m x 1.2m dimensions of American pallets, you can store up to 10 American pallets.

            How much weight will a 20-foot container hold?

            If you want to know how much a 20ft container holds, you’re looking to know the ‘payload’ of the container. But if you want to know just how much an empty 20 ft storage container weighs, then you want to find out the ‘tare weight’ of the container.

            Here are the weights of 20 ft and 20ft high cube containers:

            Measure 20ft container 20ft HC container
            Tare Weight (lbs) 4,409 lbs 4,629 lbs
            Tare Weight (kg) 2,000 kg 2,100 kg
            Max Cargo (lbs) 67,200 lbs 67,200 lbs
            Max cargo (kg)  30,480 kg 30,480 kg

            20 foot storage containers for sale: New vs used container

            When deciding between new and used 20-foot storage containers, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits of each. For those looking to expand their options, exploring a variety of shipping containers for sale can be incredibly beneficial. These containers provide versatile and durable solutions for storage and transport needs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your specific requirements.

            Why choose new 20-foot storage container for sale

            If you plan to use your container for a long time, you should choose a new container. It can easily last for 15-20 years. Or, if you plan to use your container regularly for shipping cargo, then buying a new container will give you shipping flexibility.

            Many people also purchase new shipping containers for building houses and architectural set-ups.

            As you can see, there are many reasons to opt for this prime container. However, the only caveat is that new containers or one-trip containers are typically more expensive than used containers.

            The average price of a 20ft new shipping container is between $2,000 to $3,000. But on our shipping container marketplace, you can get a new 20 foot shipping container for as low as $1,300!

            Why choose used 20 foot shipping container for sale

            Typically, for storage purposes, a 20 foot standard WWT container is a perfect choice. You can also choose cargo-worthy containers if you also plan to use them for shipping cargo.

            Despite having slight surface rust, these wind and water-tight used containers will protect your goods from weather elements. Plus, the shipping container floor made out of marine-grade plywood will keep your goods free from contamination. Perfect for storage!

            You can also look for used shipping containers with forklift pockets to ensure portability. And the 20 ft shipping container is also easy to customize if that’s one of the requirements.

            The average price of a 20ft used shipping container is between $1,000 to $2,000.You can get a cargo-worthy 20ft container for as low as $700 on our platform! 

            Want to check out the price difference between new and used containers in your city or country? Click the banner below to see the price difference and make the best container deals!

            20 foot storage container

            What are the best types of 20 foot containers for storage? 

            Now that you’ve decided on the condition of the container you need, it’s time to decide the type of container most suitable for your storage purposes. Read on to know the different types of containers available and which one is right for you. 

            20ft standard containers for sale 

            The standard 20ft dry container is a popular choice and for good reason. Its smaller size makes it easy to move and transport, as well as load and unload making it perfect for storage.

            20ft standard container

            20ft containers are suitable enough to store a wide range of goods. You can get 20ft containers for $700 in some locations on our platform! Click here to check out the prices of 20ft containers in your preferred location.

            20ft HC containers for sale

            The 20 foot high cube is exactly the same as the standard 20ft, with an extra foot of height. This extra height increases your storage space, giving you great value without increasing the floorspace.

            20ft high cube container

            Naturally, a 20ft HC is a better investment if you want to utilize your space well. High cubes are also great for storing larger quantities of goods or taller items. Want to know which locations have the lowest container prices for 20ft HC containers? Click here to check out container offers from 1500+ vetted sellers to find best deals.

            20 foot open top containers for sale

            An open top container has no roof. Instead, a tarpaulin is used to cover goods and keep them safe from the elements. This container type is ideal for items that are difficult to load through standard container doors due to their size or shape.

            20ft open top container

            You should choose a 20ft open top container if your goods are over-sized but have a low volume. Simply load your cargo from the top and rest assured the strong side-walls will keep belongings safely in place. 

            Open top containers are a bit more expensive than standard 20 foot containers. Check out the price difference between the two by clicking here.

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            20 foot storage container price: Access real-time container prices

            Now that you’ve decided which 20ft storage container to buy, it’s time to take a look at the container prices. Here are the prices for cargo-worthy 20ft containers in various locations around the globe:

            20ft (cargo-worthy) container prices

            Location Price
            USA $1,360
            China $1,167
            India $997
            Europe $1,235
            UAE $1,150

            As you can see, the prices vary significantly from one location to another — the lowest being in India. It will make more sense for you to buy 20ft containers from India than from places like the USA. This way you’ll save $400 on your container deal! 

            However, the pricing of containers keeps changing and depends on the location, current market situation and container condition. One easy way to keep track of real-time container prices is through xChange Insights. 

            On Insights, you can access container prices in 180 locations globally. You can also see price development for a week, month, or even several years. This way, you can analyze the pricing trends and identify the best time to buy, sell or lease out your equipment.

            Want to know more about Insights and how it can benefit your business? Click here to try Insights for free today!

            Buy 20 foot storage container at best prices on xChange

            If you’ve decided that 20 feet containers are for you, look no further than Container xChange to get the quality containers you need. 

            We have standard, high cube and open tops containers in various sizes and conditions on our trading marketplace. Once you become a member, it’s easy to find containers any time. Simply type your requirements on our platform to see container deals by sellers that match your criteria. Compare prices easily by viewing multiple deals simultaneously. 

            You can also talk directly to sellers to agree on the terms and conditions of the sale. This way, you can get containers on your terms and within your budget. What’s more, all payments are safe and secure and are handled on the platform.

            There are 1500+ vetted partners using Container xChange to buy, sell, and lease containers. xChange makes it possible for you to comb through 50,000+ containers in more than 2500 locations worldwide. Simply click the banner below to find the best container deals today!

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            20 foot storage container: Common FAQs

            How much is a 20 foot shipping container?

            The price of a 20 foot shipping container varies considerably, depending on the location, condition and market situation. In the USA, you’re looking at around US $1,360 for a standard 20ft dry container, in India $997 and in China $1,167.

            What is the size of a 20ft container?

            A 20ft container has an internal length of 5.9m / 19.4ft, an internal width of 2.35m / 7.8ft, and an internal height of 2.39m / 7.9ft.

            How much can a 20ft shipping container hold?

            A standard 20ft shipping container can hold approximately 100 washing machines, 200 full-sized mattresses, 400 flat-screen TVs, 50-60 fridges, or 48,000 bananas.