Are you looking for a container that can transport your rather large and heavy cargo? Or are you simply trying to learn more about platform containers? If you answered yes to either question then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

    • A platform shipping container is a container without any side walls or roof.
    • A flatbed or platform container is used to ship extremely heavy and large cargo such as airplane parts, odd-shaped cargo, and heavy machinery.
    • The price of a platform container is dependent on its age, condition and location, and typically ranges between US$900 and US$6500.
    • xChange can help you buy or sell platform containers and grow your network by exposing you to over 1000 vetted partners.

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What is a platform shipping container?

Imagine a standard container without the front, side walls, and a roof. Well, that’s exactly what a platform shipping container is. Essentially, a platform container is a rather simple but heavy-duty floor arrangement that’s designed to ship anything but the ordinary.

platform containers

What is a platform container used for?

A platform container is used to ship your unique goods that can’t easily fit into the standard types of containers available. Its sturdy structure enables the smooth transportation of extremely heavy cargo. We’re talking odd-shaped cargo, heavy machinery, and airplane parts.

Odd-shaped cargo

Odd-shaped cargo is defined as cargo that’s large or has unwieldy protrusions that prevent it from fitting into a four-wall shipping container. Examples include large automobiles, automobile trailers, and wind turbine parts, to name a few. If this describes your cargo then you’ll greatly benefit from using a platform container to ship your goods. This is because the cargo can be loaded and secured with ease thanks to the platform container’s simple design. The only factor that you must consider is the weight of your cargo.

Platform containers for odd-shaped cargo

Heavy machinery

Do you need to ship heavy machinery that exceeds the dimensions of a regular container? Or does your cargo not fit through the container’s door? Well, if you answered yes to either question, a platform container is one of the finest solutions to your problem. These containers are commonly used to transport rather large and heavy machinery. This is because it simplifies the onboarding process but it also eliminates the stress of dismantling your machinery. Machinery can be simply loaded using a crane and secured tightly with heavy-duty straps.

Platform containers for heavy machinery

Airplane parts

Airplane parts are tremendously heavy, with the fuselage weighing up to 36 tons. Even if the parts fit into a standard container, the excess weight can cause the container to crack, resulting in damage to the cargo. Platform containers, on the other hand, can carry a max gross weight of 49 tons. These type of containers also contain fork pocket holes to ensure that heavy cargo is transported smoothly. As a result, your airplane parts can be transported efficiently, with limited damage to both the parts and the container. It’s a win-win!

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Platform container dimensions: 20ft and 40ft

20ft and 40ft are the most common dimensions for platform containers. 20ft platform containers are approximately 6 meters long and 0.3 meters tall, while 40ft platform containers are a little over 12 meters long and 0.6 meters tall. Both 20ft and 40ft containers are about 2 meters wide.

40ft platform containers

Below is a detailed overview of the various dimensions of platform containers:

Dimensions 20ft 40ft
Length 6m (20ft) 12m(40ft)
Width 2.4m (8ft) 2.6m (8’6ft)
Height 0.3m (1’2ft) 0.6m (2’1ft)
Tare weight 2522kg 5702kg
Payload capacity 27959kg 39299kg
Maximum gross weight 30481kg 45000kg

On xChange, you can find containers of various sizes and dimensions to meet your cargo’s needs.

How much does a platform container cost?

A new 20ft wood or steel floor bolster platform container can cost anywhere from US$3500 to US$5000. You may expect to pay between US$900 to $4950 for a used 20ft platform container. Furthermore, a new 40ft wood or steel floor bolster platform container will cost you at least US$4000 to US$6500.

While an older 40ft platform container will cost you between US$1500 and US$5000. It’s vital to keep in mind that the cost will vary based on the condition and location of the container. Another factor that you must consider is the age of the platform container you’re looking to buy. An older container usually means that it has been used more.

[Please note that these are general estimates].

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Reduce manual workload

If you’re looking for container insurance or concerned about damage claims, fear not because xChange has got your back. At xChange, we offer insurance that covers total loss including containers mysteriously disappearing and impact damages. We also offer four types of surveys: condition survey, on-hire survey, off-hire survey, and CSC inspection. These offered services are aimed at digitizing your container logistics and reducing your manual workload.

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You can grow your network considerably by simply creating a free company profile on xChange. This will allow you to collect partner reviews and demonstrate how trustworthy you are in the industry. Also, you will be exposing your company to 50 000+ companies in the shipping market.

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Platform containers: common FAQs

What is a platform container?

A platform container is a container that does not have any sides, ends, or roof. It typically consists of a steel frame and a wooden floor structure. Due to its rigid structure, it has a high loading capacity making it possible to concentrate heavy weights on small areas.

What is a platform container used for?

A platform container is used for cargo that is too large to fit on or in a standard container. Its floor arrangement design enables it to carry extremely heavy and odd-shaped cargo such as construction machinery, airplane parts, and trailers.

What is the average cost of a platform container?

The average cost of a platform container is anywhere between US$900 and US$6 500. This is dependent on the size, location, age, and usage of the platform container. New platform containers are typically priced higher compared to used ones.

What are the dimensions of platform containers?

The dimensions of platform containers are 20ft and 40ft. The 20ft is roughly 6 meters long, 2 meters wide and 0.3 meters tall. 40ft platform containers are about 12 meters long, 2 meters wide and 0.6 meters tall.

How is a platform container used?

A platform container is used by attaching numerous lashing rings along the longitudinal bars to load the heavy cargo, safely and steadily. Platform containers can be linked together to provide a larger platform for heavy loads that exceed the capacity of a standard platform container.

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