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Selling your shipping containers can be a tedious process if you’re relying on traditional business methods. You may end up spending a lot of time networking and business development, trying to find customers for your containers and to get the right container prices. Plus, there’s always a risk attached with trading with new partners.

To help you with all this, we present to you Container xChange – an online container marketplace for buying, selling or leasing containers. All 1500+ members on our platform are vetted, so you can trade with them without conducting a background check yourself.

You can sell your containers in 2500+ locations globally. With vetted partners and guaranteed payments, our platform makes it easier for you to sell your containers.

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Find vetted shipping container buyers in 2500+ locations

Container xChange platform allows you to find buyers for your containers wherever your containers are – in 2500+ locations worldwide. Whether your containers are stationed at ports or are off-hire containers, our extensive network enables you to find interested buyers.

This way, you can avoid costly depot storage fees and even sell your containers when they’re in transit. Container xChange allows you the flexibility and convenience of selling your containers directly from their current locations, saving you time, money, and logistics challenges.

And in doing so, you can expand your network and find partners to work with globally. All 1500+ members on our platform are vetted so you can be sure that you’re dealing with trustworthy partners.

Get buying leads to sell used shipping containers

Apart from selling different container types, you can also sell containers in different conditions on our platform easily. You can easily find buyers for different container conditions like new, cargo-worthy and WWT containers.

Plus, you can connect directly with the buyers on the platform itself. No need to wait around for days to hear back from potential buyers. We also don’t charge any commission on your deals and you get guaranteed payments!

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How to sell shipping containers to container buyers

What do you do when you have to sell shipping containers? Well, you may contact your local container broker or your regional network to look for interested container buyers. But in this way, you’ll be limiting your options. 

With the lack of transparency and huge cuts taken by middlemen, you may end up selling your containers for a lesser price and reducing your profit margins. That’s why it’s better to sell your containers on an online container marketplace where you can connect with buyers globally. Here’s how you can safely sell containers on our platform.

Step 1: Create sales offers

On the Container xChange trading platform, you can create and manage multiple sales offers for your inventory. You can customize your offers with detailed descriptions, photos, and pricing information to find potential buyers.

Step 2: Get contacted by buyers

Once you put up sales offers, vetted interested buyers will contact you. You can track your sales offers and receive real-time updates on buyer activity, including messages and purchase requests. You can then negotiate the prices and the terms and conditions of the sale on the platform itself – making it safe for you to conduct business with new partners.

Step 3: Receive guaranteed payment

We understand that buying or selling containers involves huge transactions. In the traditional method, there’s always a financial risk attached to trading containers with new partners.

That’s why, we curated the xChange wallet to ensure your money is safe and you receive guaranteed payments. You can read more about payment handling and xChange wallet here.

Selling containers on xChange is not only efficient but also safe. Click here to how the 1500+ traders and using the platform.

What are container buyers looking for?

To sell your containers easily, you’ll need to provide information about your containers. This will make it easier for the right buyer to contact you. Here are a few things sellers usually put in their sales offers on the xChange platform:

  • Year of manufacture of the container
  • Images
  • Container location
  • The number of containers they’re selling

Some suppliers sell containers in bulk while others only sell their spare containers. Rest assured, both container trading companies as well as forwarders and NVOCCs with spare containers are all able to find the right buyers.

You’ll also need to add the price you’re asking for your containers and if it’s negotiable. Currently, there’s a high demand for standard containers on our platform. So there’s a good chance you’ll find buyers for your containers on xChange. But how do you make sure you’re asking the right price and increasing your profits? Read on to find out.

How to get the best prices for shipping containers?

To strike the best deals, it’s important that you’re aware of the current container prices. This way, you can maximize your profits easily and even sell containers in locations where prices are high.

To help you with this, we present to you xChange Insights. On Insights, you can access real-time container prices in 110+ locations globally – within minutes! No need to research for hours trying to contact your local network to determine the current container prices.

Let’s explain the benefits of Insights using an example.

Insights graph for container prices

From the graph above, you can see the prices of 40ft cargo-worthy containers in New York, Ningbo, and Antwerp. The prices are higher in New York around $1,900 and lowest in Antwerp around $1,100. As a seller, it would make sense for you to sell your containers in New York than in Antwerp – allowing you to make $700 more on your deal!

This is just one small example of how you can make profits on every deal if you’re aware of the prices and the right locations to sell containers.

xChange Insights can also help you see the price development of containers over weeks, months, and years. You can analyze the market cycle and determine the best time to buy and sell equipment.

Want to check out the prices of containers in your location? Simply click here to schedule your free demo and see how Insights can help you make profitable container deals.

Grow your container selling business on Container xChange

If you’re in the business of container trading or simply want to find buyers for your spare containers, Container xChange is the right platform for you. Not only can you find the best prices to sell containers using Insights but our platform also offers an array of other benefits.

Find vetted shipping container buyers

On the trading platform, you can connect with vetted shipping container buyers in 2500+ locations globally. We conduct a background check for each member, so you can be confident that you’re dealing with reputable and trustworthy buyers. Plus, you can browse through buyer profiles, see their rating and reviews and communicate directly with them through our platform.

Get guaranteed payments

On Container xChange, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of chasing buyers for payments. We streamline the entire payment process, ensuring that you receive your funds promptly and hassle-free. The xChange wallet handles everything from invoicing to payment processing, so you can focus on what matters most – selling your containers. With guaranteed payments, you can sell your containers to new partners with confidence.

Here’s what one of our partners, Caspian Container Company SA, based in Switzerland has to say about using xChange:

“Because of xChange, we now have lesser work to do, someone to mediate our payments and a safe and proactive platform where we can sell our containers”

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Find shipping container buyers: Common FAQs

How do you make money selling shipping containers?

One of the profitable ways of making money selling shipping containers is by making them available in locations with high demand. This way, you can sell your boxes at a higher price.

Is there a big market for selling shipping containers?

Yes, there’s a big market for selling shipping containers, especially standard used/cargo-worthy boxes, as they’re much cheaper than new boxes.

How do you find shipping container buyers?

While you can look for buyers in your location offline, there’s always a risk attached to whether the buyer is genuine or trustworthy. It’s best to use a reliable online platform where you can connect with vetted buyers across the globe.