Building a shipping container gym is a cost-efficient alternative to a regular gym. If you’re in the business of building container gyms read this blog to get popular ideas and know how to source containers at the best prices.

Shipping container gym builders, like you, should buy containers at low prices. Doing so not only reduces your raw material acquisition costs but also leaves you with more funds to invest in container gym modifications. 

One easy way to get low-cost containers is through the Container xChange marketplace, where you can access 100,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations globally. All sellers on our platform are vetted, making it easier for you to trade with new partners and engage in safe business transactions. 

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            Find containers for shipping container gym on xChange 

            If you’re in the business of building shipping container gyms or other recreational spaces, you know how important it’s to source containers at affordable rates. Here’s how you can use Container xChange to your benefit. 

            Reliable suppliers

            All our 1,700+ members have gone through a mandatory background check, so you can rest assured they’re professional and reliable. Now you can leave your worries about shipping container scams behind while using our platform.

            Negotiable prices

            Once you’ve found the right seller, reach out to them directly on the marketplace to negotiate and discuss the final price. It’s quicker and more convenient than chasing sellers via emails and phone calls. 

            7-day quality assurance period

            To further ease your worries, we offer a 7-day quality assurance period during which you can thoroughly inspect the container. If you’re unsatisfied, rest assured you’ll receive a full refund.

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            Now that you know where to source containers for your business, let’s discuss container gyms in detail. 

            What are shipping container gyms?

            Shipping container gyms are workout spaces created from new or used shipping containers. These containers are modified to include gym equipment like weights, treadmills, and exercise bikes. They’re convenient because they can be placed almost anywhere, like parking lots or outdoor home spaces. A gym container is ideal for both personal and commercial use. 

            Shipping container gym

            Let’s look at some popular container gym ideas in the next section. 

            Popular shipping container gym ideas 

            If your container modification company is thinking of turning a shipping container into a gym, here are some popular ideas you can consider. 

            Shipping container home gym

            Companies can make a home gym in a shipping container by outfitting it with exercise equipment like dumbbells, benches, and cardio machines. Container home gyms offer a private fitness solution for clients who prefer to work out in the comfort of their own space. Your company can set up garden gyms or build a backyard container gym using shipping containers. 

            Container gym pod

            Apart from building containers for individuals, you can also consider building container gym pods. It’s an innovative shipping container business idea of renting out container gyms to individuals who want access to a convenient workout facility. 

            By providing fully equipped gym pods on a rental basis, clients can enjoy the benefits of a private gym experience and you can make a rental income. Find containers under $1,000 here to build a gym in a shipping container! 

            Gym box

            Gym boxes are portable fitness solutions created by modifiers who outfit shipping containers with lifting equipment like barbells, pull-up bars, and weight benches. These mobile gym containers offer a compact yet fully functional gym in a box that can be transported to different locations or set up permanently. Instead of building a gym in a shipping container, modifiers, essentially turn the container into a Conex box gym.

            Shipping container gym box

            Storage container gym 

            Shipping containers are widely used for storage across various industries due to their durability and versatility. A storage container gym utilizes shipping containers to store gym equipment securely. These containers provide ample space to organize and safeguard items like weights, exercise mats, and other fitness accessories. By converting containers into storage units, gyms can optimize their space and keep equipment protected from the elements like water or air.

            Container storage gym

            Container CrossFit gym 

            A container CrossFit gym combines multiple shipping containers to create an expansive workout space. By removing walls, the gym achieves an open layout, essential for accommodating CrossFit workouts. 

            To make any of these different container gym ideas profitable, you’ll need to secure containers at low prices. And what other place to do so than Container xChange where you can choose from 100,000+ containers at wholesale prices! Check out container deals from vetted sellers in your location by clicking the banner below!

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            Different sizes of gym shipping container

            Let’s look at some of the most popular container gym sizes.  

            20ft shipping container gym

            A 20ft shipping container gym offers a compact fitness solution that maximizes space efficiency while offering a range of workout options. You can also consider a 10ft container gym for more compact options. 

            Check out prices for 20ft shipping containers here. 

            40ft shipping container gym 

            A 40ft shipping container gym provides a spacious and versatile fitness environment suitable for larger groups or more extensive equipment setups. It’s one of the most popular types of gyms made from shipping containers. Check out prices for 40ft containers here. 

            How to convert a shipping container into a gym? 

            To convert a shipping container into a gym you need to find a suitable container size, ensure proper airflow, and add features and all the equipment the clients will need. Let’s explore this in detail. 

            Step 1: Find a suitable container size

            The first step is to consider the amount of space your clients need for workout equipment, exercise routines, and any additional features like changing rooms or storage areas. A standard 20ft container is suitable for smaller personal gyms, while a 40ft container provides more room for larger setups or multiple users. You can also combine multiple containers for more workout space. 

            Step 2: Ensure proper airflow 

            Ensuring proper airflow is crucial when converting a shipping container into a gym to maintain air quality and comfort during workouts. Start by installing vents or windows to allow for natural ventilation and airflow. Additionally, consider incorporating mechanical ventilation systems such as fans or air conditioning units to regulate temperature. 

            Step 3: Customize walls and flooring 

            Since shipping containers are made of steel, it’s a good idea to customize the walls and flooring to transform the container into a comfortable gym. Begin by insulating the walls to regulate temperature and minimize noise. Then, choose durable and easy-to-clean materials for the flooring, such as rubber tiles.

            Step 4: Add amenities and equipment 

            Finally, add the amenities and equipment that the client needs. You can add cardio machines, weightlifting racks, or functional training gear. Consider adding features such as mirrors, sound systems, and lighting to enhance the workout experience. Additionally, you can include storage solutions for organizing equipment. 

            Apart from building gyms, there are multiple ways to modify containers. Continue to explore our blogs to uncover more innovative ways to transform containers into functional spaces. We’ll also help you get containers at the best wholesale price for your container modification business.

            Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of container gyms.

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            What are the benefits of a shipping container gym? 

            Shipping container gyms offer a range of benefits such as privacy, being compact, and costing less than traditional gyms. Read on to know more. 

            Compact and customizable 

            Container gyms can be tailored to fit specific spaces, making them ideal for urban environments or areas with limited real estate. Moreover, these gyms can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of clients. For instance, additional containers can be utilized to create recovery rooms.


            Shipping container gyms offer enhanced privacy, providing individuals with a secluded and personalized workout environment. With their self-contained structure, these gyms allow clients to exercise away from the distractions and crowds often found in traditional fitness facilities.

            Time efficient setup

            Another benefit is how quickly you can set up container gyms for clients. With their modular design and pre-fabricated elements, container gyms can be ready for use in a fraction of the time it takes to build conventional brick-and-mortar structures.

            Storage units

            Shipping containers offer great versatility as storage units. This allows for the convenient storage of gym equipment and supplies, reducing clutter and optimizing space efficiency. By integrating storage capabilities into the gym structure, these units enhance the overall functionality of fitness facilities.

            Cost efficient 

            Gyms made from shipping containers present a cost-effective alternative to traditional gym construction, with significantly lower upfront expenses. Compared to the high costs of home extensions for gyms, building container gyms offers substantial savings for clients. 

            Moreover, you can further reduce the container gym cost by sourcing containers at lower prices. Read on to know how. 

            How much does a shipping container gym cost?

            Container gym price is primarily determined by the cost of the shipping container itself, which varies depending on factors such as size, condition, and whether it’s new or used.

            You can get new 20ft shipping containers for $1,890 on average in Chicago, US. For an affordable option, choose a cargo-worthy 20ft container for just $975 in Indianapolis. 

            If your clients are looking for more container space for the gym, choose 40ft containers instead. The average price of a new 40ft container is $3,500 in the US, and you can get a cargo-worthy 40ft container for $1,300. 

            Knowing container prices helps you calculate the shipping container gym cost easily. And what’s more important is to secure these containers at the best prices to reduce your modification costs. That’s where Container xChange helps you. 

            Find containers at low prices for shipping container gyms 

            If containers are a regular requirement for your container gym modification business, Container xChange is the right platform for you. Our platform allows you to choose between 100,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations globally. 

            By using an online marketplace like Container xChange, you gain access to a wide selection of containers online, ensuring a continuous supply of containers. 

            Here are the simple steps for buying containers on Container xChange: 

            -Browse and compare offers in one place: Hop onto our trading platform to browse and compare multiple offers.

            -Negotiate wholesale prices directly with the seller: Once you find the perfect offer, reach out to the seller directly to negotiate and finalize the deal. No need to chase sellers for quotes or worry about container scams because all our sellers are vetted.

            -Make safe payments: When everything is finalized, pay for your units using our secure payment feature. Additionally, reach out to our support team easily if you have any questions or concerns 24×5. 

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            Shipping container gym: Common FAQs

            Can you turn a shipping container into a gym?

            Yes, standard shipping containers can be converted into a gym by customizing them with insulation, flooring, ventilation, equipment, and amenities to create a functional workout space.

            What is the cost of a shipping container?

            The average cost of a 20ft cargo-worthy standard shipping container is $1,200 in the US. The price of a 40ft cargo-worthy container is $1,500. The cost of containers depends on the condition, location, and availability.

            What sizes are container gyms?

            Container gyms typically come in standard sizes of 20ft and 40ft, offering flexible options to suit various space and equipment needs. For more gym space, you can combine containers.