The 10ft shipping container can be trickier to source than standard 20ft and 40ft units, because it’s not as popular for ocean shipping. In this blog, we’ll help you find this compact container size in just a few easy steps at prices that suit you.

The 10ft container is relatively rare in the logistics world compared to its 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC counterparts. Nevertheless, interest in this container type is growing as shippers look for solutions to move smaller cargo loads and seasonal supplies, or for spaces for portable offices. 

Even though the 10ft is gaining popularity, it can be challenging to source, especially at a price you’re willing to pay. But, now that you’re here, you can explore the Container xChange trading platform to buy 10ft containers in various locations at budget-friendly prices.  

With 100,000+ containers available from 1,700 vetted suppliers, you can compare options and negotiate deals – all in one place.

Discover unbeatable offers on 10ft shipping containers by using our public search. Get instant access to units according to your budget and requirements. Simply pick your location, select ’10 DC (dry container)’, specify your desired unit condition, and hit search to start exploring options today

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          10ft shipping containers for sale 

          On the xChange platform, we have 10ft containers available in the USA, Europe and China. Let’s take a look at the average prices in these locations now.

          10ft shipping container in the US 

          If you want to buy 10ft units in the US, you’re looking at an average price of US $3,387 per container. Wondering why this small container costs almost as much as the larger 20ft unit? This is due to the limited supply of this container type in the industry. 

          10ft container in China

          In China, the average price you’ll shell out for a 10ft container on the xChange platform is similar to in the US, at US $3,278 per unit.

          10ft units in Europe

          And in Europe, you’re looking at around US $2,863. So if you want to buy 10ft containers in Europe, you’re in luck; prices are much lower here than in China and the US.

          Now we’ll compare prices for new and used 10ft units, so keep reading.

          10ft shipping container for sale New and used

          If you’re trying to choose between new and used (cargo-worthy) containers, check out the price differences below, so that you can make the decision that best fits your budget:

          USA: For a new 10ft container on xChange, you’ll have to shell out US $4,232. And for a used unit, you’ll pay US $926. It’s safe to say that opting for used 10ft containers is going to save you a lot of cash US $3,306 per container, to be exact!

          Europe: In Europe, you’re looking at US $3,285. If this price is too steep, don’t worry, used 10ft units are going for just US $2,293 on the xChange trading platform. So if you buy used instead of new, you’ll be saving US $992 per unit.

          Interested in browsing and comparing the prices of new and used 10ft containers yourself to see if you can get a better price in your location? Click below to find container offers that align with your budget now.

          Buy 10ft containers

          10ft shipping container: Dimensions and capacity 

          Curious about the dimensions of a 10ft unit? It’s always wise to make sure a container can accommodate your cargo before purchasing one. So, let’s take a look at the dimensions and capacity now:

          The length of a 10ft container is 11.5ft (3.5m), the width is 8ft (2.44m) and the height is 8.5ft (2.59m). If you need a little extra height for larger storage or shipping requirements, you can also opt for the 10ft HC (high cube). It has an extra foot of height.

          The cubic capacity of this container is 782 cu ft (22.12 cu m), and its tare weight is around 2,866 lbs (1,300kg). The maximum payload is 19,752.97 lbs (8,959.8kgs).

          So what can you fit into a 10ft container? 

          • The contents of a small, one-bedroom apartment
          • Around four to five motorbikes
          • Four pallets measuring 40” x 48” (1.016m x 1.219m) 

          Now let’s learn about the benefits and uses of this compact shipping container size.

          10ft shipping containers: Benefits and uses

          The 10-foot container might be small, but that’s exactly what makes it so useful. Here are some of the main benefits and uses of this container type.

          Easy and cost-effective to transport: Although the 10ft is less common for ocean freight due to its size, it’s perfect for moving small cargo loads over short distances via truckload shipping.  Due to its lightweight nature, it’s quick and easy to load and unload.

          Portable, on-site storage: For construction sites, 10ft units make perfect storage containers, ensuring tool, machinery and building materials stay safe and dry no matter the weather. Due to their small size, they’re also ideal for sites with space constraints. 

          Versatile office space: If your business needs small, portable office spaces, the 10ft is the perfect solution. It’s got more than enough room for an office, and once again, it’s easy to move around if your location changes regularly.

          What are 10ft containers used for?

          Source 10 foot shipping containers from certified companies

          If the 10ft container ticks all of the boxes, your next concern is finding a reliable supplier for your container needs. 

          On Container xChange, all our members go through a mandatory background check before they join the platform. This means, we thoroughly vet and approve that every supplier we work with – so that you don’t have to!

          You can also check ratings, reviews, and company descriptions before deciding on a partner to work with. Click here to check out companies right now

          If you’re a smaller company, xChange also provides you with the opportunity to expand your network and work with some of the biggest names in the industry. On our platform, anyone can partner with anyone; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a big or small player, or how long you’ve been in the industry. Work with big names like Kuehne + Nagel and Hapag Lloyd, right from the get go!

          Buy 10 foot containers in 4 easy steps

          Ready to buy a 10ft container for your shipping or storage needs? Here are the four quick and easy steps to securing units at prices that suit you. 

          Decide on container type and condition

          First things first, you’ll need to decide on the container type (in this case, 10ft), as well as the condition that suits you (new or used). Also, ensure you’ve got an idea of how much you’re willing to shell out before you start your search. 

          You can use the xChange Insights tool to check all of the latest container prices and trends before hopping onto the platform. So that you can make informed purchasing decisions based on the latest pricing data.

          Browse and compare offers

          Once you’ve got your criteria in mind, it’s time to jump onto the Container xChange platform and start searching for offers. Here, browse and compare multiple options in one place, so that you can select the deal that best fits your requirements and budget.

          Negotiate a deal directly with the supplier

          When you’ve found an offer that suits you, reach out to the supplier directly to negotiate the price and finalize the details of the sale. Don’t worry, there are no middlemen involved, just you and the supplier discussing the deal.

          Make secure payments 

          Last but not least, make the payment for your 10ft containers safely using the xChange Wallet. Here, keep track of all transactions in one place and rest easy knowing your payments are 100% secure every single time you trade containers.

          Sign up for your free demo with one of our helpful experts today. They’ll give you a comprehensive tour of the trading platform and show you how quick and easy it is to save money for business with us. Click on the banner below to schedule your call today!

          Buy 10ft containers at the best price

          Common FAQs: 10ft shipping container

          How much does a 10ft shipping container cost?

          The price of a 10ft shipping container depends on the location and condition of the container, as well as the current market situation. For a cargo-worthy 10ft container in the US, you’re looking at US $926 and in Europe, you’ll shell out US $2,293.

          How big is a 10ft shipping container?

          The 10ft container has a length of 11.5ft (3.5 m), a width of 8ft (2.44 m) and a height of 8.5ft (2.59m). This container size has a payload capacity of 19,753 lbs (8,959.8 kg).

          What can you fit in a 10ft container?

          A 10ft shipping container can fit the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment, or around four to five motorbikes. This container has a payload capacity of 19,753 lbs (8,959.8 kg). The payload capacity is the maximum weight a shipping container can hold.

          What’s the load capacity of a 10ft container?

          The load capacity, or payload of a 10ft container is 19,753 lbs (8,959.8 kg). The payload capacity is the maximum weight a shipping container can transport safely.