Shipping container monitoring allows you to proactively respond to any issues your container may face by tracking the location, condition, and security of shipments in real time. This blog gives you more insights on how to save money and time with efficient container tracking and highlights the top benefits of keeping yourself up-to-date about your box.

The safety and on-time delivery of your container won’t always be guaranteed, especially when there are unpredictable risks involved. Container loss, damage, extreme weather conditions, and theft are some of the factors. That’s why it’s essential to monitor your shipping container as best as possible. Now begs the question: what’s the best way for you to keep tabs on the movement of your box?

The first thing that might come to mind is having to manually track the container itself, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. You’d have to keep switching from one carrier website to another, and most of them aren’t very accurate. Now, think of how much easier it would be if you can monitor your box in near real-time, receive live updates, and can therefore manage your fleet with ease – all this in one platform.

Container xChange helps you to do exactly that! We are the world’s first neutral online container trading and leasing marketplace. With us, simplicity is key, which is why we’ve introduced Container Control on our platform.
This feature allows you to track and monitor your shipping container in near real-time with ease. Which means you can plan better and manage your operations effectively.

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Shipping container monitoring made easy with near real-time tracking

The world of global container logistics can come with a number of challenges – lack of digitization being one of them. Most leasing companies don’t have the tools available to streamline the process of container tracking. This generates more manual labor and creates room for human error, so you won’t always have accurate monitoring.

Imagine you have a container full of cargo and it’s just left the depot, you haven’t been introduced to online shipping container monitoring, yet which means you need to track your box on your own. However, as a business owner, you know there isn’t always time to constantly refresh pages and switch carrier sites every so often.

Your container faced some damage along the way due to unpredictable circumstances, but by the time you were updated, it was already too late to proactively do anything about it. Not only do you now have to pay for the damages, but you’ll also need to replace the cargo again.

All of this can be avoided by joining Container xChange and making use of our Container Control feature. Shipping container monitoring has never been easier than on our all-in-one platform. With Container Control, you’ll be able to track your container’s movement and stay up to date on its journey from start to finish.

This means you’ll be able to act quickly if your container faces damages or loss along the way, as well as protect your assets with our insurance options linked to this feature. Learn more about how Container Control can help streamline your shipping container monitoring today!

3 ways shipping container monitoring on Container xChange benefits you

Shipping container monitoring can benefit your business in general, but here are three ways you can make the most of it when you join Container xChange:

Reduce risk With Container Control, you’ll be kept up-to-date on your container’s every move. Not only are you informed and prepared, but you can also insure your container on our platform. This eliminates the risk of container loss, damage, or theft, so you know you’ll be protected from all angles. 
Improve container management Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibility, so there’s no way you can waste hours of your time manually tracking your container. When you join Container xChange, you’ll have the pleasure of managing your fleet, digitally, on one simple platform.
Customer satisfaction  The enhanced level of customer care that container monitoring systems offer can sometimes be overlooked. Container monitoring on our platform gives you more precise information about ETA by having visibility of the location and condition of your container in near real-time. 
Pro tip: Shipping container monitoring with Container Control can help spot possible delays and provide you the opportunity to take preventative measures. It also offers useful information that can be applied to enhance shipping routes and maximize container usage, saving you money and time in the process. 

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How a smart container tracking system maximizes business efficiency

Making use of a smart container tracking solution offers a high return on investment and is highly beneficial for business growth. Here’s how:

A smart container tracking system helps your business: 

  • Gain actionable insights 
  • Enhance supply chain visibility 
  • Increase operational efficiency 
  • Save time 
  • Enhance security 
  • Reduce cost 
  • Improve customer relations 

Additionally, smart container tracking systems often also feature advanced sensor and networking capabilities, which allows for real-time monitoring of your container’s environment, including temperature, humidity, and other important factors that can affect the cargo inside the box.

Just think about having access to such rich and accurate data! You can use it to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and quickly make adjustments to optimize the flow of goods. Not to mention the integration of the system with other internal logistics software, which allows you to automate your processes, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

Overall, using a smart container tracking system allows you to have constant visibility of shipment and supply chain operations. This enables you to make data-driven decisions, improve coordination, and reduce delays, so you’re ultimately saving time and money no matter what.

API container tracking solution

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The container tracking API allows several pieces of software to connect with one another. In a nutshell, the data automatically updates so you don’t have to refresh it.

Container Control has integrated API container tracking, so instead of jumping between several platforms or websites, our program allows you to obtain the almost real-time data you need on a single interface. As we told you, simplicity and efficiency are key when it comes to Container xChange after all.

Increase flexibility with shipping container monitoring on Container xChange

If the thought of being stuck while monitoring your container manually scares you, or perhaps being held back from managing your business smoothly gives you chills, don’t worry! Container Control provides you optimal efficiency and flexibility. Our container tracking solution integrates with your transport or equipment management system to provide you with all the information you need to find your container.

The system automatically tracks, stores, and updates data in near real-time, so you’ll receive updates such as:

  • Pick-up reminders
  • Return schedules
  • Any port delays
  • Route changes
  • When your container is close-by

With Container Control, you’ll get a clear overview of all the containers you’re moving from pick-up to drop-off locations. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business, allowing you to have more control and manage your shipments easily.

Choose Container xChange for shipping container monitoring and tracking

Container xChange simplifies global logistics with a user-friendly, all-in-one online platform. Monitor your container’s movement with Container Control and simplify your operations without the hassle of back-and-forth email threads and numerous follow up calls.. With us, your paperwork is a thing of the past as you can access everything digitally, anytime and anywhere.

Container control has two main features :

Booking manager

With this, you’ll be able to manage and keep track of all your bookings. Because everything is on the same platform, you can allocate containers based on release references. This degree of booking transparency enables you to keep track of all your bookings and updates for any container at any level of release.

Release reference

Here we receive data directly from depots. This way, you know you’re getting complete transparency and quick access to data, therefore, delays are non-existent. You also save money on depot expenses and demurrage and detention fees. With release reference, you can view details such as ETA, point of discharge, free days, and per diems easily and plan your calendar effectively.

Container Control also offers insurance giving you the option of protecting your assets against total loss or damage. So, you’ll never have to worry about your cargo being damaged or container being lost at sea. What more could you ask for? Head over to our leasing platform to gain free access to all of the benefits of Container Control. Click the banner below to have our skilled professionals guide you through the process seamlessly.

Shipping container monitoring: FAQs

Can shipping containers be monitored?

Shipping containers can be monitored or tracked through various methods of smart tracking systems such as GPS and API tracking

How can I track my shipping container?

Shipping containers are tracked through smart tracking systems such as GPS tracking or API tracking

What are the benefits of shipping container monitoring?

Shipping container monitoring benefits include: better container management, reduced damage risk and customer satisfaction