Get an overview of the top 10 container leasing companies in the world and how to connect with them through our platform, right here, in this blog. By the end of this piece, you’ll know the easiest way to find boxes from these companies to suit your needs.

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The top 10 container leasing companies

Now that you know the secret to lease a container from trusted names in the business, here’s the list of the top 10 leasing companies in the world:

1. TRITON International
2. Textainer Group
3. Florens
4. Seaco Global
5. Beacon Intermodal
6. CAI International
7. Seacube Containers
8. Touax Container Solutions
9. Blue Sky Intermodal
10. CARU Containers

Other major container leasing companies include Raffles Lease, Trident Container Leasing, Unitas, and Conical.

1. TRITON International

Year founded: 1980

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

Triton International is the world’s largest lessor of intermodal containers and equipment. The leasing company has a fleet of 7.1 million TEUs. With 19 offices in 14 countries, the extensive global network allows Triton to have the lowest cost ratios in the industry.

The container leasing company has an illustrious clientele. Triton supplies to the world’s leading shipping lines such as CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Hapag Lloyd, HMM, Mediterranean Shipping Company, ONE Line, Yang Ming, and Maersk.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, open tops, tank containers, pallet-wide, and flat rack containers from Triton. You can also get other equipment such as gensets, chassis, and roll trailers. Triton also offers access to 400+ container depots across 46 countries worldwide.

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2. Textainer container leasing

Year founded: 1979

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

The second name on the list of container leasing company ranking is Textainer. It has a fleet of 4.4 million TEUs. The company operates 14 offices in the world and maintains a strong presence in all the major trading centers. Textainer is also one of the biggest sellers of used containers. In addition to their main activities, they’re a proud supplier to the US Military.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, tank containers, and other specialized containers from Textainer. It also has access to 400 depots globally.

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 3. Florens

Year founded: 1987

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Florens is the third-largest container leasing company with a fleet of 3.9 million TEUs. With 20+ offices in 10 countries, Florens has an active presence in America, Europe, and Asia. The leasing company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING. It has captured about one-fifth of the global market with the world’s top 20 shipping lines as its customers.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, open tops, and tank containers from Florens. It also offers access to 300+ depots in 5 continents.

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4. Seaco Global

Year founded: 1998

GE Seaco (joint venture between Sea Containers and GE) was incorporated in Barbados in 1998.

Seaco Global is also one of the world’s largest container leasing companies by CEU, providing a fleet of approximately 2.4 million TEU across a diversified fleet of Dry Boxes, Reefers, Tanks, Dry Specials, and Swapbody containers. Seaco Global provides new container equipment for leasing to 800 customers worldwide, delivering container equipment from 189 port locations across 44 countries, operating 349 third-party depots, and supported by an established network of 200+ Seaco Global employees across 24 sales & support offices, providing expertise in regional and global container leasing.

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5. Beacon Intermodal

Year founded: 2008

Headquarters: Boston, USA

A group company of Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc, Beacon Intermodal is the fifth largest container leasing company. It has a fleet size of 1.8 million TEUs. Operational in 11 offices worldwide, the containers from Beacon Intermodal are present in 125+ ports worldwide. It’s a full-service company offering its customers leasing, resale, and asset management.

You can lease dry containers and reefers from Beacon Intermodal. The company also has access to 180+ depots worldwide.

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6. CAI International

Year founded: 1989

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Sixth on the list of container leasing company ranking, Container Applications International (CAI) has a fleet size of 1.5 million TEUs. The American company maintains a global presence with offices throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Additionally, CAI offers containers for sale to its customers.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, open tops, flat racks, and pallet-wide containers. The company also leases gensets and swap bodies. CAI has a network of 250+ depot facilities in 48 countries.

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7. SeaCube Containers

Year founded: 2010

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

SeaCube is the world leader in leasing and selling reefers. The company claims to have the most advanced and eco-friendly refrigerated containers. With 1.2 million TEUs in service, SeaCube has a well-connected network in Europe, America, and Asia.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, and gensets from SeaCube. The company is a global leader with 200+ depots worldwide.

8. Touax Container Solutions

Year founded: 1975

Headquarters: Paris, France

Touax is the biggest European container leasing company with a fleet size of 393,064 TEUs. The company leases railcars, barges, and containers. It has expanded its container leasing operations in Asia, North, and South America, and Europe.

You can lease, buy, and trade new and old equipment from Touax. It also has 200+ warehouse partners all over the world.

9. Blue Sky Intermodal

Headquarters: Buckinghamshire, UK

Ninth on the list of container leasing company companies, Blue Sky Intermodal operates from Marlow, UK. It has a fleet size of 300k+ containers. The company specializes in providing long-term leases of standard containers and related products to shipping lines. They also sell new and used containers globally for use in secondary and domestic markets.

10. CARU Containers

Year founded: 2000

Headquarters: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lastly comes CARU Containers, a container trading, and leasing company. With 10 offices worldwide, the company is operational in 70+ countries all over the world.

You can lease old and new dry containers, flat racks, open tops, and double-door containers from CARU. They also provide customized storage containers. The company also works together with 200+ depots globally.

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Find top container leasing companies on Container xChange

With such a big list at your disposal, there are many options for you to choose from depending on your needs. But where do you start? We know that the process of leasing containers can get overwhelming. One search on Google, and you’re flooded with search results that lead you nowhere. You don’t want to enter into shoddy deals with suspicious players. And you certainly don’t want to pay more than what it’s worth.

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Overview of the container leasing market

Before you start leasing boxes, it’s a good idea to keep yourself up-to-date on the current trends in the leasing market. It will help you determine possible future disruptions and avoid them. Knowing the trends can help your business to grow exponentially by aiding you to set newer business goals and strategies and make better decisions. Here are some current leasing market trends:

  • Almost 52% of the world’s containers are owned by leasing companies.
  • In 2021, the global market size for container leasing was valued at $5.2 billion.
  • Now starting from 2023 till 2027 the global container leasing market is estimated to grow by 32. 86 mn TEU, accelerating at a CAGR of 16.

This growth has been brought about by shippers and carriers choosing to lease containers. So, why are they leasing instead of buying? The simple answer is, to gain flexibility and save money.

Leasing not only increases your flexibility but also helps you save up on storage fees, and avoid maintenance costs. Speaking of market trends now is a good time to look at India for business as:

  • The government initiatives such as developing a $5bn container transshipment terminal in the Bay of Bengal are on the horizon.
  • The main ports in India have sufficient availability of containers and plummeting prices. In May, the average price of a box was 51.15% lower (US $2,299) than at the same time last year (US $4,494).
  • The high availability of boxes coupled with low prices along with government initiatives are now making the country commercially more attractive.

This is why we’ve listed the top 10 container leasing companies in India in the next section for you to do business with.

What are the top 10 container leasing companies in India?

The top 10 container leasing companies in India are:

1. Arcon Container
2. Shipping company of India
3. Trident Container B.V.
4. Textainer Group Holdings
5. Nerida Shipping Pvt Ltd
6. Seaport Lines (India) Private Limited
7. Lancer Container Lines Ltd
8. Muskan Container Lines
9. VS & B Containers pvt ltd
10. E-ship Global Logistics

For an in-depth overview, have a look at this informative blog on the top 10 shipping companies in India.

Find deals on boxes from top container leasing companies on Container xChange

You’ve now understood the benefits of opting for a one-way lease agreement and have looked through the top 10 container leasing companies. So, now’s the time to make a foolproof plan for one-way leasing. And, with Container xChange you can put your plan into action by finding golden deals on one-ways.

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Top 10 container leasing companies: Common FAQs

How do you lease containers to shipping companies?

On xChange's leasing platform, you can find a network of shipping lines, freight forwarders, and shippers looking to lease containers. Just connect with interested players and lease your containers on mutually agreed terms.

What are different types of container leasing ?

There are four types of container leasing arrangements. You can lease containers through a master-lease, long-term lease, short-term lease, or one-way lease.

Who owns all the shipping containers?

Almost 52% of the world's containers are owned by container leasing companies. The rest of the containers are owned by shipping lines and shippers.