If you’re looking for 40ft storage container rental, this blog connects you to 1,500+ trustworthy suppliers to source quality containers. You also get an overview of leasing rates in 2023 here. Read on to get the best deals on boxes on the Container xChange leasing marketplace.

As you know, the unpredictable nature of the logistics market is responsible for all industry shifts that take place in terms of the latest trends, price developments, and changes in surcharges. Keeping up with these changes and going through different sites to get what you need is far from easy. That’s where Container xChange comes to the rescue!

With us, you can choose from 50,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations worldwide. And you can get your shipping container rental from 1,500+ vetted trustworthy suppliers. In terms of costs, we offer full market transparency with competitive rates and zero hidden fees. Hence, on our platform, you only receive cost-effective deals in a matter of a few clicks. Also, you get to see all rates upfront, allowing you to compare them and decide which one’s best for you.

With our public search feature, you can find and compare containers to lease at great prices. All you have to do is choose “I want to use containers”, type in the pick-up and drop-off locations, and hit ‘search’. It’s that easy! Go ahead and give it a try below

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40ft storage container rental: 20ft and 40ft average pick-up rates

Let’s jump right into the rates for your 40ft storage container rental and another popular box – the 20ft container. As you learned above with our full market price transparency our rates are stated upfront and are competitive, comparable, and negotiable with no hidden fees. You won’t find pricing benefits like these on any of your other sourcing channels. Have a look at the image below to see the average pick-up charges for six popular stretches.

40ft storage container rental

Note: The rates above are based on the transactions made on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

If you’d like to see these prices for yourself, then check out xChange Insights. With Insights, you’ll be able to get updated prices on containers you need in 180 locations. Our feature will give you actual container prices, leasing terms, and one-way rates. You can also compare pick-up charges, free days, and per diems for different stretches and see their development for up to 2 years. Find the best time to buy or lease your boxes, as well as the best place to get them from! Insights is the container intelligence you’ve been waiting for!  Try Insights for free.

40ft & 20ft HC container rental in India

Speaking of prices, now is a good time to invest in India for business. Here’s why:

  • The price of containers in India is dropping. The 40HC prices lowered from US $4195 to US $2374 and the 20ft price has dipped from US $2213 in April 2022 to US $1305 in April 2023.
  • The main ports in India have sufficient availability of containers and plummeting prices. In May, the average price of a box was 51.15% lower (US $2,299) than at the same time last year (US $4,494).
  • The high availability of boxes coupled with low prices is now making the country commercially more attractive.
  • India is also strengthening its trade ties with Russia and the rest of the world. To know more about India’s boom in the industry download a free copy of our market report, Where Are All the Containers. 
  • India has also seen a rapid rise in manufacturing, selling, and purchasing centers for containers. The government in India is also pushing to reduce the cost of logistics and enhance the infrastructure at ports.
  • With the consistent drop in the prices of containers in India and the country’s plan to expand to global maritime hubs, this is the right time to lease boxes in and out of India.
  • Another transformation that’s taking place in the subcontinent is a steady rise in the popularity of 40ft and 20ft HC container rentals.

So, what are you waiting for? Find affordable deals on 40ft container rental on stretches from India right now on Container xChange!

Get 40ft storage container rental at top rates on Container xChange

Apart from India, you have 2,500+ locations at your disposal to lease a 40ft storage container rental on our platform. With us, container leasing is an easy and hassle-free experience for you. Our network of vetted suppliers spans the globe. You can reach out to them directly via chats and calls on the platform to compare and negotiate rates to choose a deal that works best for you. Our platform allows for easy communication between you and the supplier without the interference of a middleman throughout the leasing process. This way, you can ask any questions or address any concerns that come up, ensuring a smooth leasing experience. Plus, you’ll be able to view profile reviews of suppliers so you can choose exactly who you want to work with on our platform.

Plus, all of our providers meet our strict quality standards, so you can trust that the container you lease will be in great condition and secure. Here’s what one of our customers say:

“In less than 10 months since moving to xChange, we’ve successfully leased over 100 containers on xChange and found a few new trustworthy suppliers that we are continuing to collaborate with. It’s so much easier to enter the requirements we need into the xChange platform and search for available containers when we need them, anywhere in the world!”- Gloria Gu, Procurement Manager, DT Logistics China.

Make your next leasing experience as easy and get your 40ft storage container rental at top rates on Container xChange from certified suppliers. Reach out to our experts and get a free demo today by clicking the banner below .

40ft storage container rental in 2023: A cost overview

To continue your learning on leasing rates we want to also give you a cost overview of what’s happening in the container leasing market currently.

Through our extensive market research here’s what we’ve found as of May-June 2023:

  • On our platform, the average prices of cargo-worthy 40ft containers in Asia have recorded a sharp drop. We saw that the prices of these boxes in China, Vietnam and Singapore have dropped by more than 40% when compared to last year.
  • The average price in China for this box dropped from US $3,413 in May 2022 to US $1,516 in May 2023; US $3,546 to US $1,487 in Singapore; US $3,213 to US $1,441 in Vietnam.
  • The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft container has dropped by US $1,000 in a year in the Middle East.
  • The average prices of containers (all types and conditions) have also been plummeting in India.
  • The average prices in Europe for cargo-worthy 40ft containers have continued to fall in the last two years.
  • In May, the average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft container in the US was US $2,048, marking a drop of 40.6% since May 2022 when the same price was US $3,092

If you want more insights into leasing rates, container availability (CAx values) at ports, shipping routes, current trends, and happenings, in the industry, download a free copy of our report, Where Are All the Containers, right here.

Get a 40ft storage container rental from certified companies on Container xChange

Now that you have an estimate of how much a 40ft storage container rental costs, and you know the current market overview, see how Container xChange can make the process of leasing this box seamless:

  • Complete market price transparency. All prices are stated upfront. Which means no hidden fees or tricky contract clauses coming back to bite you. Negotiate deals with 1500+ vetted suppliers spread out over 2500+ locations globally. And get competitive rates for leasing which are difficult to find outside of the platform.
  • Work with bigwigs in the industry such as Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco Global, and Cosco, to name a few.
  • Avoid lengthy contract negotiations, networking, and endless email exchanges with one standard contract – the BIMCO contract. This is signed by all parties involved in the leasing process to evade confusion and make the process seamless.
  • Get all your information about container movements in one place and track your containers with ease in near real-time with our tracking feature. Get alerts on ETAs, delays, container rollovers, and misuse warnings.
  • Gain access to the xChange wallet payment handling feature to simplify safe transactions. Manage all of your transactions on a single platform and get only one consolidated bill to pay each month.
  • Take care of all your container operations in one place. Boost your container business and handle your operations hassle-free with xChange insights.

Hop onto our platform to find a 40ft storage container rental at your fingertips! Simply click on the banner below and set up a free demo with us today and see how we can simplify container logistics for you!

40ft storage container rental: common FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a 40ft storage container?

The cost to rent a 40ft storage container can vary between $50 and $400 per month, depending on its condition. Container suppliers usually offer substantial discounts to users who lease a container for a year or more, although rentals are generally very flexible.

Can storage containers be rented?

Storage containers can be rented or bought. If you're going to be storing items for longer time periods, however, it makes more sense to buy a storage container once off, rather than paying monthly rent.

What is a storage container?

Storage containers are standard shipping containers which are used to store anything from construction equipment to garden tools.