The 40ft reefer container is a popular container size for shipping large quantities of cold cargo. If you’re looking to get your hands on this container type, you’re in luck. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly how to get 40ft reefers from reliable suppliers at prices that suit your budget.

Reefer containers are a highly sought-after container type – and for good reason. Without them, we wouldn’t have access to the fresh produce we find readily available on store shelves from all over the world. It’s no surprise then that these specialized containers can come at very exorbitant prices. 

With this in mind, it’s important to know where to look in order to get good deals and avoid being ripped off. Luckily, the Container xChange marketplace allows you to trade and lease reefer containers from 1,500+ vetted and pre-approved partners in 2,500+ locations around the globe – hassle-free. Here you’ll find reefer offers that suit your requirements and budget in no time at all. 

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    40ft reefer container for sale: Buy new & used reefers

    If you’re looking for reefer containers, one of your main concerns is probably the price you’ll have to shell out. It’s important to note that the price of a 40ft reefer fluctuates depending on the condition, location and current supply and demand.  

    But before we get into prices, there’s another crucial element to consider: whether it’s best to opt for new or used reefer reefers.

    Opt for new reefers if: 

    • You plan on using containers long term; new containers can last up to 25 years
    • You don’t want to do any maintenance on the containers before using them
    • You have the capital to shell out on new reefers
    • You want a long warranty

    Opt for used (cargo-worthy) reefers if: 

    • You need containers for shorter periods of time
    • You don’t have the capital to invest in new containers
    • You want to save money
    • You need containers for storage purposes

    In general, you can buy a cargo-worthy 40ft reefer container for between US $4,000 and US $6,500. A new 40ft reefer on the other hand will cost a lot more, between US $10,000 and US $18,000.

    We’ll get into more detail on the prices of new and used reefer containers later on in the blog post. If you’re ready to buy used reefer containers and save heaps of money right away, start browsing container deals now.

    40ft reefer shipping container dimensions, capacity & CBM

    The 40ft reefer container is a popular choice for shipping temperature-sensitive goods like dairy, meat and medicines. It’s double the capacity of the 20ft variant, but is rarely double the price. So it’s great value for money. 

    Check out the dimensions of the 40ft reefer container below to see if your shipments will fit into this container size. 

    Measurements 40ft reefer
    Internal length 11.56m / 37.9ft
    Internal width 2.28m / 7.5ft
    Internal height 2.25m / 7.4ft
    Tare weight 4,800kg / 10,584 lbs
    Payload capacity 27,700 kg / 61,078 lbs
    Cubic capacity (CMB/ cu ft) 59.3 m3 / 2,093.3 cu ft

    If the 40ft reefer container won’t quite accommodate your cold shipments, don’t worry! We’ve got a great alternative for you: the 40ft high cube (HC). We’ll get into more detail on this container size and its dimensions further down in the blog post.

    40ft reefer container internal dimensions: How much can you store?

    So now you’ve seen the data, but how does this translate into actual cargo quantities? Let’s look at a few examples. Please note that these are estimated quantities only, not exact figures. 

    In a 40ft reefer container, you can store:

    • Fruit and vegetables: 20 to 25 pallets of fruits and vegetables
    • Dairy: 18,000 to 22,000 liters (4,700 to 5,800 gallons) of dairy products like milk
    • Flowers: Approximately 10,000 to 12,000 bunches of flowers
    • Medical supplies: Depending on the types of pharmaceuticals, you can store a significant supply of medicines in one 40ft reefer container

    40ft reefer dimensions

    Need to fit more cargo into each reefer? Then the 40ft high cube reefer is the answer. Learn more about this container size below.

    40ft high cube reefer container: A bigger size for bigger shipments

    The 40ft high cube reefer container has the same measurements as the 40ft, with an extra foot of height. This reefer size is perfect for slightly taller cargo, or for larger shipments of cold goods.

    40ft HC reefer container dimensions, capacity & CBM

    Here are the dimensions of the 40ft HC container, so that you can compare these with the 40ft and figure out which size works best for you.

    Measurements 40ft HC reefer 
    Internal length 11.56 m / 37.9ft
    Internal width 2.29m / 7.5ft
    Internal height 2.55m / 8.36ft
    Tare weight 4,480kg / 9,880lbs
    Payload capacity 29,520kg / 65,080 lbs
    Cubic capacity 67.3 m3 / 2,380 cu ft

    Next, it’s time to look at the prices of these two reefer container sizes.

    Prices of 40ft & 40ft high cube reefer containers in top locations

    So, how much should you expect to pay for 40ft and 40ft HC reefer containers in popular locations around the world? Here’s a quick breakdown:

    Location 40ft reefer container 40ft HC reefer container
    USA US $6,743 US $6,642
    China US $5,537 US $5,017
    India US $5,330 US $7,300
    Europe US $4,158 US $8,426

    Difference between new & used 40ft reefer container prices

    And if you’re curious about how much more you’ll have to shell out for brand new reefers, let’s compare some new and used container prices now.

    For a new 40ft reefer in China, you’re looking at US $18,618, whereas the cargo-worthy version is just US $5,537. That’s a difference of US $13,081 per container. You could buy another two cargo-worthy reefers with the amount you’ll save opting for cargo-worthy! Check for more cost-saving offers in your location right now.

    Moving on to high cube reefers, for a 40ft HC reefer in China, you’re looking at US $16,758, whereas for a used reefer, you’ll be paying US $5,017. So if you opt for used, you’re looking at a difference of US $11,741 per container. Now you’ve got the figures – the choice is yours! 

    Want to save cash and buy cargo-worthy reefer containers at the best prices? Plus, on Container xChange it’s possible to negotiate directly with the seller. So you can settle on a figure that suits your budget. Click below to browse and compare reefer offers in the locations you need now. 

    40ft reefer containers

    How to negotiate the best deals on 40ft & 40ft HC reefer containers 

    If you’re ready to start buying 40ft and 40ft HC reefer containers, we’ll show you just how easy it is on the Container xChange platform. Don’t worry – it’s just four simple steps, we promise! 

    Tell us your criteria

    First off, decide which reefer size suits your shipping requirements. You’ll also need to settle on the container condition, location and number of reefers you want. Plus, activate our market scanner to get notified about new offers on the platform as soon as they appear.

    Browse 50,000+ container offers

    Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, start browsing available offers on xChange. You’ll be able to see the prices upfront, as well as the container condition and the supplier. 

    Not sure about a supplier? No problem, you can read reviews and check the ratings before deciding whether to work with them or not.

    Container trading platform

    Finalize your reefer container deal

    As soon as you’ve settled on an offer that suits you, you can begin the negotiation process. Speak directly to the supplier to settle on the final price and agree on all of the finer details. No brokers involved!

    What’s more, you can send a surveyor to view the containers you’re interested in before deciding whether or not to go ahead with an offer.

    Make secure payments on the platform

    Last but not least, you’ll need to settle the finances. Whether you’re buying or leasing containers, it’s quick and easy to pay for them directly on the platform using the xChange Wallet

    Plus, keep track of all of your transactions in one place, and receive just one invoice at the end of each month – it’s so convenient! 

    Save money by leasing 40ft & 40ft HC reefers

    Had a look at the reefer prices and not sure if purchasing containers is right for you? No problem! Here are some instances where leasing makes more sense than buying:

    • You want the flexibility of choosing exactly where you need containers, when you need them
    • You don’t want to lay down large amounts of capital upfront
    • You don’t use containers consistently or need them for long periods
    • You don’t want to have to shell out on unexpected reefer container repairs

    Benefits of leasing

    Leasing shipping containers one-way is quick and convenient on the xChange leasing platform. Simply search for the pick-up and drop-off location you need to see available containers to lease at the best rates. What’s more, you can negotiate the pick-up charges, per diem charges and free days directly with the supplier. 

    Interested in increasing your flexibility and saving cash by leasing reefer containers on xChange? Lease 40ft and 40ft HC reefer containers for one-way moves today.

    Reefer container maintenance and services: Why you need the best quality reefer containers

    Reefer containers are much more complicated than the average dry container. They’ve got a lot of moving parts – literally. This includes fans, generators and coils. Because of this, they’re expensive to run and maintain. 

    So it’s crucial you get reefers from reputable suppliers only, in order to avoid hefty repair costs. Luckily, all suppliers on xChange have been vetted and pre-approved, so you can rest assured all containers on the platform are of the highest quality. 

    You’ll also need to make sure that you service your reefers regularly so that they function optimally. You don’t want to run the risk of something important breaking – leading to expensive repairs, plus your reefers being out of action.

    If you want to protect your reefers and your wallet, we’ve got a great solution for you. On xChange, we offer 3 types of reefer maintenance and repair cover:

    Damage protection plan: Our damage protection plan covers those unfortunate accidents we have no control over. This plan helps you compensate for routine maintenance and repairs, so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

    Total loss insurance: Sometimes containers disappear or even fall off ships. In cases like these, you’ll need total loss insurance. This cover can be taken out in addition to the DPP plan.

    Premium insurance: If you really want to cover all of your bases, you can take out premium protection. This package includes total loss insurance, as well as a free IICL6 – an inspection of your containers.

    Get 40ft & 40ft HC reefer containers in 2,500+ locations on Container xChange

    Ready to buy 40ft and 40ft HC reefer containers from 1,500+ certified partners at prices that suit you? Great! Then there’s only one thing left to do: sign up as a member on Container xChange. You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

    • Access to 50,000+ containers including 40ft and 40ft HC reefers
    • 0% commission on deals and negotiable prices 
    • Transparent marketplace where all prices are stated upfront
    • Deal directly with suppliers to negotiate container prices and contract
    • 100% payment protection

    Sounds good, right? So sign up for your free platform demo today. You’ll have the chance to talk to our team about your budgetary requirements, plus receive expert advice on how to find the ideal containers for your needs. Click below to find out how our marketplace can work for you right now.

    Buy 40ft reefer containers

    40ft reefer container: Common FAQs

    What is a 40ft reefer container?

    A 40ft reefer container is a refrigerated shipping container designed to transport temperature-sensitive goods. The size of the 40ft reefer is 40' long x 8' wide x 8'6” high. This container type can maintain any temperature between 30 and -30 degrees celsius.

    What are the dimensions of a 40ft reefer container?

    The 40ft reefer container has an internal length of 11.56m / 37.9ft, an internal width of 2.28m / 7.5ft and an internal height of 2.25m / 7.4ft. It has a cubic capacity of 59.3 m3 / 2,093.3 cu ft and a payload capacity of 27,700 kg / 61,078 lbs.

    How much does a 40ft reefer container cost?

    The price of a 40ft reefer container varies depending on factors including the condition, location and current supply and demand. For a cargo-worthy 40ft reefer container in the US you’re looking at US $6,743 and in China US $5,537.