Want old shipping containers for sale but wondering if it’s a smart choice? This blog will help you understand the benefits of buying used containers over new ones. We’ll also show you how much you can save by choosing second-hand units. Plus, learn how 1,700 companies are saving money by getting the best price for old shipping containers. 

Investing in old shipping containers is a great idea for your business. Used or cargo-worthy containers are considerably cheaper than new ones and are perfect for shipping most goods. These containers are also great for storage purposes. 

But where do you find used shipping containers at the best prices? Right here on Container xChange, an online marketplace with 100,000 containers available in over 2,500+ locations around the world. On our platform, you can find, compare, and negotiate deals all in one place. It’s that simple.

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            How much do used shipping containers cost?

            First things first, you need to know how much it costs to buy used shipping containers. Container prices vary considerably from location to location, so let’s see how much you can expect to pay for second-hand containers in popular locations around the world.

            20ft used shipping containers for sale

            The 20ft dry container is perfect for smaller shipments. It’s a very popular choice for transporting dry goods of all kinds. Take a look at the table below to get the 20ft used container price in popular locations. 

            Location Price
            US $1,510
            China $1,253
            Northern Europe $1,300
            India $990

            On our platform, we have multiple offers for used 20ft shipping containers for less than $1000! Browse through these offers from 1,500+ vetted sellers and get best deals on 20ft containers. 

            40ft used shipping containers for sale

            The 40ft container has almost double the capacity of the 20ft but is usually only about 30% more expensive. So it’s great value for money if you’ve got large shipments. Here are some prices for used 40ft equipment in popular locations around the world.

            Location Price
            US $1,973
            China $1,320
            Northern Europe $1,433
            India $1,560

            It’s possible to find cheaper deals for 40ft second-hand containers for sale on our platform. In fact, we have a comprehensive selection of shipping containers that are completely negotiable and brokerage-free, available at wholesale prices. Find shipping containers for sale in your budget in 2,500+  locations globally. See prices in your location today. 

            40ft HC old shipping containers for sale 

            40ft high cube containers are the same as their standard 40ft counterpart in terms of floor space. However, they’re exactly one foot taller. This gives you extra storage space for your cargo. 

            If you’ve got cargo with a maximum height of 2.70m, high cubes are ideal for you. They’re also perfect for packing larger loads into a single unit, rather than shelling out for two containers. Pick up old 40-foot-high cubes in various locations at the following prices:

            Location Price
            US $2,073
            China $1,716
            Northern Europe $1,690
            India $1,896

            Want to buy used 20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC containers in the locations you need, at prices that suit your budget? xChange is the perfect place to source quality equipment from reliable sellers. Learn more about how you can get containers of all types and sizes at prices you’ll love.

            Save money by buying old shipping containers in 2500+ locations 

            We all want to save money, right? So here’s your chance. Container xChange is a transparent trading platform, where you can see all prices upfront, and compare multiple offers at the same time. What’s more, you can negotiate directly with sellers, to make sure you’re getting a price you’re comfortable with. 

            We also charge 0% commission on deals, so the price you decide on is the price you’ll pay. There are so many ways to save money on our platform.

            Find used special containers at cheap prices

            Need used special containers and curious about the prices? Here are two of the most popular special containers around, plus how much you’ll have to shell out to get your hands on them.

            Reefer container: Need reefer containers for your temperature-sensitive cargo? For an old 40ft reefer in the US, you’re looking at $5,360. On the other hand, to buy a brand-new reefer, you’ll have to put down $7,868. So choosing a used reefer will save you $2,508! Need we say more?

            Open top container: Open top containers are perfect for transporting out of gauge (OOG) cargoYou can get a used 40ft open top in the US for $4,333. Whereas a new open top will cost you $15,000. So opting for an old open top will save you $10,677 in this case. 

            It’s easy to get affordable shipping containers on our platform. Whether you’re looking for standard containers or special units, Container xChange has 100,000+ containers to choose from. Check out container deals in your location and get used shipping containers at the best prices!

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            3 types of used shipping containers for sale available in the market 

            If you’re on the hunt for old containers, you’ll be interested to know that you don’t just get ‘new’ and ‘used’ equipment. There are a few different categories of old containers. Let’s learn more about them now.


            Cargo-worthy containers have been deemed fit for shipping cargo safely. They always come with a CSC plate which proves that the equipment is safety-approved. Cargo-worthy containers usually have some dents and scratches on the body and may have undergone a few repairs during their lifetime. However, they’re generally in very good condition.


            Wind and watertight (WWT) containers are a step down from cargo-worthy equipment but are still of good quality. They can be used for temporary storage of ordinary goods

            A container is WWT if no wind or water can penetrate through the container body. This is very important as water and wind can cause serious damage to sensitive cargo. WWT containers won’t be in as good a condition as cargo-worthy ones, however, they will be cheaper. If your budget is on the lower end, WWT containers will get the job done.


            As-is containers are usually damaged and have been taken out of commission. They’re not safe to transport cargo. If you’re looking for old containers to ship goods safely and legally, avoid As-Is containers. 

            However, if you’re looking for storage containers, As-Is equipment can be used with some repairs. They’re considerably cheaper than all other container conditions and save equipment from ending up in a junkyard. So you’re saving money and doing the planet a favor at the same time!

            Want cargo-worthy, WWT or As-is containers for your shipping or storage requirements? We’ve got containers of all types and sizes in these conditions. Browse used containers for sale in various conditions on our platform right now.

            Benefits of buying used shipping containers over new shipping containers

            So now you know about used container prices, plus the different conditions available. But maybe you need a few more reasons to opt for secondhand. Here are some of the main benefits of buying used shipping containers over new ones:

            Benefits of buying old shipping containers

            -Cost-effective: We’ve already seen how much you can save with reefers and open tops, but what about standard containers? Let’s go over two quick examples.

            We know that you can pick up a used 20ft in the US for $1,510. For a new 20ft container, on the other hand, you’ll have to shell out $2,463. That’s $953 saved by buying secondhand!

            We’ve also seen that a used 40ft HC is around $2,844. However, for a brand new 40ft HC, you’re looking at $4,155. So if you take the old container, you’re saving $1,311

            -Reduced depreciation: Just like a brand new car, new shipping containers depreciate drastically as soon as they’ve done their first trip or two. Once they’re secondhand, this depreciation slows down. 

            In general, used containers are a tangible asset, and as long as they’re well maintained, they tend to hold both material and functional value over time. To learn more about shipping container investments, read this blog post.

            -More environmentally friendly: Reusing old containers is much more environmentally friendly than getting new containers every time you have a shipment. It’s always better to reuse equipment that’s still in good condition, as it takes valuable natural resources to manufacture new shipping containers.

            Convinced that old containers are the way to go? Great! Let’s go over how to get them in the next section.

            Multiple containers

            Get used shipping containers for sale on Container xChange

            So now you know what prices you can expect to shell out on standard and special containers, as well as which containers are best suited to your shipping needs. Next, let’s go over the simple process of buying shipping containers on the xChange platform

            Finalize your criteria

            Before you begin your search, decide on the container type you want, plus the location, condition and size. Also, make sure you’ve got an idea of the price you’re willing to pay before browsing offers. Refer to our sections on prices above if you need help with this.

            Browse container offers

            Next, type in your requirements and start looking for offers that suit your criteria and budget. You can compare the prices of multiple options at once to make sure you’re getting the best offer available. 

            Negotiate a deal

            Once you’ve shortlisted an offer you like, contact the seller directly to negotiate the price, terms and conditions. No need to fuss with third parties, you can deal directly with partners to save time and get straight to the point. 

            Make safe payments

            Once the offer is finalized, and all parties are happy with the details, you can make safe payments directly on the platform via the xChange wallet. Your days of worrying about unsafe transactions are finally over. Plus, if you have any issues or questions whatsoever, our finance support team will be happy to support you.

            Sounds easy, right?

            Here are some of the perks of becoming a member on Container xChange:

            • 100,000+ containers available in over 2,500+ locations
            • Work with 1,700 vetted partners
            • Negotiable prices
            • 0% commission on deals

            Now you’re completely set to find old shipping containers safely and successfully. Want to get started right away? Click below to get a sneak peak of the platform and learn how you can save heaps of cash buying used containers today. 

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            Old shipping containers for sale: Common FAQs

            What is the cost of an old shipping container?

            The cost of an old shipping container varies depending on factors such as location, supply and demand and container condition. If you’re looking for an old 20ft shipping container, you'll pay between US $1,300 and US $1,600.

            How much does a 40ft shipping container cost?

            A used 40ft container costs between US $1,700 and US $2,500. The price depends on a variety of factors including the container condition, location and supply and demand at the time of purchase.

            What is a second-hand container?

            A second-hand/old shipping container has undergone many trips during its lifetime, and has likely been repaired on various occasions. Often, second-hand containers are in good condition, but will have some dents, scratches and rust.

            What is the lifespan of a shipping container?

            The lifespan of a shipping container depends on how well it’s maintained. Containers can last between 20 and 25 years if properly looked after.