The 53ft high cube is the largest and most voluminous container type in the shipping industry. This container size allows for the transport of large machinery and tall cargo. Learn more about its uses and benefits here, plus how to buy this specialized container at the best price.

The 53ft high cube is most commonly used in the rail freight industry. This is because, out of all container types, it can move the largest cargo loads. Due to its specialized nature, the 53ft is rare in the industry and can be difficult to source reliably at a budget-friendly price.

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            What is a 53ft high cube container?

            A 53ft high cube container is a special shipping container designed to carry voluminous, oversized, and bulky cargo. The term ‘high cube’ means that it’s taller than standard containers, with an extra foot of height. This allows the container to accommodate taller cargo or larger loads.

            53ft high cube

            Popularity of the 53ft high cube container

            The 53ft high cube plays a pivotal role in the US rail freight network. It’s used along rail and road routes throughout the country, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. 

            This container is built for smooth road and rail intermodal transport, enhancing the overall logistics process.

            Transporting cargo via rail means faster delivery times and fewer restrictions on routing. Curious to learn more about rail freight and its advantages? Read this blog for the complete lowdown.

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            53ft shipping containers: Uses and benefits

            Next, let’s check out some of the main advantages and uses of 53ft high cubes below.

            Safe and seamless intermodal transport

            As we mentioned above, 53ft high cubes are ideal for intermodal transport, mainly between trucks and trains. 

            They’re typically equipped with securing mechanisms, such as twist locks or lashing rings, to prevent movement or shifting during transit. This ensures the safety of both the cargo and rail personnel. 

            What’s more, this container type comes with corner castings—standardized fittings at each corner—which allow them to be easily lifted and secured onto rail cars using crane hooks or twist locks.

            Easily stackable

            Like any other ISO standard container, 53ft high cubes are designed to be stacked securely on top of one another. This means that they can be loaded onto rail cars in multiple tiers, maximizing efficiency during shipping. They’re also reinforced, preventing them from buckling when they’re at the bottom of the stack. 

            The 53ft is a popular choice for rail transport due to its large size. By transporting more cargo in each unit, fewer containers are needed, thus reducing handling time and allowing shippers to save on logistical costs.

            Permanent storage space

            If you’ve got large storage requirements, this container is the perfect choice. Store all of your goods in just one container, easy and simple. Generally speaking, shipping containers are ideal for storing materials of all kinds safely, as they’re wind and water-tight. Plus, with the right locks, your goods will also be completely protected from vandalism and theft.

            Heavy load transit

            With more volume, width, and height than a standard shipping container (20ft, 40ft or 40ft high cube), 53ft containers are ideal for shipping heavy machinery, cars, furniture, and construction materials over long distances. 

            How much does a 53ft shipping container weigh?

            Before purchasing shipping containers, you’ll need to make sure they’re the right size for your cargo load. Are you curious about the weight, payload capacity, and dimensions of a 53ft shipping container? 

            A 53-foot high cube container offers 60% more volume than a 40-foot high cube, which is the next largest container in the industry. Check out the dimensions of this container type below.

            Measure  53ft HC shipping container dimensions
            Length  53ft / 16.15 m
            Width 8ft / 2.44 m
            Height 9.6 ft / 2.89 m
            Tare weight 12,103 lbs / 5,490 kg
            Payload capacity 72,917 lbs / 33,075 kg
            Cubic capacity 3,850 cu ft / 108.45 cu m

            The 53ft container can carry: 

            • Eight to ten standard-sized cars
            • The contents of a four or five-bedroom home
            • 26 to 30 standard pallets
            • Several pieces of machinery
            • Large pieces of construction material, such as lumber, steel beams or concrete blocks
            • Iso tanks carrying bulk liquids such as edible oils, wine or chemicals 

            Got large loads or bulky cargo you’d like to transport via rail? Then it’s time to start searching for 53ft high cubes to get your goods from A to B safely. We’ll go over the steps to getting them in the next section.

            Rail transport

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            Finalize your requirements

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            Common FAQs: 53ft high cube container

            How big is a 53ft high cube container?

            A 53ft high cube shipping container has a length of 53ft / 16.15m, a width of 8ft / 2.44m, and a height of 9.6ft / 2.89m. This special container type is ideal for transporting large machinery, bulk materials, and tall cargo.

            How much does a 53ft high cube weigh?

            A 53ft high cube container weighs approximately 11,110 lb / 5,040 kg. It has a payload capacity of 66,139 lbs / 30,000 kgs. This container size can transport eight to ten standard- sized cars, or the contents of a four to five-bedroom house.

            What is a 53ft high cube container used for?

            53ft high cube containers are used primarily in the rail industry. They are designed to be easily transferred between trucks and trains. Due to their size and capacity, they can transport the largest cargo loads in the industry.