If you’re looking for top deals on container rental to Houston from trustworthy suppliers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you the easiest way to secure a box, at the most competitive rates from vetted suppliers within minutes.

Plummeting leasing rates have been one of the contributors to the growth of the container leasing market in 2023. And the leasing market is still on the rise and is growing at an exponential rate. It’s projected to reach US $7522 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2023-2028. And one of the key players contributing to this industry growth is The United States.

With low rates and high growth, now would be the perfect time to invest in a container rental to Houston. On the Container xChange leasing platform, we have 50,000+ containers available in 2500+ locations globally for you to choose from.

If you want to check out the rates and availability of containers from your location to Houston, simply use the public search below. Select ‘I want to use containers’, key in your pick-up and drop-off locations, and click search. This will show you all the available containers in your selected route. Get your box below!

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Average pickup charges for shipping container rental to Houston on xChange

Let’s jump right into the pick-up charges for stretches to Houston on our platform. Have a look at the image below to see the average pick-up charges for six popular stretches.

container rental houston pickup charges

Note: The rates above are based on the transactions made on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

If you want to continue exploring PU rates from your location to Houston, try xChange Insights for free! Here you have access to actual one-way container leasing rates in 180 locations globally. You can compare pickup charges, free days, and per diems for different stretches and see their price development for up to 2 years.

“Insights shows us the market container rates so we can learn our potential earnings and it guides us when negotiating leasing contracts with partners.” Alexander Redkin, COO of FELB.

Get your container rental to Houston at competitive rates with Container xChange

All the rates you see on our leasing platform above are stated upfront and are competitive, comparable, and negotiable, thanks to complete market price transparency. This helps you be sure of what you are paying for and why, before signing a deal. You won’t find pricing benefits like these on any of your other sourcing channels. We also have a zero hidden fees policy in place, so you don’t need to worry about any extra charges either.

You can also be sure that every container supplier you are working with is thoroughly vetted and certified. And speaking of suppliers, we have some big names in the industry such as Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco Global, and Cosco Shipping, to name a few, on our platform for you to connect with.

Here’s what the co-owner, Jack Sun, of our member company, Orange CL, says about our platform,

“The xChange leasing platform offers us far better opportunities and rates compared to if we did it ourselves or took the open market path. Also, we get a much wider reach, deal with only reliable partners, and transact with full security compared to other alternatives. We use xChange every day because it helps us effectively lease and manage containers even with a small workforce. Without the leasing platform, we wouldn’t have propelled our staff’s productivity and maximized our business operation efficiency.”

What are you waiting for? Just like our partner company, you too can make use of the benefits we offer and streamline your operations. Get started by clicking on the banner below to get your container rental to Houston at top deals from vetted members today!

Container rental Houston: Shipping vs storage containers

With a good idea of the pickup rates, the second thing you need to decide before getting a container rental to Houston is the condition of the container. Container conditions can help you determine which boxes can be used for storage and which ones for shipping.

With a new shipping container (Grade A condition), you’ll get the best quality. These are brand new boxes and have not been used before and will have tight seals to keep cargo safe on long-distance shipping routes. They will also have no scratches or marks on them. These boxes are best for shipping. Used container conditions such as cargo worthy (CW) and Wind and water tight (WWT) have been around a lot longer and have made many journeys. They serve as good storage boxes. Read more about container conditions in this separate blog.

On Container xChange you can find containers for both your storage and shipping needs. You can compare and negotiate prices directly with the supplier to agree on a deal that works best for you to get your box right away.

Container rental Houston: Get insights into current market trends with xChange

Going back to the leasing market insights we looked into at the beginning of the blog, here are the latest trends and happenings in the industry as per our latest logistics report:

  • Container prices continue to fall in the US. And they have been plummeting every month.
  • On our platform, the average prices of cargo-worthy 40ft containers on the West Coast have fallen sharper this year as compared to the ports on the East Coast.
  • The average price of the box in the key ports on the West Coast was US $2,561 in January 2023 and US $1,761 in June, thereby recording a 37% drop in six months.
  • On the East Coast, the average price of the same container was US $2,241 in January and US $1,899 in June, which is a 16.5% drop.
  • The Panama Canal is struggling with an unprecedented drought now. Current vessels on the trade route or en route are 40% lighter in load.

Curious to know what this means for your business? Or want to get more insights into container prices in the US and other parts of the world? Download a free copy of our report, Where Are All the Containers?

Refrigerated container rental Houston: Why is it the right time to lease reefers?

Keeping in line with the container leasing market now is the right time to lease reefers because the market share for reefers is on the rise. And by leasing reefers from container leasing companies, you can increase their profit margins. Thus, helping leasing companies to remain big players in the growth of the leasing industry.

A reefer container carries temperature-sensitive goods at regulated cold temperatures. They work as transportable refrigerators. You can use them to transport frozen, chilled, or cold goods such as dairy products, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, meat, and seafood.

If you have a requirement to transport any of the goods above, lease a reefer right away from our platform at competitive rates!

reefer container

Find top deals on container rentals to Houston on Container xChange

With the end of the blog, also comes the end of your search to find a container rental to Houston. Container xChange can help you get any container type and condition easily under one platform for your shipment. Here’s how:

  • Log on to our leasing platform
  • Choose ‘I want to use containers’
  • Type in your pick-up and drop-off locations and hit ‘search’- say you choose the Ningbo to Houston stretch.
  • You will get a list of available containers on that stretch- you pick the 20ft container.
  • You can ‘view details of the suppliers and the deals they’re offering- You see one price for this stretch is US $86 posted by one supplier. You then see what other suppliers are offering as well and compare the rates.
  • Then you choose a supplier you like after seeing their reviews and ratings
  • Connect with them directly via chats and calls on the platform
  • Interact with them to compare and negotiate deals and terms
  • Choose a rate that suits your budget, close your deal, and get your container rental to Houston.

All this, plus you also get an easy and safe way of payment handling – xChange wallet. With this, you only get one consolidated bill to pay at the end of the month and get to see your complete transaction history. You also get a dedicated customer service team to help you if you have questions or need assistance to help handle your operations smoothly.

Don’t wait any longer, join our member companies on the platform and expand your container leasing business globally. Click the banner below and get your container rental to Houston in a matter of minutes at the best prices!

Container rental Houston: Common FAQs

Cost of container rentals in Houston?

The cost of container rentals in Houston depends on the container type and condition, the supply chain flow, and the current market conditions. On Container xChange you can lease a standard 40ft container to Houston at US $325.

What is a reefer container?

Refrigerated containers are used for goods that need to be temperature controlled during shipping.

Difference between shipping and storage containers?

Shipping containers can be used as storage containers. There’s no difference, they’re one and the same. Used shipping containers such as cargo-worthy (CW) and Wind and water-tight (WWT) serve as good storage boxes.