If you’re looking for a used container for sale for your next shipment, you can get your hands on the right box on our platform. Rest assured, the prices you’ll see are the most competitive ones. Wondering how? Let’s get on it right away!

In this blog you’ll learn:

  • The average prices for standard used containers for sale range from US $,1694 to US $4,918.
  • You can find trustworthy container suppliers on xChange because all our members go through mandatory vetting before joining the platform.
  • xChange makes it easy to buy a used container for sale at competitive prices with absolute market price transparency.

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You’ve clicked on this blog for a reason, you need a used container for sale for your next shipment. So, let us show you how you can get your choice of box with ease.

Enter our trading platform – the virtual marketplace where you can buy containers for your clients. Once you become a member of our platform, you’ll have access to 1000+ vetted members in 2500+ locations worldwide. You’ll also have 10,000+ containers to choose from according to your needs.

All you have to do is choose, “I want to buy containers”, select pick-up location, and hit search. Within seconds, you’ll get a list of containers put up for sale, right where you need them.

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Sound good? Great. Now, let’s move on to understanding the platform and prices at xChange in detail.

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Find a standard used container for sale on xChange

On Container xChange, all the rates and fees that you see are stated upfront and are negotiable. This is because our virtual marketplace is commission-free and we believe in providing full market price transparency. You’ll also be able to see different sales offers and the prices of all the available containers from a number of vetted companies.

And the best part is that you can even compare these prices with each other. This way, you know what suits your wallet the best and choose the right deal. Awesome, right?

So, let’s get you started on the prices. Below you’ll get a better idea about our rates for the standard used containers for sale.

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20ft and 40ft used container for sale

If your client is looking to ship or store any kind of dry cargo, then the 20ft and 40ft DC containers are the top pick for them.

20ft and 40ft containers are in demand. Hence, they are easy to find and cheaper to buy than other special container types. These containers are also easy to stack on the vessel, so it’s a win-win all the way.

Take note: The prices are based on the transactions happening on the trading platform and are subject to changes. Also, prices of the containers change due to various factors such as the container type and condition.

The average price range of a 20ft used container on sale is US $1,694 to US $2,261.

20ft dry container

Get your 20ft container on sale right here.

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The rates of a 40ft used container on sale is between US $3,146 to US $3,716.

40ft dry container

Find a 40ft box on sale by clicking the button below.

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High cube second hand containers for sale

High cubes are similar in structure to standard containers. The length and width remain the same, and the height increases by 1-foot. This enables you to meet more dry cargo demands. These containers are extremely functional for transporting light and large cargo, especially the ones with heights (maximum 2.70m).

The average price range of high cube used containers on sale on xChange is US $2,856 to US $4,290.

40ft high cube container

Buy your high cubes on sale over here.

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Used shipping containers for sale: Special boxes on xChange

We’ve covered the standard containers, now let’s take a look at the prices of special container types.

Open-top container

For weighty cargo, this container is a must. Pipes, cables, construction materials, machinery, and bulky raw materials are some cargo materials that can be loaded onto these containers.

The open top used container on sale fares are: US $2,301- US $4,405.

open top conatiner

Browse through open tops on sale on xChange.

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Reefer container

You can get your client a reefer if they need to transport cold goods. Reefers transport cargo that need cold temperatures. They can ship meat products, dairy, seafood, photographic films, flowers, and pharmaceuticals through reefer containers.

The rates of a reefer used container on sale is: US $4,447- US $21,000.

reefer conatiner

Have a look at reefers at discounted prices.

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Double-door container

These containers have double doors that swing open outside on both ends. You can get your client this container type if they need load and unload cars and bikes into containers.

A double door used container on sale price ranges from US $4,408 to US $5,600.

double door container

Comb through double doors on sale on our platform.

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Pallet wide container

If your customer is concerned about their cargo being held in place safely, pallet wide containers are designed for that. Cargo is held tightly in place, with no chance of slipping.

Pallet wide used container on sale fares are US $2,626- US $5,540.

pallet wide container

Purchase pallet wides at low prices with us.

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Flat rack container

For bulky cargo, flat racks are the go-to boxes. They carry bulky cargo that can be fitted into the container from the top, such as hefty machinery and pipes.

The average price range of a flat rack used container on sale is US $2,499- US$4,500.

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Find your flat rack for your needs.

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Side door container

These containers have extra doors that open on the long side of the container. The extra space makes it easy to load and unload massive cargo which needs more door space to fit inside.

A side door used container on sale price is as follows: US $4.300 to US $6,487.

side door container

Browse through side doors at discounted rates.

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Hard top container

The hard-top container has a removable steel sheet on top, to make room for cargo that is big and needs space on top of the container. This box is perfect for your client if they require to transport mammoth-sized cargo.

If the hard top used container on sale is what you’re looking for then you can get your box at US $8,500.

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Need hard tops at reasonable prices? Click the button below.

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Tank container

Does your customer need to transport liquids? Tankers, also known as tank containers are used to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids with ease.

Go ahead and get your tank used container at a low price of US $12.626.

tank container

Does this container type pique your interest? Press the button to find your tank.

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Find top second hand container suppliers on xChange

Now that you know about the container types and prices on sale, finding a good supplier for your client is the next important thing you should do. We’ve got your back. You can find reliable container suppliers waiting to do business with you on our neutral container marketplace.

But, how do you know they’re trustworthy?

Enter our strict vetting process. Every member goes through mandatory vetting before joining the platform. This ensures that every member on the platform is certified. We work with trusted names around the world, including Seaco Global, SeaCube and Trident International.

On xChange you can connect with our trusted suppliers and make your deals and negotiations all under one roof.

Click on the banner to connect with our top suppliers to get your box.

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How xChange makes it easy to get a used shipping container for sale

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So, there you have it, all the container types, their prices and access to trusted suppliers. You’re now just a few clicks away from getting the perfect used container for sale and shipping your client’s cargo to their preferred locations.

What are you waiting for? Become a member of xChange today and enjoy the benefits at your fingertips. With our free basic membership plan, you can get unlimited access to buying searches and transactions. And with our professional plan, at a price of US $199 per month you can buy and sell containers without any limit on the number of transactions with zero transaction costs.

Sounds good right,?

So, go on and hop on board our platform, type in the container type, and choose your pick-up location(s); a list of vetted certified partners will appear on your screen, you can then choose the one that best fits your requirement. Choose a deal and start negotiations.

Get started today by clicking on the banner below.

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Used container for sale: Common FAQS

What is the price of a 20ft used container?

The average price range of a 20ft used container on sale is US $1,694 to US $2,261.

What is the price of a 40ft used container?

The rates of a 40ft used container on sale is between US $3,146 to US $3,716.

What is the price of used shipping containers?

The average prices for standard used containers for sale ranges from US $,1694 to US $4,918.

What are second hand containers used for for?

Second hand containers can double up as storage boxes as well. These containers are wind and watertight and keep the goods safe from damage.

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