If you’re searching for a container rental to the UK you’ve clicked on the right blog. Here you’ll find the container type you’re looking for at competitive rates from vetted suppliers in just a few clicks, read on to find out the best rates.

Sourcing a container is never easy. Right from market disruptors such as recessions (currently affecting prices in Europe and UK) to supply and demand fluctuations and pick-up and drop-off locations; container prices, and availability are always shifting. Then there’s the hassle of combing through various suppliers to find ones that are certified and can be trusted.

And let’s not forget the endless phone calls and emails to your networks and sourcing channels to find the right fit for your needs. All this makes you lose out on valuable time to get your client’s shipment out for delivery.

With Container, xChange however, you can turn all these obstacles around in your favor.

With our public search, you can find container rental in the UK from 1,500+vetted members at great deals. That’s right, despite the market’s unpredictability you’ll always find competitive, comparable, and negotiable rates on our platform — thanks to our complete market price transparency. Choose a unit from 50,000+ containers by keying in your pick-up and drop-off locations to get your box from certified members only. Try our public search below.

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Container rental UK: 20ft, 40ft, and HC steel shipping container prices on popular stretches to the UK

Speaking of the price benefits, we have listed the pick-up charges for 20ft, 40ft, and HC containers on popular stretches to the UK in the image below. The leasing rates of these boxes often change along with the market, so we took the average pickup charges of different stretches and compared the rates for you.

pickup charges for 20ft, 40ft and HC containers

Note: The rates above are based on the transactions made on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

If you want to continue exploring PU rates from your location to the UK, you can check out our feature xChange insights. Here you have access to actual one-way leasing rates in 180 locations globally. You can compare pickup charges, free days, and per diems for different stretches and see their price development for up to 2 years. Try Insights for free!

Find the best container rental in UK on Container xChange

All the rates you see on our leasing platform above are stated upfront and are negotiable. This helps you be sure of what you are paying for and why, before signing a deal. The complete market price transparency we offer makes our rates comparable and competitive, which is hard to find on your regular sourcing channels. We also have the zero hidden fees policy, so you don’t need to worry about those sneaky charges either.

As for the container suppliers you’re making these deals with, you can be sure that all members go through a mandatory vetting process to ensure your safety. We have some big names in the industry such as Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco Global, and Cosco Shipping, to name a few, on our platform for you to connect with.

You can also view the profiles of leasing companies and see the ratings and reviews given to them by their peers. This way, you can make informed decisions about who you want to work with.

Our platform also offers easy and safe payment handling – xChange wallet. With this, you only get one consolidated bill to pay at the end of the month and get to see your complete transaction history.

Here’s what our member company Tagustainer says about our platform,

“We were able to find good prices for containers on xChange compared to off the platform. Everything can be done on  xChange, including payments and negotiations with suppliers.” – Afonso Vassalo, Managing Director, Tagustainer

Just like our happy customer, you can pick boxes on your terms and at the price you want to pay from 1,500+ vetted members. Click on the banner below to get container rental to the UK, today!

Container rental UK: Storage containers for hire

Now, shipping containers as you know are not just used for shipping and can also double up as storage units. But not all containers can be used for storage. Container conditions determine which boxes should be used for storage and which ones for shipping.

Used containers make a good pick for storage over new containers. And used container conditions such as wind and water-tight (WWT) and even cargo-worthy (CW), despite being suitable for shipping cargo, make good storage units as well. This is because they’re not heavily damaged and have only minor wear and tear. The doors, floor, and seals are all in great condition. And the structural condition of the box is strong with a valid CSC plate.

On Container xChange you have various container conditions to choose from. You can take your pick from 50,000+ boxes to find units for your storage and shipping needs.

Container rental UK: Recession and its impact on container rates

It’s all well and good now when it comes to your container sourcing. But as we mentioned at the beginning of the blog knowing market trends is crucial for your business. And currently, the recession in Germany is having an impact on rates in Europe and UK.

We carried out market research on this matter and collected the data on our monthly logistics report to give you a better understanding of what’s happening with container rates so you can make smart business moves:

  • The recession in Germany is anticipated to reduce economic activity as consumer demand for goods and services is expected to drop too.
  • This can lead to decreased imports in Europe and UK, consequently affecting export-dependent economies.
  • The rates to ship containers from Europe and UK have dropped from their 2021 and 2022 peaks and are now on a sharp decline.
  • As per an xChange customer, “There are more containers coming back to the depots as compared to the number of containers going out. And we see lower freight rates and heavy price competition”.
  • Speaking of low rates, the Indian subcontinent is the place to keep an eye out for as the prices here continue to drop. The 40HC prices lowered from $4195 to $2374 and the 20ft price has dipped from $2213 in April 2022 to $1305 in April 2023. So if you want to lease a 40HC for the stretch, Mundra to Felixstowe, according to our stats on the platform you’ll have to pay only US $860 in June 2023.

For more insights on what’s happening in Europe and the UK, alongside news on congestion at global ports, workers’ strikes, new shipping routes, overcapacity/shortage of containers, and container prices around the world, you can download your free copy of our report, Where Are All the Containers.

Should you hire or buy shipping containers?

Now, you must be wondering if it makes sense to lease containers right now, or if you should buy one instead. Read on to find out the answer.

You should hire or buy shipping containers based on what your current needs are. Some questions to ask yourself before leasing or buying are:

  • Why do I need a container?
  • How long do I need the container for?
  • How much money can I invest right now in a container?

For a more detailed breakdown of when you should buy vs when you should lease have a look at the image below.

leasing vs buying containers

Container rental UK: Lease boxes at top rates on Container xChange

As we come to the end of the blog, we also come to the end of your quest to find a container rental on the UK stretch. Container xChange can help you get any container type and condition easily under one platform in just a few steps.

  • Log on to our leasing platform
  • Choose ‘I want to use containers’
  • Type in your pick-up and drop-off locations and hit ‘search’
  • You will get a list of available containers on that particular stretch
  • You can ‘view details of the suppliers and the deals they’re offering
  • Choose a supplier you like after seeing their reviews and ratings
  • Connect with them directly via chats and calls on the platform
  • Interact with them to compare and negotiate deals and terms
  • Choose a rate that suits your budget, close your deal, and get your box

You won’t find competitive rates and benefits like these in any of your other sourcing channels. So, make the best of it and act today by clicking on the banner below to get your container rental to the UK.

 Container Rental UK: Common FAQs

How much does it take to rent a shipping container?

The rate of a shipping container depends on the type and condition of the container. Along with the market conditions, pick-up and drop-off locations, and disruptions in the supply and demand chain.

How much is it to ship a 20ft container in the UK?

The rate to ship a 20ft container in the UK can range from anywhere between US $300 to US $1000.

What is the price of a 40ft container in the UK?

The price to ship a 40ft container in the UK can range from anywhere between US $500 to US $1,500.