Metal shipping containers can carry your freight efficiently across the globe. If you’re looking to invest in one, you’ve come to the right place. This blog gives you all the information you need to know, along with the top prices you can buy them at.

Let’s assume you need to ship furniture from the US to India. Metal shipping containers also known as steel shipping containers are there to help you do just that. What if you have extra furniture you need to store? Metal shipping containers can also take care of your additional commercial storage.

These multi-purpose boxes are sure to cater to your needs! But finding the right box can be a real head-scratcher, right? We can help you find the perfect metal shipping containers for shipping or storage, whichever and wherever you need them, with our trading platform. Check out our trading platform with 1700+ vetted members in 2500+ locations worldwide. And you’ll have 100, 000+ containers to choose from for your needs.

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At xChange, we help you make deals with reliable and vetted members within minutes. In addition, our platform is commission-free and provides full-price transparency. This means that all the rates and fees you see are stated upfront and are negotiable. This way, you’ll know what you’re paying and why before signing a deal. Prices of containers depend on the type and condition, you can have a better understanding of our prices below.

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Types of metal shipping containers

Remember we spoke about you shipping furniture? So, to get those moving, you must find the right size and type of container. The next section will help you understand the different container types and which one you should choose.

Here’s an overview of the different container types.

Standard containers

The 20ft and 40ft containers are the most commonly used containers for shipping. A 20-foot container can hold, 200 full-sized mattresses, 48,000 bananas, 50-60 refrigerators, and 400 flat-screen TVs. Your furniture is sure to be a good fit for the 20-footer. A 40ft container can hold double that amount, in case you need more space.

20ft containers are easy to stack on the vessel and are simple to produce which makes them cheaper to buy than more specialized containers such as reefer containers or flat racks.

The prices of these containers are as below:

  • 20 DC- $1,138
  • 40 DC- $1,239

If you’re looking to ship dry cargo like pallets, boxes, barrels, and clothes, these containers are for you.

20ft dry container

Do these container types fit your needs? Then browse through the 20ft and 40ft DCs for sale on xChange.

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High cube containers

High cubes are similar in structure to standard containers. The length and width remain the same, and the height increases. This enables them to meet more dry cargo demands.

You can find these containers in types, 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft. They are all used to ship all kinds of dry cargo, just like standard containers. But they are extremely functional for transporting light and large cargo, especially the ones with heights (maximum 2.70 m). This is making them a popular pick among shippers.

The prices of these containers are as below:

  • 40ft HC- $5,455
  • 45ft HC- $5,023
  • 20ft HC- 3,203$

40ft high cube container

Interested in high cubes? Then browse through the 40ft and 45ft HCs for sale on xChange

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 Open-top container

You can use open-top containers for cargo that are too large to fit into a standard container. For example, heavy machinery which needs to be loaded from the top using cranes and can’t be stored sideways. Pipes, cables, construction materials, machinery, and bulky raw materials are some cargo materials that you can load onto these containers.

open top container

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Reefer container

These containers are ideal for temperature-sensitive goods. They keep any temperature between -30°C and +30°C. You can transport meat products, dairy, seafood, photographic films, flowers, and pharmaceuticals through reefer containers.

reefer container

Does this container fit your requirements? Then comb through reefers on sale on xChange.

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Double-door container

These containers have double doors that swing open outside on both ends. This makes it easy to load and unload goods from both sides. If your business requires the transportation of vehicles such as cars and bikes, it can be done with this container type.

double door container

Interested in this container type? Then browse through double doors on sale on xChange.

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Pallet wide container

These containers are designed for the transportation of cargo on wooden Euro pallets. You can rest easy knowing that the pallet-wide containers keep the cargo tight. So, there is almost no chance of the cargo slipping.

pallet wide container

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Flat rack container

If you’re on the lookout for containers that transport heavy cargo, flat racks are your go-to containers. They carry bulky cargo that can be fitted into the container from the top, such as hefty machinery and pipes.

flat rack container

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Side door container

These containers have extra doors that open on the long side of the container. The extra space created by the side door openings makes it easy for you to load and unload bulky cargo which needs more door space to fit inside.

side door container

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Hard top container

The hard-top container has a removable steel sheet on top. The purpose of the container is to make room for cargo that is too big and needs space on top of the container.

hard top container

Does this box meet your requirements? Take a look at hard tops on sale on xChange.

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Tank container

Does your business need require you to transport liquids? Tank containers, also known as tankers are used to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids with ease.

tank container

Want to buy a tank container? Find them on sale on sale on xChange.

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Insulated container

Insulated containers keep goods cold, frozen, or at a specific temperature during shipping. They are often used in the retail market. These containers are good for transporting cargo that needs low temperatures for a short distance.

insulated container

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What are metal shipping containers made of?

Metal shipping containers are made of durable materials like Corten steel, which ensures longevity. If you’re looking for containers that match these specifications, exploring the variety of shipping containers for sale can help you find units suited to your specific needs, whether for storage or transport.

But why Corten Steel? It’s rust-resistant and requires no painting. It’s also weldable. This makes it the top pick for container manufacturers.

corton steel containers

What are metal shipping container conditions?

You know you’re type now. But what about the condition of the container?

The container condition is crucial when buying your metal shipping containers. You don’t want to end up with a container that has rust damage, do you? When buying a container think of the box’s lifespan so far: was it used to carry biohazardous materials? Has it been used to make shorter, more frequent trips (this means more wear and tear), or has it traveled to and from places with extreme climates (causing elemental damage)?

Here’s an overview of container conditions and what they’re good for, so you know what to look for when you start your container search.

1. CW (Cargo worthy) – Despite having been around the block, these containers are still in good condition to be used for your overseas shipping. They’re generally 7 to 15 years old and will show some wear and tear, but will still be wind and watertight.
2. WWT (Wind and Water Tight) – These containers are typically 10+ years old and consigned as storage-worthy.
3. AS-IS – These containers are no longer considered wind and watertight. They are 15+ years old and have heavy signs of wear and tear. They are usually heavily damaged and are not usable.
4. One-trip – Containers that are used once before they reach their destination are called one-trip shipping containers. These boxes have been loaded with cargo one time and have made a single trip.
5. Grade A container – These containers are of the highest quality. They’re brand new and have little to no scratches or marks on them. They haven’t been on a single trip.

container conditions

Buy metal shipping containers on Container xChange

Ok, so now you’ve found the perfect container for your needs, but you are apprehensive if the partners you choose to buy from are trustworthy? We got you. We at xChange understand that it’s hard to get access to big names in the industry, but we can assist you there. With over 1700+ vetted companies available on the xChange platform, we make it simple and easy to find trustworthy partners. We have a mandatory vetting process during the onboarding at xChange, to ensure your safety first when it comes to trading. We work with trusted users around the world, some of whom include, Seaco Global, SeaCub, Trident International, and more.

But how would you reach out to them? Envision this: you’re sitting in front of your laptop scrolling through different container types. All you’ve to do is spot a company you like; send them a message and negotiate prices. All this is based on the standard contract you’ve all filled out beforehand, making your negotiations smoother and your work faster.

You’re done in just a few clicks. You can now sit back and relax while you stay up-to-date on the location of your boxes with automated container tracking. You get all this at your fingertips.

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Metal shipping containers: Common FAQs

What are metal shipping containers?

Metal shipping containers are strong metal boxes which are used to ship and store goods in.

What are the types of metal shipping containers?

There are standard shipping containers such as the 20ft and 40ft containers, along with high cubes and other special containers.

What are metal shipping containers made of?

Metal shipping containers are made of Corten steel. It is the major material that creates metal shipping containers.

What are the conditions of metal shipping containers?

Container conditions are, cargo worthy CW, wind and watertight WWT, AS-IS, one-trip and grade A.

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