Shipping container lock boxes cover the container lock and provide additional security to the container. Read this blog to find out more about container locks and how you can get containers with lockboxes on xChange.

Every shipping container has secured doors with different types of locks. However, these locks can be broken into with special tools. A lockbox covers the container lock and prevents easy access to the container lock.

You can either attach lockboxes to your containers or simply buy containers that already have this additional security. The good news? You can cut right to the chase and find containers with lockboxes quickly and easily by hopping onto our online container trading platform.

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What is a shipping container lock?

A shipping container lock keeps the container door fastened and is typically operated by a key. This ensures that unauthorised people are unable to gain access to the shipping container.

To add additional security, some container owners also attach shipping container lock boxes over container locks. Lockboxes prevent access to the actual container lock. This prevents smugglers from forcing open locks with crowbars, angle grinders, or bolt cutters – acting as an excellent deterrent against burglary. It also shields locks from rust and wear and tear.

Lockboxes allow you to rest easy, knowing no one can tamper with your container or its contents. And where do you get containers with lockboxes? Right here on xChange! Click here to browse through multiple offers for containers with lockboxes and buy them at the best prices.

5 types of container locks

When it comes to container security, there are multiple locks for shipping containers that you can choose from. Here is a list of these locks.

Container padlocks

Padlocks are very easy to use in a shipping container equipped with a lockbox. They are made of premium steel, are shaped like a ‘U’, and have a high-security cylinder. Ideally, you should choose a ‘shutter’ or ‘smart’ padlock.

shipping container lock

However, they are also the most straightforward to “cut” with bolt cutters or similar tools. As a result, always try to use the strongest steel padlocks possible along with an additional security measure – a lockbox.

Hidden shackle padlocks

Hidden shackle padlocks are suitable if you’re shipping high-value cargo, as they’re very secure. Standard tools like bolt cutters or lockpicks can’t break this type of lock, as its shackles are closed within its body.

However, this type of lock will require some welding work to be installed on your container door. If you’re getting this lock, make sure you’re also getting matching hasps, as they will be necessary to mount the locks on the containers.

Crossbar locks

A crossbar lock is yet another great lock for securing your container and the cargo inside. These locks are crafted from tubular steel and cover the door handle – which keeps the lock steady and in place.

shipping container lock

Since crossbar locks are made of very durable material, they are resistant to lockpicks and bolt cutters. If your shipping container’s bars are a bit bigger than usual, some crossbar locks also come with extensions that you can use.

Roll door locks

Shipping containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some of them have roll-up doors. Roll-up doors make it very convenient to open and close the container. However, these doors require special locks known as roll door locks.

shipping container lock

Some roll door locks need to be locked manually after you roll the door down. However, some locks can be installed at the bottom of the container and they automatically lock when the door closes.

Truck seals

If you’re looking for a more affordable and common option for securing your shipping container, you can get truck container seals at very low prices. Truck seals are very similar to plastic zip ties.

They are good at preventing the shipping container’s doors from accidentally opening. However, you can’t rely on them as much when it comes to preventing unauthorized access.

If you’re shipping high-value cargo, you should consider other forms of shipping container security like lockboxes. Read on to find out how lockboxes keep your cargo safe.

How lockboxes keep your cargo safe

Now that we’ve discussed the different container locks, let’s understand how installing a lockbox over these locks provides additional safety for your container.

Lockboxes are made of thick, strong metal casings welded to the container’s front right door over the locks. They conceal the actual lock and make it difficult for burglars to gain access to the padlock. Since lockboxes are made of very durable material, it’s very difficult to tamper with them, even with tools like crowbars, angle grinders, or bolt cutters.

However, not all shipping containers come with lockboxes. Although you can install a lockbox on any container, financially, it makes more sense to buy containers that already have lockboxes. It’ll save you the additional cost that comes with buying a lockbox separately and installing it.

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How to improve shipping container security? 

Although shipping container locks are essential for maintaining the safety of your container, there are a few other things you must do to improve your container security. Let’s take a look at them. 

Track your containers

One of the most effective ways to improve container security is through container tracking. Up until a few years ago, container tracking was a complicated process. It was difficult to keep track of your containers once they sailed. But now, thanks to the modern-day container tracking system, you can track your containers easily. This is usually done through the container number but can also be done through bill of lading. 

At Container xChange, we help you track your containers and give you automated real-time updates. Regardless of whether you’ve secured your containers through xChange. This means you can track all containers in your inventory, including the boxes you’re using via the xChange platform and outside of it. Want to start tracking your containers right away? Click here to know more and get a free demo of our container tracking system.

Get insurance for your containers

Freight shipping comes with some risks that can result in container damage. No matter how much you try to avoid it, even the sturdiest boxes can get damaged during shipping. Container damage can add unnecessary financial strain on both the container owner as well as the user.

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That’s why it’s important to prepare beforehand and insure your container for potential damages. We also help you insure your containers. The container owners can add insurance to any deal they make on our platform. Click here to know more about the different container insurance plans we offer.

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Shipping container lock: Common FAQs 

What is a shipping container lock box?

A shipping container lock box is essentially an anti-vandal padlock that fits on your container's doors to cover your lock. These are securely welded to the container and enclose the container lock so it can only be accessed from the underside.

What are the different types of container locks?

There are five types of container locks that you can choose from which are container padlocks, hidden shackle padlocks, crossbar locks, roll door locks and truck seals.

Which is the most secure shipping container lock?

A container padlock with a lockbox is the most secure shipping container lock. The lockbox prevents easy access to the padlock, thereby providing additional security to your container.