Typing ‘purchase shipping container’ into the search bar, but struggling to find prices that suit your budget? And let’s not even get started on avoiding hidden fees and high commissions on offers. Luckily, in this blog, you’ll learn how to solve all of these issues and more, so keep reading. Want to skip the blog and purchase containers right away? Click here now.

With the shipping industry becoming increasingly competitive, it can be tricky to find good deals on the equipment you need, in the location you require. More than this, it can be challenging to know who to trust. But don’t give up hope just yet. 

Welcome to Container xChange, an online marketplace with 50,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations around the world. We work with only vetted suppliers and charge 0% commission on all deals. So you can finally relax, knowing you’re in good hands.

Curious to see how our platform works? Go ahead! You can browse containers of all types, sizes and conditions. Plus, compare the prices of multiple offers all in one place. Simply type in the container type you’re after and your location to get started today. 

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Purchase shipping containers in 2500+ locations

Struggling to source new networks to get containers in specific locations? Luckily, on xChange you can find containers in over 2,500 unique spots around the world, all on one platform. So you can save time by finding all of the containers you need in one place.

Depending on your unique shipping needs, you’ll require specific types of containers for your cargo. We’ll go over some popular standard and special container types in this section. So that you can feel completely confident in your container purchase decisions. 

But first, what’s the difference between standard containers and special equipment?

Standard shipping containers: Standard shipping containers include 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC (high cubes). These are the most popular container types, and are often referred to as ‘dry containers’. They’re used to transport dry goods like electronics, grains, clothing and paper.

Special shipping containers: Special containers are designed for specific purposes. This includes equipment with extra doors, open tops, or added refrigeration. We’ll learn more about this in the next section.

Buy freight containers: New & used

Depending on your needs and budget, you’ll have to decide between purchasing new containers or used ones. On Container xChange, we’ve got containers in various conditions available, including new (one-trip), cargo-worthy, and wind and watertight (WWT). Learn more about container conditions here.

Now, let’s check out some popular container types and their uses. 

20ft shipping container

20ft shipping containers are small and lightweight. They’re ideal for shipping cargo between smaller ports without sophisticated lifting equipment. So they can transport goods to more locations around the world than other container sizes.

20ft standard container

Want nifty 20ft containers for your cargo needs? Click below to browse this container type now.

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40ft shipping container

40ft containers transport the same kinds of cargo as 20ft containers, only they’ve got twice the capacity. The best part about 40ft containers? They may have double the space, but they’re not double the price. For example, while a cargo-worthy 20ft in China might go for US $1,328, you can get a 40ft for US $1,715. So they’re great value for money if you’ve got larger shipments. 

40ft standard container

Want to get 40fts at prices that suit your budget? Find the best deals here.

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40ft HC shipping container

The 40ft high cube is the same length as the 40ft, but with an extra foot of height. If you’ve got out-of-gauge or oddly-shaped cargo, this is the perfect container type for you. Or maybe you just need that bit of extra space to pack in a larger shipment. Either way, the high cube is your solution.

40ft HC container

Want high cubes for your larger shipments? Find high cubes in various sizes by clicking below.

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Reefer container

Got temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, dairy, medicine or fruit? You’ll need a reefer container to keep your goods fresh, and avoid breaking the cold chain

20ft reefer container

On our platform, you can find reefers of different sizes at a price you’re happy to pay. Browse quality reefers right now by clicking below. 

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Know which container type you need? Great! Now let’s look at how much containers cost.

How much does it cost to purchase shipping containers? 

Before you start looking for the containers you need, it’s crucial to know what you should be paying for that equipment. 

Shipping container costs are affected by various factors, including container condition, container type, and current supply and demand.

Let’s take a look at the prices for standard containers in popular locations around the world now. We’ll focus on the prices for cargo-worthy containers only, as they’re considerably cheaper than new (one-trip) containers, but they’ll do the trick of delivering your cargo safely all the same.

Price for standard 20ft containers

Here’s what you can expect to shell out for the trusty 20ft container in various locations: 

Location Price
US $1,594
China $1,328
Northern Europe $1,342
India $1,354

Price for standard 40ft containers

As we mentioned, the 40ft is double the size, but not double the price of the 20ft container. Don’t believe us? Check it out below: 

Location Price
US $2,505
China $1,715
Northern Europe $1,771
India $2,003

Price for standard 40ft HC containers 

While 40ft HCs may be more expensive than standard 40ft containers, you can pick up cargo-worthy high cubes for a very reasonable price. And just think of all the things you can do with that extra space!

Location Price
US $2,844
China $2,118
Northern Europe $1,794
India $2,238

Wanting to know the price of special container types, like reefers, double-doors and side-doors? With xChange Insights, you can get up-to-date prices for all different container types, whenever you need them. Click here to find prices now.

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How to purchase a shipping container

If the process of buying a shipping container tends to be complicated, you’re in for a surprise. On xChange, purchasing containers is easy and convenient. Let’s go over the simple steps to getting equipment at the best prices now. 

Decide on your criteria

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to decide on your criteria. What type of cargo are you moving, and thus, what kind of container will you need? If it’s dry goods, a dry container should be your go-to; if it’s frozen cargo, a reefer; and for vehicles, use a double-door. 

Next, decide on the container condition that suits your needs and budget. In most cases, cargo-worthy containers are more than adequate, as they’ve been inspected and certified safe for shipping.

Browse offers

Once you’re a member of Container xChange, head over to the trading platform, type in your criteria, and hit search. You’ll be able to browse offers that match your needs. What’s more, you can easily compare the prices, so that you can choose the most cost-effective option for your business. 

Container trading platform

Negotiate a deal

You’ve selected an offer that looks good. Check! Now it’s time to negotiate the price plus the terms and conditions (if necessary). The best part? Speak directly to the seller, using the chat feature on the platform. So you can avoid the hassle of middle men. Once you’re 100% happy with every detail, it’s time to sign the offer and make the payment.

Make safe payments

When it comes to payments on the xChange platform, you’re in safe hands. With the xChange Wallet, all transactions are completely secure. Plus, you can manage all finances in one place, and receive just one invoice each month. Convenience at your fingertips!

Now that the deal is signed, and payment has been made, you’ll simply need to arrange to get your containers. And you’re done!

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Purchase shipping containers at the best price on Container xChange

Now you know all about the different container types and conditions. Plus how to buy containers quickly and easily. What’s next? It’s time to get started getting equipment for yourself, of course! The first step? Becoming a member on Container xChange.

Here are just a few reasons to choose us as your go-to platform for container trading:

  • 50,000+ shipping containers available in over 2,500 locations
  • Work with vetted and reliable partners
  • Safe payment handling
  • Negotiable prices
  • Work directly with suppliers: No middlemen
  • 0% commission on deals

Ready to get quality containers from reliable sellers, at a price that suits your budget? Schedule your free demo with one of our friendly experts, and get a sneak peak of the platform. What’s more, ask any burning questions you may have, and learn all about how xChange can work for you. Click below to get started today.

How much does a 40ft container cost?

A 40ft container costs between US $2,500 and US $4,500. The price depends on a variety of factors including the container condition, location of the equipment, and the supply and demand at the time of purchase.

How much is a 20ft shipping container?

20ft shipping container prices range from US $1,500 to US $2,500, depending on the container condition, location and current market situation.

How do you purchase a shipping container?

To purchase a shipping container, first decide what type of container you need, as well as what size and condition you want. Next, research the average price of the container you’re after, and look for reliable suppliers. Make sure you know about any commissions and hidden costs involved before signing the deal and making payment.

Where can you purchase shipping containers?

You can purchase shipping containers online on various platforms, or from a container broker. It’s important to make sure that the container suppliers you use are trustworthy, and to check for hidden costs and fees before signing a deal.