Do you plan to get shipping containers for rent? But now you would say – “Pfft! That’s no easy task!” But what if it is? Because here at xChange, we help you navigate through the process seamlessly while offering you the best deals. Let’s dive in right away!

In this blog, you’ll learn: 

  • Your purpose and how it influences you to buy or lease 
  • Short-term requirements lead to leasing and how buying a container makes more sense for long-term needs
  • Opting for cargo-worthy containers as they make the process more cost efficient
  • Exploring xChange to find the best pickup rates to get a shipping container for rent

Lease containers here

Finding shipping containers is a task. More so, when you’re looking for a credible name to lease boxes from and the right price to pay. If you’re looking for a shipping container for rent but facing the same obstacles – we’re here to help you resolve your concerns.

Shipping container for rent – Best prices 2022

Shipping containers are our best friend when it comes to transporting cargo of all kinds — pallets, food, machinery and automotive. And getting a shipping container on rent only smoothens this transportation process. However, looking for a box for lease can be overwhelming, especially when you want to find the best deal.

shipping container for rent

This is where we help you. At xChange, you can get shipping containers for rent at the most competitive rates. We provide you with a platform with over 10,000+ containers at your convenience across 2,500 locations. Additionally, you get to work with some of the biggest players in the industry and grow your partner network. With our expansive portfolio of services and perks that come along with it, you must wonder “So many benefits, wow. How expensive will xChange be?” Well, let’s just say we’re your friends and friends never burn a hole in your pocket and neither do our pickup charges. Our pick-up charges are more in-line with most of the customers’ requirements and are affordable to many. The prices usually range on the average of US $205 to US $2,560.

Talking of prices, here are some of the best pickup rates for you to take advantage of:


A 20ft DC container is one of the most-used containers. On xChange, you’ll have to shell out an average pick up rate of US $815 for a 20ft DC.*


A 40ft DC, a standard container used by many for large cargo including equipment and stacking pallets, has an average pick-up rate of US$1,123.*


A 40ft HC container can easily transport both light and voluminous overweight cargo. The average pick-up rate of these containers is US$2,560.*

*The above rates are based on the transactions taking place on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

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Shipping container for rent vs. shipping container to buy

“To be or not to be” is how Shakespeare expressed his dilemma and “To lease or not to lease” is how shipping businesses express theirs. The point of getting a shipping container for rent is only valid if your need is  for a short span of time. If you’re someone who often needs containers for a longer or indefinite time – buying your own box will make more sense.

It’s important for you to have clarity on what will solve your purpose before you spontaneously rent one. Although buying a container might look like a long-term solution if you frequently put them to use. On the other hand, a shipping container for rent offers more flexibility and no maintenance fee or storage costs

All you need to do before making the final call is ask yourself:

  • Do I need a container for a definite time?
  • Is it going to be a short-term requirement, say 30 to 90 days or a long-term one, more than 90 days?
  • Am I looking to reuse/modify the container? 
  • How frequently can I put them to use?

And based upon your answers, you can choose to either buy a shipping container or get a shipping container for rent.

Special shipping container for rent: lease on xChange 

There are many companies giving out shipping container for rent, but which one will you choose? – Someone you can rely on, a credible name! Or will you opt for someone you’re still exploring hit and trial with? We’re sure you like to have assurity in your life as much as we do.

Thus, at Container xChange, we not only offer the best prices on standard as well as special containers but also connect you with 1,000+ vetted members on the platform.

You’ve got over 10,000 containers in 2500+ locations available at your fingertips. And that too at the best pick-up rates on our leasing platform. Let’s take a look at some of these special boxes popular on xChange:

Refrigerated container

Refrigerated container, also known as a “reefer”, is the one where one can control the temperature inside of it. It’s often used to carry fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy.

shipping container for rent

Get refrigerated container

Open top container

As the name suggests, these containers are open from the top and usually used to carry machinery, bulky cargo or any goods that cannot be fitted sideways in a container is shipped through open top containers.

Get open top container

Flat rack container

A flat rack container is flattened at the bottom with two sides peripherally aligned to make it look like a rack. This container is used for heavy goods and can carry upto 50 thousand kilograms on a one-way trip.

Get flat rack container

Used containers for rent 

If you understand the purpose of getting a shipping container for rent, you’ll end up saving a lot of money. You can read more about it in this separate blog, as well.  Leasing a used container is a good way of saving some cash. 

If it’s a one-time requirement, renting used containers will get your job done and also save you money. To help you find used containers with average pick up rates, we’ve curated a quick-list of cargo-worthy containers. 

You can opt for a 20FT DC used container at  an average pick up rate of US $213, a 40FT DC used container A 40ft DC used container comes at an average pick up rate of US $1,095 or a 40FT HC used container at  an average pick up rate of US $408.

These used containers can help you save some cash and rather utilize that extra money for other aspects to elevate your business. Thus, it seems justified to opt for a used shipping container for rent when looking for short-term leasing.

shipping container for rent

5 popular stretches to get a shipping container for rent on xChange

We understand how you must’ve spent so much time finding the right prices to get a shipping container for rent. So here’s a little help to  encourage you to skim through these  popular stretches where people use a shipping container for rent.

shipping container for rent

Germany (Duisburg) to China (Qingdao) stretch 

The Germany (Duisburg) to China (Qingdao) is one of the most popular stretches. It has 340+ transactions with an average pick up rate of US $288 for a 40ft HC.

Belgium (Antwerp) to China (Qingdao) stretch 

This stretch shows immense potential for the coming times with a transaction of 300+ containers. It might match up to Germany (Duisburg) to China (Qingdao) stretch pretty soon. The average pick up rates on this route range from leasing a 20 DC stand at US $14, 40 DC at US $80 and 40HC at US $184.

Belgium (Antwerp) to China (Shanghai) stretch 

Belgium (Antwerp) to China (Shanghai) is a stretch that’s getting traction in recent times. We’ve 200+ transactions, and it’s only increasing  by the day. 

Germany (Duisburg) to China (Shanghai) stretch

Leading to China (Shanghai), it’s one of the hottest stretches in records lately. With 190+ transactions, it’s luring quite a few traders to it. Its average pick up rate is as low as US $0, offering a free ride for 20 DC and 40 DC containers. This is because the containers are going back to their home place. So it only makes sense for shippers to not charge for returning to their origin to place the containers back to Shanghai. 

Netherlands (Rotterdam) to China (Qingdao)

This route has recorded 150+ monthly transactions on xChange. The average pick up rate of 20 DC  at US $104 and 40ft HC at US $220, it’s likely to get more buzz in the days to come.

Why use xChange to get a shipping container for rent?

It’s difficult to keep a finger on reliable shipping container leasers in the market and that’s where xChange steps in. Regardless of your experience in the industry, we enable you to connect with different container suppliers and some big names in the shipping world. 

If you want to reach out to a big brand and fear that you won’t be able to get through, this is your chance. At xChange, we help you get in touch with the big fishes in the sea including Kuehne+Nagel, COSCO and Maersk directly. There is no third party involved and thus minimizing any hassles you can face in the process.

Get shipping container on rent on competitive price

Our platform boasts of 1,000+ vetted members and around 10,000+ transactions monthly across 2,500+ global locations. Offering you a diversity of options and aiding you to choose your pick from 10,000+ containers, we help you get shipping containers for rent on competitive prices. 

You can also take out a moment and skim through the profiles of our members before negotiating a deal and analyze their position in the market through reviews and ratings. You can observe the names, numbers and their reports to make a final call and proceed seamlessly with your deal with utmost transparency.

Ready to set sails and get a shipping container on rent? – Click below and let’s get you going!

How much does a 40 foot container cost?

A 40 foot container can range anywhere between US $2,751 to US $4,125.82.

What's the cost to rent a container in South Africa?

If you want to rent a container in South Africa, a standard container can cost you R1 390.00 monthly. This is exclusive of charges like VAT and transportation.

Can containers be rented?

Containers can be rented, yes. Leading companies in container shipping like Maersk and Kuehne+Nagel amongst others rent containers on container trading and leasing platforms like Container xChange.

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