Shipping container rental offers a versatile and convenient solution if you’re in need of a box for short-term use. However, finding a good deal may not be as easy. This blog tells you where you can get affordable deals, the average pickup charges, as well as the top 10 shipping container rental companies in the industry. By the end of the piece, you’ll be well-informed to make the most effective choices for your logistical needs.

Imagine you’re the owner of a clothing company. You receive an order for some designer t-shirts from a top-notch retail store. But hold on – you need a container to ship them. Frustration sets in as you struggle to find an affordable deal that doesn’t compromise on quality. Time is running out and you risk losing a potential client. Just when it seems like you might hit a roadblock, the Container xChange platform emerges like a hero in your story. 

On Container xChange, we’ve got 1,500+ vetted members and 50,000+ containers for you to choose from, which makes it quick and convenient to find boxes from trustworthy partners.

But what about leasing rates? Well, we offer a transparent and neutral space where all prices are stated upfront. Plus, all rates can be compared and are completely negotiable here! And we offer competitive rates with zero hidden fees.

Check out our easy-to-use leasing platform to find containers in over 2,500+ locations worldwide. Try our public search bar below and simply choose “I want to use containers”, select a drop-off and pickup location, and hit “search” to find available containers near you from vetted suppliers.

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Average pickup charge for shipping container rental on xChange

Whether you’re a small business or international shipping corporation, the cost of shipping containers ultimately has a direct impact on your financial strategy. Therefore, knowing the average pickup charges for shipping container rental can only work in your favor. This is because it helps you plan better, make better decisions for your business and ultimately save on any extra costs. 

In order to learn how the current market reflects on these charges, Container xChange has analyzed thousands of data points taken from each successful transaction that takes place on the platform.  

However, it’s important to note that leasing rates for shipping containers vary based on location, supply and demand of containers, as well as fluctuating market trends. Other things include the condition, age, and type of container. Here’s a sneak peek of the average one-way leasing rates for standard containers on popular stretches on xChange:

Container type Stretch Pick up charge (USD)
20ft DC Shanghai to Chicago $382
40ft DC Shenzhen to Dallas $305
40ft HC Ningbo to Warsaw $430

Note: The rates above are based on the transactions made on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

Interested in learning more about global leasing rates? xChange Insights provides you with aggregated information from our marketplace as well as inventory data to help you get real-time market prices and trends. You too can now have access to actual one-way leasing rates in 180 locations globally.  Compare pickup charges, free days, and per diems for different stretches, plus, see their price development for up to 2 years. Try our Insights Freemium option today!

How to rent shipping containers on Container xChange

Now that you’ve got a sense of the rates, let’s take you through how you can easily get your shipping container rental on our platform. Get any container type, condition, and dimension under one platform with us in just a few steps.

  • Log on to our online leasing platform
  • Type in your location and the container type you require
  • Hit the search button and browse through all the offers
  • Interact and negotiate deals with vetted members and suppliers
  • Select a that suits your budget 

You don’t have to worry about finding trustworthy suppliers because all members on the platform go through a mandatory vetting process ensuring your safety. We have some big names in the industry such as Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco Global, and Cosco you can connect with.

You can also view the profiles of companies and see the ratings and reviews given to them by their partners. This way, you can make informed decisions about who you want to work with.

Our platform also offers easy and safe payment handling – xChange wallet. With this, you only get one consolidated bill to pay at the end of the month and get to see your complete transaction history.

So go ahead and connect with 1500+ vetted members (including some bigwigs) to get a shipping container rental deal of your choice today! And let our expert team help you along the way.

shipping container rental steps on xchange

Find new and old shipping containers for hire 

When you have the option of a new or used container, there are a few things you need to ask yourself: 

What does my budget look like? 

What do I need the container for? 

How long do I need the container for? 

Remember the big retail store in Hamburg? Shipping your designer t-shirts from South Africa to Hamburg is a long trip. New shipping containers are built with the latest materials and construction techniques, making them more durable and resistant to corrosion. This is important if you’re dealing with international shipping. So, it would be a great choice for you if you want the highest level of quality and have some extra cash to spare. 

Now, even though used containers have been in the game for longer, they’re still a popular choice amongst freight forwarders. This is because they’re more affordable while still being durable too.

In the end, the decision between renting a new or old container should be based on your specific requirements, budget, and the intended use. Carefully evaluating these factors will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your needs and goals. Whichever you decide on, you can find both new and used conditions available in 2500+ locations on xChange. 

The next step is now to find a reliable shipping container rental company to find these boxes. Let’s take a look at the top 10 container rental companies below:

Top 10 shipping container rental companies

With leasing rates taken care of, all that’s left to do is to find a leasing company you can lease shipping containers from. Naturally, you want the best quality and service from the company you decide on, so have a look at our list of the top 10 container leasing companies. Click on the name you’re interested in to learn more about the company.

Rank Container Leasing Companies TEU Capacity 
1 TRITON International 7.1 million
2 Textainer Group 4.4 million
3 Florens  3.9 million
4 Seaco Global 2.4 million
5 Beacon Intermodal 1.8 million
6 CAI International  1.5 million
7 Seacube Containers 1.2 million
8 Touax Container Solutions 393,064
9 Blue Sky Intermodal 300,000
10 CARU Containers

4 types of leasing agreements to rent containers

There are quite a few perks that come with leasing, as discussed earlier. However, there are four main types of lease agreements, each with its benefits and disadvantages. The table below explains: 

Type of lease agreement Duration Explanation 
Master lease Variable Master lease agreements are the most flexible ones in terms of container quantity and rental rates. However, they usually come with a long list of permitted pick-up and drop-off locations. These agreements are known to be quite costly.
Long-term lease 5-8 years These agreements are less flexible but more cost-effective than master lease agreements. A long-term lease is signed for a fixed amount of time, typically 5 to 8 years. You can agree upon the number of containers, delivery schedule, and duration of usage.
Short-term lease Less than 6 months With short-term leases, the rental rates are high and you have to pay for maintenance and repair costs. Hence, this lease is ideal if you need containers for a round trip or less than 6 months.
One-way lease Variable With this type of lease, you’ll lease the box for a one way move. Meaning you’ll have the most flexibility. You can select your drop-off location and negotiate price, free days, per diems, and duration.

While we’re on the topic of one-way leasing, there are many ways that this benefits you and your business. Let’s take a look at how and where you can find one-way leasing deals to suit your pocket: 

One-way leasing in shipping container rental: What it means and how it benefits you

At xChange, you can lease your containers one-way, for example, from Shanghai to Manchester.

It works by moving around or repositioning the container owner’s empty boxes. In other words, a container user picks up containers at the partner’s depot. The user then moves these containers to another location and finally, returns them to a depot in a pre-agreed location, at a pre-agreed time and date.

Benefits of one-way container leasing for your business

  • One-way leasing is the simplest kind of leasing agreement. It enables you to avoid demurrage and detention fees, which can very quickly start to add up. 
  • It helps curb the container flow imbalance leading to empty container repositioning.
  • It allows you to have flexible positioning possibilities with predetermined locations. This advantage with a one-way lease container translates to great revenue and savings possibilities for you in terms of saving tons of dollars on empty container repositioning.
  • Apart from D&D, you can also avoid other port surcharges associated with empty containers sitting at the port idly.
  • One-way lease benefits both container users and owners. Container users get to ship their goods for next to nothing (or for free!), and the owner gets their boxes repositioned and saves on hefty port charges or storage fees.

Renting vs. buying shipping container units

It’s natural to wonder whether you should rent or buy a container. The answer to this dilemma lies in understanding what exactly your requirements are. Buying a container is surely more expensive than leasing, but it can turn out to be cheaper in the long run. So, it’s best we understand when to buy and when to lease containers. 

There are a few factors to consider: 

  • Duration of use: If you’re planning to use containers for a long time, then buying makes sense. But if your requirement is only for a short time, then you should lease containers. 
  • Capital: This is the deal breaker! Lease if you’re short in capital. 
  • Reason for use: Need a container only for storage? Then, buying is a better option. 

Let’s take a quick look at the following table to understand the difference between buying and leasing. 

Lease containers Buy containers
Need containers but don’t have the capital at hand Need few containers for storage on the premise
Your need changes, and experience a temporary surge in demand for containers Need few containers both for storage and cargo transportation
When you don’t know for sure, how your long-term demand will develop Need to modify containers, or convert them into something else
Need containers for an indefinite period, use them often, and perhaps don’t need too many of them

Now that you know about both the sourcing options, here’s how you can find the best deals on shipping container rental easily and efficiently:   

Find the best shipping container rental deals on Container xChange

So, whether you want to lease a container one way or opt for another type of lease, we have it all for you on xChange.

We understand that the container leasing industry can be hard to navigate through. With no market transparency and untrustworthy suppliers on the prowl to scam you, leasing a box can be a difficult feat. That’s why we’re here to help.

As mentioned before, all of our partners have undergone a strict vetting process, to make sure that they’re certified and have all of the right licenses to lease out boxes. In terms of rates, Container xChange allows you to compare the cost and terms of multiple deals at once so that you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice.

So come and find the perfect container for you from 50,000+ units in 2,500+ locations worldwide. And get the ball rolling on a perfect deal on your shipping container rental on xChange by clicking the banner below.

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Shipping container rental: Common FAQs

How much is it to rent a container?

Shipping container rentals vary depending on the container type, stretch and market situation.

How much does a 40ft HC container cost?

40ft HC container costs vary depending on the location, current supply and demand, and container condition. Shanghai to Moscow stretch is US $787. Shanghai to Long Beach stretch is US $222 and Shanghai to Nhava Sheva stretch is US $250.

How much does a 20ft shipping container cost?

The average pick-up charge for a 20ft shipping container in Ningbo to Houston stretch is US $300. Ningbo to Moscow stretch is US $811and Ningbo to Mundra stretch is US $58.