Technology has taken the world by storm and shipping technology companies are all the rage in the industry right now. Find out how these companies are leveraging technology to help streamline your logistics operations. And also connect with the best shipping technology companies in this blog.

Be it cloud computing or big data; the shipping industry has caught up with the shifting trends in technology to power its businesses. Shipping companies are now using technology to keep track of their vessels, and cargo containers, implement sustainable strategies to reduce CO2 emissions, and simplify their entire logistics process, right from the ground up.

From supply chain management to the transit period, right to the final destination drop-off, shipping companies are utilizing technology end-to-end.

This spells good news for you as integration with technology is only going to help make your work smoother and faster. We will get into its multiple benefits in just a few seconds.

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What are shipping technology companies?

Shipping technology companies are businesses that drive international trade by transporting commodities and products (via containers) around the world by harnessing the power of technology.

Shipping technology companies have made significant progress in digitalization in recent years. These companies have adopted technology to improve their operations and commercial processes. For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps with route optimization, safety, decision-making, and automation. And the Internet of Things (IoT) enables real-time ocean container tracking and improved communication between different stakeholders in the supply chain.

This sounds good right, so let’s explore the benefits this brings to you.

The rise of technology in shipping and its benefits

Technology has seeped into shipping and this tech boom is estimated to rise exponentially in the coming years. This is why you should connect with shipping technology companies to better optimize your workflow. Here are some benefits of using technology in shipping :

  • Automate daily tasks and increase efficiency and output- Streamline the entire process which includes finding vessel slots, managing booking and references, invoicing and payment tracking, container tracking, and getting all necessary shipping documents in one digital place so it’s never lost and is always accessible – stored on the cloud.
  • Cost-effective, time-saving, and reduces human error – Tech software replaces manual workload with automated systems and processes. Due to automation, there is a reduced risk of human errors which further increases profitability and saves resources. Automation also makes it easier to organize and manage requirements such as warehousing, alerts on ETAs, vessel departures, and container movements, to improve operational efficiency.
  • Using tech software directly accelerates all your processes meaning you can manage tasks like invoicing shippers, tracking shipments in near real-time, empty container repositioning, cargo availability, and more under one umbrella.
  • Also with AI, big data, and machine learning, you can obtain and process vast volumes of data in a short time. This advanced acquiring and analyzing of data can be used to improve and predict vital information such as ETA, ETD, and weather conditions.
  • Government regulations and mandates related to environmental protection, safety, and security in the shipping industry can be solved through software solutions.

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What are the best shipping technology companies to work with in 2023?

The best shipping technology companies to work with in 2023 are:

  • MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Maersk Line
  • COSCO Shipping Lines
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Evergreen Line
  • Container xChange

Mediterranean Shipping Company – MSC

MSC is focused on digitalization and sustainability. It aims to make shipping more efficient, secure, and sustainable. They are continuously investing in developing new digital tools and technologies to provide customers with easy-to-use, flexible, and reliable shipping solutions. They are a founding member of the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), which helps establish common technology standards for the industry. Mediterranean Shipping Company’s solutions aim to provide complete visibility and control of your shipping experience and securely facilitate digital transactions.

Maersk Line

Maersk Data Integrations offer a choice of solutions to integrate data from multiple sources across your supply chain, helping you control your supply chain better and have complete visibility. The company achieves this through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and API solutions.

COSCO Shipping Lines

COSCO Shipping has been pursuing technology-led development in recent years. In its exploration of shipping digitalization, COSCO Shipping focuses on the construction of a digital supply chain system. Recently, the company took action to promote blockchain-based electronic bill of lading (EBL) to provide customers with a better service experience to meet all their needs. COSCO Shipping is dedicated to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly technologies and initiatives to reduce carbon footprint.

Hapag – Lloyd

For more than 30 years, Hapag-Lloyd IT has been providing digital services to customers and partners. They are constantly re-inventing their software and services as well as the technology they use for better outputs and optimization. They use AI and data analysis to implement smart shipping technologies and also focus on maritime IT as well. Hapag-Lloyd is also committed to sustainability, and using eco-friendly technologies and practices to minimize their environmental impact.

Evergreen Line

Evergreen Line has a GreenX digital portal for their customers to get instant quotes and book secured space with prioritized equipment supplied by the carrier. The GreenX platform is designed to create a seamless customer experience with greater shipping effectiveness and efficiency. All customers are now able to utilize this one-stop digital platform anytime, anywhere. Essential information such as route searches, instant freight quotes, and bookings are all accessible on Evergreen Line.

top 5 shipping technology companies

As you have noticed, there is one common factor among these top tech companies; they’re all focused on increasing sustainability and making the shipping logistics industry more environment friendly.

Container xChange

Container xChange is one of the top ten logistics tech companies globally. And the world’s fastest-growing online neutral marketplace for container leasing and trading. With a vision to simplify the logistics of global trade, Container xChange connects industry players and brings them on one simple and efficient infrastructure to help them digitize their container logistic operations.

Apart from being a digitally integrated platform itself, Container xChange also connects you to top technology companies to help build your business networks.

See how we do this in the next section.

Connect with top shipping technology companies on Container xChange

Connecting with top shipping technology companies that match your shipping needs can be a daunting task. But lucky for you Container xChange offers a solution that makes connecting with these companies easier, faster, and cost-efficient.

Example: Let’s say your company received a large shipment order of sofas. But you don’t have enough containers to put them into. Your entire time is now consumed by contacting different container companies – taking up hours and even days of precious time.

Now, if you just use the Container xChange platform, you can easily find your box in real-time from 50,000+ container types to choose from in 2,500+ locations worldwide. And all the 1500+ container companies are vetted to provide you with that extra security. What more you ask? Well, with our complete market price transparency you can find competitive, comparable rates without hidden fees that are negotiable.

You could easily connect with shipping companies of your choice (via chats and calls on the platform) after going through their profiles and reviews given by other partners who’ve worked with them. So you are sure who you’re dealing with.

And the best part about our tech-rich platform is that all your shipping documents and transactions are safely digitally stored in one place. So, no more dealing with paper invoices and printouts. With us, you’re one step closer to making your logistics business eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Shipping tech startups: Amazing valuation and a huge surge in interest

Did you know that there’s been a big boom in shipping tech startups in the industry? In recent years these startups are the talk of the industry, especially for their focus on sustainability.

However, at one point the global shipping industry was stubbornly resistant to change. But due to pressure from investors, competitors, customers, lenders, and regulators, they jumped on board the technology wagon. To operate more efficiently via new startups fully geared toward tech solutions.

These startups are turning heads within the industry due to their focus on not just sustainability by reducing emissions. But also greater supply chain visibility, low-cost operations, and full transparency on trade flows to form strategic trading decisions.

Some top startups for you to look into are:

  • ShipIn Systems
  • GoodShipping
  • Marine Edge
  • Duxion
  • NepTech

Marine tech startups in India

Today, India is considered an emerging player in the global startup hub ecosystem. The number of startups has grown from just around 350 before 2014 to more than 90,000 in 2023. And marine startups in India add to those numbers as well.

Before we take you to marine startups in India to look out for we want to turn your attention to our monthly logistics report. From the findings of the report, you’ll get an understanding as to why now is a good time to look to India for doing business:

  • According to a forecast by the International Monetary Fund, India’s GDP is expected to grow by 6.8% in 2023.
  • While the Indian government had set a target of $400bn last year, the country exceeded expectations and managed $422bn in exports in 2022. This rapid growth is expected to last this year as well.
  • Traditionally, India has exported grains, textiles, and apparel but electricals and machinery exports are now on the rise as well.
  • With the discourse that global supply chains want to diversify away from China, India is appearing to be a robust alternative.
  • The country’s ports are already handling 13,000–15,000 TEU vessels and have grabbed the attention of major shipping lines.

If you want more insights into this topic and also want to explore other industry news like container PU charges, CAx at major ports, and other happenings in the industry, download your free copy of our monthly report, Where Are All the Containers.

With such a boom in the Indian maritime market, the startups here are also something that is gaining traction and are worth looking into. There are currently 48 Maritime Tech startups in India. Here is a list of the top 5:

  • ShipsKart
  • Smart Ship
  • CNB
  • Ulysses Systems
  • Infyz Solutions

Find the best shipping technology companies to work with on Container xChange

Shipping technology companies are on the rise and the benefits are plenty. So, it’s time that you connect with them to streamline your operations for the better.

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Shipping technology companies: Common FAQs

What is the biggest shipping company in the world?

The biggest shipping company in the world is the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

What is a logistics tech company?

A logistics tech company offers solutions and platforms that provide seamless supply-chain processes for shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders.

What is the leading shipping company?

The Mediterranean Shipping Company seems to be the leading shipping company right now.