Looking for the best freight forwarders in the USA to transport your goods safely and on-time? We’ve curated a list of top-rated freight forwarding companies located in the USA to help you with your freight and logistics requirements.

Freight forwarding is based on the trustworthiness and competence of logistic providers you work with. A good freight forwarding company ensures your cargo reaches its destination on time and in good condition. Efficient and timely delivery based on reliability and transparency sets the tone for a long-term partnership between freight forwarders and you.   And the icing on the cake is when you find these at the best price.


If you’re looking for efficient freight forwarders in the USA, read on to get the best choices.

Find a Freight Forwarder in USA

The United States of America is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP. It holds several competitive advantages when it comes to global trade. The country is the world’s largest importer as well as the second-largest exporter of containerized goods — making it a hotspot for international trade and commerce.

Furthermore, the USA enjoys an advantageous geographical position with one of the best maritime transport systems. The Mississippi River, linked to the Ohio, Red, Missouri, and Tennessee rivers, forms the largest network of navigable waterways in the world. It also has a pervasive interstate highway system covering 97,000 km and an intercity railway system connecting 500+ cities over 34,000 km of track.

The Land of The Liberty also has about 360 commercial seaports, out of which the major ones such as the port of Los Angeles and the Long Beach port handle about 32.5% of the total vessel traffic of the country. All these strategic advantages make the USA an important trading location for businesses worldwide. Thus, it’s imperative to have dependable freight forwarding companies in USA.

At xChange, we’ve consolidated a list of the top NVOCCs and freight forwarding companies in the US based on various parameters — performance reviews, company details, services offered —  to make it easier for you to find trusted partners. Read on!

Top Freight Forwarders in USA

  • CSI Container Services International
  • Manuport Logistics USA LLC
  • Rain Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Great Luck Inc.
  • Trans Overseas Corporation
  • Alberta Ltd.
  • Portable Storage of Mn
  • Simple Forwarding Inc.
  • Cargotrans Inc.
  • Tri-State Forwarding

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But before we get into more details, let’s first understand the difference between a freight forwarder and an NVOCC. 

What’s the Difference Between NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders?

1 They are associated with the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA); following procedures according to FIATA standards. They are not linked with any international associations, thus, do not follow any standard procedures.
2 Freight forwarders are agents to shippers. NVOCCs are carriers to shippers.
3 Freight forwarders do not operate or own containers. NVOCCs manage or hold cargo containers.
4 Freight forwarders typically own and operate the warehouses they use for the cargo they load to/from airports and seaports. NVOCCs do not own and operate warehouses. Only large NVOCCs that take on nearly all functions of freight forwarders own warehouses.
5 Freight forwarders around the world cooperate in their operations to reduce costs and improve timely deliveries. NVOCCs work independently, using agents or third-party companies to support them.
6 Freight forwarders may function as agents of NVOCCs. NVOCCs work independently.

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Top List of Freight Forwarders / NVOCCs in the USA

There are hundreds of freight forwarding companies in the USA and finding the right one takes time and effort. At Container xChange, we vet the best freight forwarding companies so you  save time, energy and resources.

Location of top freight forwarders in USA

Here’s a list of top freight forwarders in the USA with an average rating of ≥ 4.8 out of 5.

CSI Container Services International

Top freight forwarder in USA CSI

Founded in 2011, CSI operates out of Quincy, USA. The company holds a reputed position in the shipping and forwarding industry. It provides a multitude of services related to container transportation, including sourcing and  leasing containers, logistics consultancy, container modifications, among others. It also offers other container-related services such as  financing, insurance, transportation, and storage. CSI is renowned for its credibility and efficiency in service delivery.

Learn more about CSI Container Services International here

Manuport Logistics USA LLC

Top freight forwarder in USA

Founded in 2016, Manuport Logistics is a leading name in the freight forwarding industry in the USA. The company is based in Miami, Florida with partners around the world. Partnering with major global and local carriers, they ensure timely delivery of consignments and shipment follow-ups. Manuport specializes in container logistics, offering integrated solutions such as  in-house customs, warehousing and  storage, cargo insurance, tender and  procurement, among others.

Learn more about Manuport Logistics USA LLC here

Rain Logistics Co., Ltd.

A freight forwarder in the US

Founded in 2004, Rain logistics is located in Montclair, United States. A trusted name in the freight and logistics industry, the company has direct contracts with all major shipping carriers and companies. They majorly offer services of ocean & air freight, and intermodal transportation services globally. The company ensures complete transparency during delivery with GPS tracking and EDI facilities.

Learn more about Rain Logistics Co., Ltd. here

Great Luck Inc.

Great Luck inc a top freight forwarder in USA

Founded in 2002, Great Luck is an NVOCC based in Torrance, CA, United States. It’s a subsidiary of a leading Japanese freight forwarding company, Japan Trust Co. Ltd. The company has a great network of partner warehouses and shipping companies for the fast delivery of cargo. Their annual transportation results for the US alone exceed 10,000 TEUs. Great Luck specializes in finding the best routes, efficient scheduling, and cost-effective pricing.

Learn more about Great Luck Inc. here

Trans Overseas Corporation

A top freight forwarder in USA

Founded in 1978, Trans Overseas Corp operates out of Romulus, US as a high-quality logistics partner. The company has a wide array of services ranging from international and domestic freight forwarding to warehousing and distribution facilities. They’re a full-service 3PL specializing in end-to-end supply chain management. The company has been constantly upgrading its technology to offer enhanced responsiveness and visibility to customers in real-time. They also pay special focus on customer satisfaction and customs compliance.

Learn more about Trans Overseas Corporation here

Alberta Ltd.
Alberta Ltd is located in the US

Founded in 2007, Alberta is located in Grande Prairie CA, United States. They’re in the global freight forwarding business with more than a decade of expertise in shipping and logistics. The company provides services including transportation, cargo tracking, and storage along with its network of partners. They are known for their timely dealings and professional modus operandi in all their projects.

Learn more about Alberta Ltd. here

Portable Storage Of Mn

A top freight forwarder in the USA

Founded in 2001, Portable Storage of Mn is based in Minneapolis, United States. The company is in the business of portable container storage for commercial and residential purposes. They sell, rent, and transport containers of several sizes and capacities. They also offer temporary storage and pick-up facility for loading/unloading of cargo. The company is known to be ethical, reliable, and solutions-oriented in its operations.

Learn more about Portable Storage of Mn here

Simple Forwarding Inc.

Top freight forwarder in USA

Founded in 2016, Simple Forwarding Inc. is a shipping forwarder operating out of Monroe, NY, United States. It majorly caters to businesses and Amazon sellers who want to carry their shipment from China to the USA. The company ensures smoother and quicker custom clearance for their clients along with managing the end-to-end process of transporting goods, thanks to their in-house custom brokers. They also have a network of Amazon FBA warehouses across the USA.

Learn more about Simple Forwarding Inc. here

Cargotrans Inc.

top freight forwarder in USA

Established in 1989, Cargotrans Inc. is a leading name in the freight forwarding business. The company set up operations in Manhasset, United States. They offer a one-stop solution for all logistics and global trade requirements. With more than 30 years of experience, Cargotrans specializes in customs brokerage, 3 PL services, documentation, and dealing with trade compliance. They’re known for their smooth business processes and timely payments.

Learn more about Cargotrans Inc. here

Tri-State Forwarding

Top freight forwarder in USA

Founded in 2016, Tri-State Forwarding is a comprehensive logistics service provider based in Mahwah, United States. The company offers Air & Sea Freight, FTL, LTL, and 3PL services,among others. They also offer warehousing support and customs brokerage to meet all logistics requirements. Add-ons such as  freight consolidation and fulfillment are also available. Their personalized approach with end-to-end transparency makes them a great freight forwarding partner.

Learn more about Tri-State Forwarding here

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Find More Trustworthy Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs in USA

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List of Freight Forwarders in USA: FAQ

How do I find freight forwarders in the US?

You can find reliable freight forwarders in the USA on the company profile section of Container xChange. All listed companies are vetted and have details such as performance ratings, partner reviews, location, background, and services offered in their profile.

How many freight forwarders are there in the US?

There are about 1 million freight forwarding agencies and brokerages scattered across the US.

What is a freight forwarder in the US?

Freight forwarders are companies that manage supply chains, including transportation and storage of goods, on behalf of shippers. They specialize in organizing shipments to carry goods from suppliers to the final point of distribution.

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