Are you looking to arrange container pick up or delivery by truck? Learn everything you need to know about moving truck containers in this blog.  Also, learn how you can find truck containers for sale at the best prices. 

As you’re already aware, there are two main ways to transport shipping containers—land and sea. Interestingly, even if you choose to ship via sea, it’ll always involve some level of land transportation. Most of the time, all container moves will include a truck in intermodal transportation. 

And since you’ve ended up here, you must be looking to arrange the transportation of shipping containers through trucks. Whether you’re a trucker or simply want to move containers over a short distance, let this blog guide you in planning your next shipping container pick-up and delivery.  

And if you’re looking to source truck containers for sale at affordable prices, we’re here to help. On the Container xChange trading marketplace, you can buy containers from 1,500+ vetted sellers at affordable prices further open for negotiation. We have 50,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations, making it easier to find perfect deals for you! Simply use the public search below to find your ideal container offer today.

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            Determine your container weight and size

            You should keep a few things in mind before transporting a shipping container. 

            One of the most important factors to consider is the dimensions and weight of the shipping container you’re using. Standard empty 20-foot shipping containers usually weigh over 5,000 pounds. Meanwhile, empty 40-foot shipping containers can often weigh over 8,200 pounds. Loaded shipping containers will, of course, weigh more than empty containers. 

            Knowing the weight of the container ensures that you choose the right truck and equipment for a smooth and efficient transportation process, minimizing container damage. To know how much weight your delivery truck can carry, calculate the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). GVWR describes how much weight a truck can carry, including its native weight.

            Select a suitable type of shipping container truck 

            Once you’ve determined the weight of the shipping container, you can easily choose the right pickup truck for transportation. We’ll discuss some of the most common container trucks below, but if you want a detailed overview, check out our blog on how to move a shipping container. 

            Flatbed truck

            A flatbed truck is ideal for long distances (over 200 miles). These trucks are cost-effective, as flatbeds are cheaper per mile compared to tilt beds. Flatbed trucks have an open platform, requiring a crane or forklift to load and unload containers onto the truck.

            Tilt bed truck

            If you’re moving a container for short distances (under 200 miles), opt for tilt bed trucks. Their angled bed helps the container slide off easily, allowing you to move the container without any extra lifting equipment.

            Step deck 

            A step deck truck features two levels—a higher and a lower deck, creating a “step.” This design allows it to transport high cube containers that exceed the height limits of standard flatbeds while also providing stability during transport.

            Semi-truck with container chassis 

            The chassis looks similar to a trailer but functions as a skeleton frame rather than a flatbed. It’s equipped with built-in twist locks to deliver the containers securely.

            A chassis is an excellent choice for long-distance truck transportation of your container. You might have to use other equipment such as a crane or a forklift for the loading or unloading process.

            For trucking businesses, expanding into container trading offers a lucrative opportunity to diversify their operations without significant upfront investment. The key lies in procuring containers at low prices and selling them at higher margins. On the Container xChange marketplace, you can buy containers for as low as $800 in some locations in the US. Check out container offers in your location here and expand your business. 

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            Load and unload a shipping container on a truck 

            Once you have reached your pick-up or delivery location, containers will have to be loaded and unloaded from the pickup trucks. You can choose either a forklift or a crane for this. If you’re using a forklift, make sure it’s outfitted to lift at least 15,000 pounds. This ensures that the forklift’s arms are wide and strong enough to lift the container without incurring any container damage.

            A safer and more efficient way to load and unload containers is to use cranes. They’re equipped to handle more weight than a forklift. However, cranes require special licenses or operators. Unless you use one of these for your job, you’ll need to hire a professional to do the crane lifting for you.

            Check regulations and permits 

            Before moving trucks with freight containers, it’s important to research the local rules. Secure the necessary permits, and adhere to weight, height, and route regulations for your location. Checking the necessary permits and regulations ensures a hassle-free journey while avoiding legal complications.

            Coordinate logistics with all parties 

            To transport containers from their origin to the destination, you should efficiently manage the logistics. Arrange for the truck to arrive at the pickup location at the scheduled time. Collaborate closely with the shipping company or container owner to confirm that the container is prepared for loading. Effective communication and coordination among all involved parties is essential to ensure a seamless transportation process and minimum delays when containers.

            Now that you know how to transport containers, let’s explore how you can get containers at low prices for your business. 

            Looking for truck containers for sale? Get wholesale rates

            Shipping containers for trucks come in different conditions and one of the first things you need to decide is the condition of the container you need. 

            If you plan to use containers for a long time, opt for a new shipping container. New containers last 15- 20 years and don’t have any container damage. However, they’re more expensive than used containers. The average price of a new 20ft container in the US is $2,000, whereas a 40ft container costs around $3,000. Many suppliers can give you discounts on new containers if you buy them wholesale on our platform

            If you’re looking for an affordable option, then used containers are ideal for you. 

            Used truck containers for sale 

            Second-hand containers can last for 8 to 10 years and they’re perfectly fit for truck transportation. You can get used truck containers for under $1,000 on our platform. 

            A used container can also be used as a storage container. You can rent and sell storage containers to other businesses or keep one at your warehouse to store cargo for your clients. Moreover, used containers can be modified easily. For example, you can easily modify a 40ft shipping container into a shipping container food truck. 

            Let’s take a look at some standard containers that you can buy on our platform. 

            Get 20ft shipping container truck

            20ft containers are one of the most common containers for transporting goods. Due to their smaller size, they don’t need any heavy machinery to load them onto the trucks. 20ft containers are also one of the most affordable containers in the market, with an average price of $1,200 for a cargo-worthy container in the US.

            Get 40ft shipping container truck 

            40ft shipping containers provide more space for your cargo. It is also more cost-effective to buy one 40ft container than choosing two 20ft containers, as one 40ft container is just 30% more expensive than one 20ft. The average cost of a cargo-worthy 40ft container is $1,600 in the US. 

            On the Container xChange marketplace, you can get the best prices for containers in 2,500+ locations globally. We currently have more than 2,000 listings for containers in the US. Apart from standard 20ft and 40ft containers, you can also find special containers on our platform easily. 

            Simply browse through multiple container listings and find offers within your budget by clicking the banner below! 

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            Shipping container truck transport: What are the costs involved? 

            The cost of moving shipping container trucks is influenced by many factors. When calculating the cost, you must keep in mind the following:

            -Drop-off location: It’s best to determine how far your container needs to be transported. If the destination location is near the pick-up location or in an easily accessible region, the cost of truck delivery will be comparatively lower. The farther the truck has to travel the costlier it gets.

            -Container type: The type of container you’re moving also adds to the trucking price. If you’re moving a special container, then the truck needs special equipment to meet the specific needs. For example, the truck will need a genset for moving a reefer container. This will add to the overall container moving costs.

            -Loading and unloading charges: Containers require equipment like cranes or forklifts to load them onto the truck. The cost of renting a crane for a day can cost around $500.

            Since moving a container can be somewhat expensive, it’s important to keep your container procurement costs to a minimum. Read on to know how you can do that. 

            Find shipping containers for trucks at the best prices on Container xChange

            A trucking company can benefit significantly from buying containers at low prices. Here’s how:

            • They can lower their operational costs and offer competitive rates to their customers.
            • Adding more containers to the inventory improves their asset utilization—helping them earn more by moving more cargo. 
            • They can rent out the container unit when not in use to manufacturers or anyone requiring storage solutions creating a steady income. 

            It’s important to make sure you’re buying containers at the right prices so you can make more profits. That’s where we can help you. On the Container xChange trading marketplace, you can purchase containers in 2,500+ locations globally, including the US. We have 100,000+ containers available for you to choose from, all from vetted sellers. So you don’t have to spend your valuable time conducting a background check. 

            We don’t charge any commission on your deals and you can directly get in touch with the seller to negotiate for better prices. All you’ve to do is fill in your container requirements and browse through multiple listings to find the offer that matches your needs. Simply click the banner below to get started and find truck containers for sale at the best prices. 

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            Shipping container truck: Common FAQs

            What truck can carry a shipping container?

            Some of the most common truck containers are tilt beds, flatbeds, and step deck trucks. A tilt bed is an ideal 20 feet container truck whereas flatbeds and step deck trucks are used for carrying 40ft containers.

            How many tons can a container truck carry?

            To know the load capacity of a truck, you’ll need to calculate the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). GVWR describes how much weight a truck can carry including its native weight. In general, trucks can carry around 5 to 10 tons.

            What are the costs involved in container truck transport?

            The cost of moving a container truck depends on a variety of factors. This includes the distance, price of fuel, container type, and loading and unloading charges.