Buying wholesale shipping containers is a great option if you have regular container demands and want to save per unit by buying bulk. But for that, you need to source shipping containers from verified suppliers first. How and where do you find them? Well, you are about to find out. 

If buying containers wholesale suits your business needs, there are two major challenges you’re likely to face: finding reliable wholesalers and buying containers at budget-friendly prices.

Luckily, we’ve got the ultimate solution for you: Container xChange, a neutral online container marketplace with 1,700+ vetted suppliers and wholesalers just waiting to work with you. With 100,000+ units of various types and sizes available at negotiable prices, you’ll surely get better container deals than on your conventional sourcing channels.

You can finally cut out the middleman and trade directly with partners you choose, saving both time and money. Best of all, connect with a wide variety of reliable wholesalers in China and buy straight from the source—at discounted prices.

To see the platform in action, try our public search below and find offers that fit your requirements in your desired locations in a few seconds. 

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            How to buy shipping containers wholesale?

            A wholesaler is a business or company that purchases units in bulk directly from shipping container manufacturers in China or shipping lines and sells them at low prices to customers. Interestingly, they play a crucial role in the container market because they ensure equipment availability for companies that don’t have direct access to manufacturers.

            If you’re tired of being overcharged for containers and want to find ways to purchase units in bulk directly from wholesalers and save money, here are a few simple steps you can consider:

            • Buy shipping containers in bulk from local wholesalers 

            Container suppliers and retailers put a heavy markup on the containers they sell. This is because they’re buying their stock directly from wholesalers at cheaper prices and then increasing the cost to make a profit. 

            The best way to avoid this problem is to eliminate the supplier from your buying journey altogether and purchase containers directly from wholesalers in the locations where you need them. 

            Luckily, you can connect directly with container wholesalers on the Container xChange platform, we cut out the middleman completely.

            Here’s an example to show how much you can save working with our wholesalers.

            Imagine you’re a Houston-based storage company looking to expand your inventory for your container rental business.

            Typically, for cargo-worthy 40ft HC containers, the market price is around US $2,200 per unit. However, on xChange, you’re paying just US $1,200 per unit for a cargo-worthy 40ft HC by getting it directly from a wholesaler in Houston.

            That’s a savings of US $1,000 per unit, plus no commission! For a bulk purchase of 5 containers, you’re saving a whopping $5,000.

            Get access to your local shipping container wholesaler network in seconds. Talk to our experts to find out about current wholesale offers and how much you can save for your business now

            • Source containers from wholesalers in China

            As you know, 90% of containers worldwide are manufactured in China. If you want to buy containers at the lowest wholesale prices, your best bet is to purchase them directly from China-based wholesalers. 

            However, we know that small and medium business owners struggle with limited connections as well as the logistical complexities of arranging container shipments from there. That’s why we have worked on a solution.

            On our container marketplace, not only can you easily connect and build connections with wholesalers and buy containers commission-free, but you can get paid to move your units as well. Let’s show you how with an example. 

            The market price for a new 40ft HC container in Tianjin (China) is US $4,150. Whereas, you can get the same brand new container for as low as US $2,800 — both from your local and Chinese wholesaler — on our container trading marketplace. That’s a saving of US $1,350 per unit!

            Once you’ve bought the container for $2,800 in Tianjin, simply hop onto our container leasing platform and lease out your equipment one way to a verified container user, say from Tianjin to Houston. You can charge the user a leasing rate of US $1,800 for the route and get your brand-new containers delivered to Houston for free.

            So, overall, you only end up spending US $1,000 for a brand new 40ft HC container! 

            It’s time to maximize your savings with wholesale shipping containers on xChange. Learn how container buyers are using this method to lower their costs. Click on the banner below to chat with our experts and find out how much you can save on container procurement in your location. 

            Save money with wholesale containers on xChange

            Where to buy shipping containers wholesale?

            If one or both of the above ideas appeal to you, you can make them a reality by subscribing to Container xChange for a nominal fee. Here are the benefits of becoming a member of our platform:

            Connect with 1,700+ container wholesalers and expand your network 

            We have 1,700+ vetted members on our platform. You’ll have instant access to some of the biggest names in the industry, including reputable shipping container wholesalers in 2,500+ locations around the world. Connect with them all in one place, grow your network, and create lasting business relationships that benefit everyone. 

            “We joined xChange because it offers broader access to more container companies for buying and leasing capabilities,” they explain. “Overall, the platform has made a positive difference in our business operations.”

            – Michael Auker, Business Partner, AMW Container Rental and Sales

            Buy containers 100% commission-free 

            Unlike many other sourcing platforms, suppliers, and retailers, Container xChange takes 0% commission from deals. This means that the price you and your partner agree on is the final price you’ll pay. 

            Buy containers from verified wholesalers

            Every member goes through a mandatory background check before joining, so you can rest assured you’re working with reliable companies only. What’s more, check reviews and ratings given to them by other partners before deciding who to work with. Read up about any member of xChange in our company profile section right now.

            Get a 7-day window for container quality check

            If you’ve had bad experiences in the past receiving units that were not up to your expectations, don’t worry. We give you a 7-day inspection period to assess the containers you’ve purchased. If you are unsatisfied with the quality, you can request a refund. 

            You can also send a container surveyor to give you the go-ahead before buying the units in the first place; the choice is yours. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re happy with the containers you’ve purchased.

            What makes Container xChange different?

            Buy brand new and used shipping containers at wholesale price

            When putting together your criteria for buying containers, you’ll need to decide between brand-new (one-trip) or used units. Let’s check out the price differences between these two container conditions so that you can make the best choice for your business.

            20ft wholesale shipping container for sale

            20ft containers are popular due to their compact and lightweight nature. In Los Angeles, buy brand-new 20ft containers for $1,900 on the Container xChange platform.

            If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, used containers are the best bet. Get used (cargo-worthy) 20ft containers in Los Angeles for as low as $1,150. By opting for used over new, you’ll be saving $750 per container. 

            The xChange marketplace price of 20ft used (cargo worthy) container is $1,150 and is negotiable.

            40ft wholesale shipping containers for sale

            40ft shipping containers provide double the storage volume of 20ft units, so if you have bigger storage requirements, this container size is for you. 

            It’s also more cost-effective to buy one 40ft container instead of two 20ft units, as one 40ft is usually only around 30% more expensive than one 20ft. This price difference can significantly lower your costs when you’re buying in bulk.

            For a brand new 40ft container in Houston, you’re looking at around $3,700. And for a used 40ft shipping container in the same city, you’re looking at just $900. That’s a price difference of $2,800 per unit!

            The xChange marketplace price of 40ft used (cargo worthy) container is $900 and is negotiable.

            40ft HC wholesale shipping containers for sale

            High cubes have the same dimensions as standard 40ft containers, with an extra foot of height. These containers are perfect for transporting taller cargo or slightly larger loads.

            For a new 40ft HC container in New York, you’re looking at US $3,000. Don’t worry, you can always get the best price by negotiating with the wholesaler. As you can see, in some locations, you can get new 40ft HCs for almost the same price as new standard ones. So it’s always important to keep an eye out for good deals like this on our platform.

            If you’re looking for a cheaper option, why not opt for used 40ft HC containers instead? In New York, you can buy used 40ft HCs for around US $1,695 and save over US $1,305 per container!

            The xChange marketplace price of 40ft high cube used container is $1,695 and is negotiable.

            Benefits of buying wholesale shipping containers

            Now that you’ve got an idea of the average prices of standard containers, it’s time to check out some of the main benefits of buying wholesale.

            Lowers overall shipping cost

            Bulk buying streamlines the shipping and transportation process. It allows multiple containers to be delivered to your location in just a single shipment, minimizing your overall shipping costs drastically.

            Long-term investment

            Shipping containers are durable and can last for over 15 years if well maintained. Buying wholesale is an effective way to invest in shipping containers, as you can rent them out when not in use. You can also sell your used shipping containers on our trading platform when demand is high to make profits from your units. 

            Lower cost per container 

            And finally, purchasing shipping containers wholesale often comes with bulk discounts. This reduces the cost per unit when compared to buying individual containers.

            Buy shipping containers

            Is buying shipping containers in bulk the right business decision for you?

            Before we go any further, it’s important to note that buying containers in bulk isn’t necessarily the best decision for everyone. The shipping container market is volatile, and demand changes daily. 

            So if you plan to buy containers wholesale at a reduced price and then sell them again at a profit right away, you may face challenges. 

            The biggest one? Difficulty finding buyers when you need to sell your units. This means storing and maintaining the containers while you wait for buyers, resulting in extra expenses or even potential losses for your business.

            To avoid this issue, why not subscribe to our trading platform and use it as a container inventory? When a customer contacts you with a container requirement, quickly hop onto xChange, find the containers your customer needs, and negotiate a great wholesale price. 

            This way, you’ll save on unnecessary costs altogether, while still procuring the units your customer needs at budget-friendly prices, quickly and easily—it’s a win-win! Click here to learn more about how you can use the xChange marketplace as container inventory for your business now.

            Find shipping containers for sale in bulk on Container xChange

            Now that you know how you can access container prices yourself, it’s time to see how you can use the xChange platform to buy containers in bulk.

            Finalize your criteria and start browsing offers

            First off, you’ll need to decide on the type, size, and condition you want to buy. Once you’ve had a look at Insights and know what market prices to expect, hop onto the xChange trading platform to start browsing available wholesale container offers. 

            Negotiate directly with wholesale suppliers

            When you’ve selected an offer that suits you, connect directly with the container supplier to negotiate the best deal for your budget.

            Pay safely with the xChange Wallet

            Last but not least, make completely safe payments right on the platform using our safe Payment Handling feature. We offer buyers a 7-day quality assurance period to inspect the containers before debiting your account. And for sellers, we provide guaranteed payments. 

            To illustrate how effective our platform can be, let’s take a look at the experience of one of our seasoned members,
            E-Containers, who established approximately 50 new partnerships, executed nearly 90 trading deals, and transacted 25% of its monthly business volume through Container xChange.

            “We ensure that the condition of containers aligns with our buying and selling standards. Doing business on xChange promotes fairness; buyers are protected, and sellers strive to deliver as promised.”

            – Andres Valencia, CEO, E-Containers

            Ready to connect with reliable wholesalers, save cash, and get the quality bulk container deals you need? Click the banner below to set up your personalized demo with one of our experts today. You’ll have the opportunity to see the trading and leasing marketplaces in action. Learn how our platform can help you get the best wholesale deals in no time at all.

            Buy shipping containers in wholesale price

            Wholesale shipping containers: Common FAQs

            How do you buy shipping containers in bulk?

            Buying shipping containers in bulk means purchasing units directly from container wholesalers – cutting out the middleman. Wholesalers are the first to handle the containers after the container manufacturer. Buying directly from wholesalers or container suppliers means you’ll get units in bulk for heavily discounted prices.

            What is the price of a 20ft shipping container?

            The average price of a cargo-worthy (used) 20ft shipping container is around US $1,000. The price depends on a variety of factors like condition, container type and location.

            How much do empty 40 foot shipping containers cost?

            The average price of a cargo-worthy (used) 40ft shipping container in the US is between US $2,000 and US $3,500. The price depends on a variety of factors such as the container condition, type and size, and location.

            What are the benefits of buying wholesale shipping containers?

            Buying wholesale shipping containers lowers the cost per container, allows you to receive heavily discounted prices, and save on shipping costs. It also provides you with inventory stability and can serve as a great long-term investment.