Buying wholesale shipping containers can be a great investment. You can buy wholesale quality containers on our online container marketplace – at great prices. Read this blog to find out more. Or, click here to find out how 1,500+ companies are buying shipping containers.

We know that when it comes to buying wholesale shipping containers, a major concern is determining if the seller is genuine or not. You may also wonder if they’re asking the right price for bulk orders and if you’ll receive quality containers.

To help you with all this, we present to you Container xChange – a leading online global marketplace for buying, selling or leasing containers.

With over 50,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations globally, our platform makes it easier to browse through container offers on a single dashboard. All our members go through a vetting process, so you don’t have to spend time doing a background check yourself.

Just use the public search below and fill in your requirements like container type and location. Then, browse through multiple offers from vetted sellers and choose the best wholesale container deals.

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    New & used wholesale shipping containers for sale

    One of the first things you need to decide before buying shipping containers in bulk is the condition of the container you need. If you plan to use your containers for a long time, you should invest in new shipping containers. They can last for 15-20 years easily.

    Buying new shipping containers wholesale can be expensive. The average price of a new 40ft container is $3,500. However, many suppliers give discounts on bulk purchases.

    But if you’re looking for an affordable option, then used containers might be right for you. Second-hand containers can last for 8 to 10 years and they’re perfectly fit to ship your cargo safely. You can buy 40ft old containers for as low as $1,500 on select regions on our platform.

    Want to check out the price difference between new and used containers in your location? Click the banner below to see the price difference and make the best container deals!

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    20ft wholesale shipping containers for sale 

    20ft containers are one of the most common containers for shipping goods – making them perfect for wholesale investment. These containers are popular due to their small size and are one of the most affordable containers in the market. You can get new 20ft containers for $2,000 on average.

    20ft standard container

    If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then cargo-worthy containers are more suitable for you. You can get second-hand 20ft containers for as low as $900 in some locations on our platform. Click here to check out the prices of 20ft containers in your preferred location.

    40ft wholesale shipping containers for sale

    40ft shipping containers provide more container space for your cargo. It is also more cost-effective to buy one 40ft container than choosing two 20ft containers,as one 40ft container is just 30% more expensive than one 20ft. This price difference can significantly lower your cost when you’re buying containers in bulk.

    40ft standard container dimensions

    The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft shipping container is $1,500 to $2,000. Click here to check out the sales offers from vetted sellers for 40ft containers in your preferred location!

    40ft HC wholesale shipping containers for sale

    When compared to standard 40ft containers, high cube containers give you an extra foot in height. These containers are perfect for transporting light, bulky, or even voluminous cargo.

    40ft high cube shipping container

    For a new 40ft HC container, you’re looking at an average price of anywhere between $3,000 to $4,000. If you’re looking for an affordable option, then you can choose cargo-worthy 40ft HC containers. The average price for one unit is around $2,100.

    Want to see the best deals you can get on wholesale purchases? Click here to connect directly with 1,500+ vetted suppliers and negotiate for better wholesale deals in your location.

    Benefits of buying shipping containers in bulk

    Now that you have an idea of the average prices of standard containers, it’s time to see the benefits you can get when buying wholesale shipping containers.

    -Lowers shipping cost: Bulk buying streamlines the shipping and transportation process. It allows multiple containers to be delivered to your location in a single shipment – minimizing shipping costs.

    -Inventory stability: Having a surplus of containers ensures that you have a steady supply even during times of high demand or supply chain disruptions.

    -Long-term investment: Shipping containers are durable and last for years. Buying wholesale is a long-term investment as you can lease them when not in use or even sell them in the second-hand container market.

    -Lower cost per container: And finally, purchasing shipping containers wholesale often comes with bulk discounts. This reduces the cost per unit when compared to buying individual containers.

    Even though most suppliers offer discounts on bulk purchases, it’s still important to make sure you’re buying containers at the right price. Read on to find out how you can access container prices yourself.

    Know real-time container prices for better negotiations

    Accessing container prices is important if you want to make the best wholesale container deals. However, prices of containers keep changing and depend on a variety of factors like condition, location and supply & demand.

    One easy way to keep track of real-time container prices is through xChange Insights. With Insights, you can access real-time container prices in 110+ locations globally.

    Insights graph on average container prices

    From the graph above, you can see average container prices in different locations. You can access this data for a day, weeks and even months. This helps you analyze the best time to buy, sell or lease your equipment.

    With Insights, you can make good deals even in a new market, and maximize your profits. And the best part is you can try Insights for free today. Simply click here to try your free trial and see how you can maximize your profits!

    How to buy shipping containers in wholesale on xChange

    Now that you know how you can access container prices yourself, it’s time to see how you can use the xChange to buy containers in bulk.

    Choose your container type and condition

    On our trading platform, you can find 12 types of shipping containers in different conditions. We have 50,000+ containers available – making it easier to find the container you’re looking for on xChange than your current sourcing channel. All you’ve to do is choose the container type you’re looking for and your preferred location.

    Browse through container offers in your location

    After selecting your criteria, you’ll find multiple offers to choose from in 2500+ locations globally. You can compare the prices and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

    Negotiate directly with the shipping container wholesale supplier

    And finally, once you’ve selected the offers you like, you can connect directly with the container supplier to negotiate better deals. We have 1500+ vetted container suppliers on our platform.

    All suppliers go through a background check and have a public profile where you can see their ratings! So you can be sure that you’re dealing with trusted suppliers without spending time conducting a background check yourself.

    Want to check out additional benefits of xChange for your business? Keep reading

    Buy wholesale shipping containers at the best prices on xChange

    Our trading platform is a one-of-its-kind online marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect and trade shipping containers globally. The marketplace streamlines and digitizes the entire buying process, from start to finish.

    Here are some other benefits of using xChange over your traditional sourcing methods.

    • Risk-free deals with vetted partners
    • 100% secure transactions
    • Price transparency
    • 50,000+ containers to choose from in over 2,500 locations worldwide
    • Secure payments
    • 0% commission on all deals

    You get all this right from your computer screen. Want to know more about our platform and how it can benefit your business? Simply click the banner below to get started.

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    Wholesale shipping containers: Common FAQs

    What is the price of a 20ft shipping container?

    The average price of a cargo-worthy 20ft shipping container is around $1000. The price depends on a variety of factors like condition, container type and location.

    What is the price of a 40ft shipping container?

    The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft shipping container is between $1500 to $2000. The price depends on a variety of factors like condition, container type and location.

    What are the benefits of buying wholesale shipping containers?

    Buying wholesale shipping containers lowers the cost per container and shipping costs. It also provides you with inventory stability and can serve as a great long-term investment.