If you’re in the business of modifying container homes and are looking for containers, this blog is for you. Find out the popular container home types, get new ideas, and know how to source containers at low prices in 2,500+ locations easily.

Shipping container home builders need to buy containers at low prices. Not only does this reduce your raw material acquisition costs, but it also leaves more funds to invest in container modifications. 

One easy way to get low-cost containers is through the Container xChange marketplace, where you can access 100,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations globally. All sellers on our platform are vetted, so you can ensure you’re engaging in safe business transactions. 

Simply use the public search below by inputting the container type and condition, plus your location, and then pressing search. Browse and compare offers that fit your budget and requirements today.

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            Find containers for your next container home project

            We understand how important it is to source containers at low prices for your container modification business. Container xChange makes it easy for you to find your ideal container type. Here’s how: 

            Wholesale prices: On our platform, you get access to containers at wholesale prices, enabling you to optimize your project budget easily. You can even buy containers in bulk to further reduce the costs per container, crack better deals, and reduce the cost of transporting them to your desired location.

            Vetted sellers: With xChange, you can access 1,700+ thoroughly vetted container suppliers globally. Each supplier on our platform is carefully screened to ensure reliability, so you can confidently buy containers from new partners. 

            Safe payment handling: To provide additional safety to our members, we’ve introduced a Payment Handling Fee where you pay for your containers and we keep your money on hold for seven days. This provides a 7-day protection period to inspect/accept the containers you’ve purchased. Once you are satisfied, we transfer the funds to the seller seven days after the release of the units. 

            If you’re in the market for container homes for sale, xChange provides you with an extensive inventory of over 100,000 containers to cater to your modification requirements. Simply click on the banner below to browse through container offers today!

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            Types of shipping container homes 

            Now that you know how to source containers easily, let’s look at some popular container home ideas for your business. 

            Small container homes 

            Small container homes, like 20 ft shipping container homes, offer a compact yet efficient living solution. You can build a small shipping container house from either 10ft or 20ft shipping containers.

            Small container home

            Check out offers for 10ft and 20ft containers in your preferred location here to build houses at the best prices.

            Large container homes

            Container home builders use 40ft containers or high cube containers like 40ft HC and 45ft HC to build large container homes. The inside of 40-foot container homes provides around 320 square feet of space. Businesses may also opt to combine various container types to construct multi-level houses.

            Large container home

            Are you a container home builder looking to build large 40-foot container homes at low prices? Use the Container xChange marketplace to procure containers at low rates from vetted sellers.

            Shipping container cabin 

            Shipping container cabins provide a versatile solution for vacation homes, offering both comfortable living spaces and recreational areas. By repurposing standard containers, you can build cabins from shipping containers easily.

            Choose from 100,000+ containers for your next shipping container cabin project here. 

            Sea container homes for recreational purposes 

            Apart from remodeling containers into houses, they can also be used for recreational purposes. Shipping container modification companies can modify containers into innovative ventures such as cafes, gyms, or pools. A shipping container studio is also an attractive option for remodeling. 

            Commercial cargo container homes 

            While shipping container homes for sale is quite popular, the use of containers for commercial purposes has also grown. 

            • Shipping container offices: Container offices provide a modern and sustainable workspace solution to meet the demands of contemporary businesses.
            • Employee shipping container housing: The inside of shipping container homes can be converted to provide on-site convenient and sustainable housing solutions for employees.

            • Storage container homes: Metal storage container homes offer a dual-purpose solution, utilizing containers not only as living spaces but also as functional storage units. 

            Container home office

            It’s important to keep your container procurement costs to a minimum if you want to invest in modifying freight container homes. One easy way to do this is through Container xChange, where you can even get containers under $1,000 from vetted sellers. Check out offers in your location and choose from 100,000+ containers by clicking on the banner below. 

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            What are the advantages of container homes? 

            Here are the top advantages of modifying containers into Conex houses:

            Quick to construct 

            Modifying containers into houses is a quick process. Your company can source repurposed shipping containers from the Container xChange marketplace to minimize procurement costs. This approach allows container modifiers like you to access affordable containers and tailor them to unique specifications, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on customization for your customers.

            Modifying containers into houses is a quick process. Your company can source shipping containers from the Container xChange marketplace to minimize procurement costs. This approach allows container modifiers like you to access affordable containers and tailor them to unique specifications, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on customization for your customers.

            Your business can purchase prefabricated container homes to avoid hefty construction costs. However, buying prefab container homes leaves little room for custom container living. For unique container homes, you can instead buy repurposed shipping containers at low prices from the Container xChange marketplace and save on your container procurement costs. 

            Ease of transport 

            You can use a dedicated shipping transportation service to pick up and relocate container houses anywhere in the world. To reduce your transportation costs, the perfect solution would be to buy containers at your desired location and modify them on-site. Check out deals in your preferred location here.

            Conex homes are customizable 

            Shipping container homes are easy to modify. You can build a house with a mix of 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Or, you can use recycled shipping containers to create large modular container homes. 

            Conex container homes have predictable pricing and are more cost-effective than constructing a traditional house. Let’s explore this further in the next section.

            Container home prices 

            A container home price is primarily determined by the cost of the shipping container itself, which varies depending on factors such as size, condition, and whether it’s new or used.

            You can get new 20ft shipping containers for $1,895 on average in the US. For an affordable option, choose a cargo-worthy 20ft container for just $945 in Toronto. 

            If you’re looking for more container space, choose 40ft containers instead. The average price of a new 40ft container is $2,850, and you can get a cargo-worthy 40ft container for $1,465. 

            Many shipping container modification companies also choose 40ft high-cube containers. The average price for a new container is $3,100, and for a caro-worthy condition, it is $1,570. 

            As container modifiers, you should know the prices of shipping containers. It helps you calculate the cost of container homes easily. And when you procure containers at the right prices, you can put your container house for sale at competitive prices. 

            One easy way to find containers at the right price is through Container xChange. Not only can you buy containers in bulk and get wholesale prices, but you can even negotiate with sellers for better rates. We don’t charge any commission on your deals, so you know you’re paying the right market prices. Want to check out the prices of containers in your location? Simply click on the banner below to get started. 

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            Find containers for container homes in USA 

            Modular shipping container homes have become quite popular in the US due to their affordability and versatility. Let’s explore some of the most popular locations below. 

            Container homes Florida

            Container homes in Florida have gained traction for both residential and vacation purposes. To build Florida container homes, buy containers at low prices on the Container xChange marketplace. Check out 100+ offers for containers in Florida today! 

            Container homes Texas 

            Another popular location in the US for container houses is Texas. To put container homes for sale in Texas at the best prices, buy 40ft containers for just $1,940 on xChange. 

            Container homes California 

            The average container price for a 40ft cargo-worthy container in California is $1,580.  Check out more container deals here to modify container homes in California.

            Container homes Houston 

            The average 40ft container price in the cargo-worthy condition is $1,280 in Houston. The low price makes it one of the most lucrative locations to invest in shipping containers. If you’re looking for a shipping container for sale in Houston, you can find numerous options on the Container xChange marketplace to suit your container home needs. Invest in shipping containers in Houston today.

            Container homes Michigan 

            Want to build a shipping container house for sale in Michigan? Check out 120+ container deals starting at $1,150 in Michigan from vetted sellers. 

            Container homes Colorado 

            The average price of a 40ft HC cargo-worthy container in Denver, Colorado, is $1,980. Find 50+ deals for containers in Colorado here. 

            Container homes in Chicago

            You can buy a cargo-worthy 40HC container for just $1,600 in Chicago from a top-rated seller on the Container xChange marketplace. 

            Container xChange allows you to buy containers in 2,500+ locations globally. For example, you can easily look for container deals for container homes in Puerto Rico, container homes in NC, or container homes in Washington. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using our platform for your business. 

            Find containers at low prices for container homes 

            If containers are a regular requirement for your container house modification business, Container xChange is the right platform for you. Our platform allows you to choose between 100,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations globally. 

            By using an online marketplace like Container xChange, you gain access to a wide selection of containers available online, ensuring a continuous supply of containers. 

            By subscribing to our platform you can easily buy containers whenever they are needed in your desired locations. This way, you save on container storage costs and can spend money on modifications instead. 

            Here are the simple steps for buying containers on Container xChange: 

            -Browse and compare offers all in one place: Hop onto our trading platform to browse and compare multiple offers.

            -Negotiate wholesale prices directly with the seller: Once you find the perfect offer, reach out to the seller directly to negotiate and finalize the deal.

            -Make safe payments: When everything is finalized, pay for your units using our secure payment platform. Additionally, reach out to our support team easily if you have any questions or concerns.

            Get started by clicking on the banner below to learn how xChange can help you increase profits for your container house business! 

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            Container homes: Common FAQs

            How long do container homes last?

            With the right precautions, container homes can last for 25 years or more. Since they’re stationary, they don’t accumulate the same levels of wear and tear as a regular shipping container.

            What are container houses?

            Container houses are an innovative concept wherein a steel container is transformed into a living space. These containers are stacked and joined to make container homes.

            What are prefab shipping container homes?

            Prefabricated shipping container homes are modular structures built off-site, utilizing shipping containers as building blocks, offering a cost-effective and efficient housing solution.