The 40 foot storage container is a popular choice for storing and shipping cargo of all kinds. Find out more about the different types of 40ft containers, their price and why they’re the perfect fit for storage in this blog. Plus, learn how 1,500+ shipping companies are getting 40ft containers at the best prices.

40ft shipping containers are one of the most popular containers in the market. As a result, these containers are easily available. They’re perfect for shipping as well as storage.

While it’s easy to find 40 foot storage containers, you can never be too sure that you’re paying the right price for these in-demand boxes. And if you want specialized 40ft containers, there’s a good chance that your local sourcing network may not have them.

That’s where Container xChange can help you. We’re an online container marketplace with 50,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations. On our platform, you get multiple container offers to compare, negotiate, and book directly from vetted suppliers. This way, you can be sure you’re buying containers at the best prices. 

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            New and used 40 foot storage containers for sale

            One of the first things you need to decide before buying 40 foot storage containers is the condition of the container you need. If you plan to use your container for a long time, you should choose a new container. They can easily last for 15-20 years. You can use new 40ft containers for both shipping as well as storage. 

            New containers are more expensive than used containers. The average price of a new 40ft shipping container is $3,500. Click here to check out sales offers for new 40ft containers in your location. 

            Used 40 foot shipping container: A cheaper alternative 

            If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then used 40 foot storage containers are perfect for you. Moreover, if you are looking for containers solely for the purpose of storage, then it makes the most sense to go with either a cargo-worthy or WWT container. These used containers can last for 10-15 years. 

            Used containers are safe and sealed and considerably cheaper than new containers. You can get a cargo-worthy 40ft container for as low as $850 on our platform!

            Want to check out the price difference between new and used containers in your location? Simply click here to check out sales offers to see the price difference between the two conditions today! 

            40 foot storage container dimensions and capacity

            It’s important to know the dimensions of the container you’re choosing to ensure whether  your goods will fit. Standard 40 foot containers are available in two sizes: 40ft and 40ft high cube (HC). Check out the dimensions of these containers from the table below.

            Measurements 40ft  40ft HC
            Internal length 12.03m / 39.5ft 12.03 m / 39.5 ft
            Internal width 2.4m / 7.9ft 2.35 m / 7.8 ft
            Internal height 2.39m / 7.9ft 2.67 m / 8.9 ft
            Tare weight 3,750kg / 8,268.8 lbs 3,940 kg / 8,687 lbs
            Payload capacity 27,600kg / 61,200 lbs 28,600 kg / 63,052 lbs
            Cubic capacity 67.7 m3 / 2,389 cu ft 76.3 m3 / 2,694.5 cu ft

            40 foot storage container capacity

            The capacity is yet another important thing to consider when choosing a container for your storage needs. It’s the most realistic metric to tell you how much you can actually store inside a container of a particular size and type.

            A standard 40ft container can hold:

            • 400 full-sized mattresses
            • 1,150 cartons of bananas
            • 20 to 24 standard pallets 
            • The household items of a two or three bedroom apartment

            Why choose 40ft shipping containers for storage? 

            Now that you have an idea of how much 40ft containers can store, it’s time to see why you should choose these containers for storage purposes. 

            • Cost effective: Opting for shipping containers as storage eliminates the need for constructing additional storage buildings or renting out warehouse space. Placing these containers off-site can also free up valuable space at your business location while still maintaining access to stored items.
            • Ample Space: As we’ve already seen, 40ft containers offer a large storage capacity. This makes them suitable for businesses with a significant amount of items to store.
            • Secure storage: Shipping containers are designed with security in mind. They are made from durable materials and often include locking mechanisms. This protects your stored goods from theft and environmental elements.
            • Mobility: Even if you use 40ft containers for storage, they are still easy to transport. This allows flexibility if your business needs a change of location or needs goods to be transported. 

            As you can see, using 40ft containers for storage has several benefits for your business. And one easy way to source quality containers is through xChange. 

            On our platform, you can connect with 1,500+ vetted suppliers in 2,500+ locations globally. We have 50,000+ containers available at 100% price transparency. Click here to browse through deals on 40 foot storage containers in your location. 

            How much does a 40 foot storage container cost

            To make sure you’re buying containers at best prices, it’s important to be aware of container prices in your location. Here are the prices for cargo-worthy 40ft containers in various locations around the globe:

            40ft (cargo-worthy) container prices 

            Location Price 
            USA $2,000
            China $1,195
            India $1,500
            Europe $1,390
            UAE  $1,332

            Container prices across the globe have lowered due to an overall surplus of shipping containers in the market. However, the prices keep changing as they depend on a variety of factors like container type, condition and location. 

            If you want to make the best deals, you need to be aware of real-time container prices. And one easy way to do this is through xChange Insights. 

            On Insights, you can access container prices in 110+ locations globally. All you have to do is select your desired location, container type and condition.

            On Insights, you can see price development for a week, month, or even several years. This way, you can analyze the pricing trends and identify the best time to buy, sell or even lease out your equipment.

            And the best part is you can use Insights for free today. Click here to try Insights for free and make the best container deals! 

            How to get the best deals on a 40ft storage container for sale

            Now that you know how to access real-time container prices, it’s time to see how you can use the xChange platform to get best deals on 40ft storage containers. 

            -Choose your container type and condition: On our trading platform, you can find 12 types of shipping containers in different conditions. All you’ve to do is choose the container type you’re looking for and your preferred location out of 2500+ cities.

            -Browse through container offers in your location: After selecting your criteria, you’ll find multiple offers to choose from.. You can compare the prices and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

            -Negotiate directly with container suppliers: And finally, once you’ve selected the offers you like, you can connect directly with the container supplier to negotiate better deals. We have 1500+ vetted container suppliers on our platform.

            As you can see, it’s easier to find storage containers on xChange than your traditional sourcing channels. Plus, we don’t charge any commission on your deals! 

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            Types of 40 foot containers available for storage

            There are different types of 40 foot containers available in the market. It’s important to choose the right one based on your storage needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular 40 foot containers. 

            40 foot standard storage container for sale 

            The 40ft shipping container is one of the most popular and widely used containers. It provides 27,600kg cubic capacity to store your cargo.

            40ft standard container

            The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft shipping container is $1,500 to $2,000. Click here to check out the sales offers from vetted sellers for 40ft containers in your preferred location!

            40 foot high cube storage container for sale 

            When compared to standard 40ft containers, high cube containers give you an extra foot in height. These containers are perfect for storing bulky or voluminous cargo.

            40ft HC container rental

            For storage, you should choose cargo-worthy 40ft HC containers as they are more affordable than new containers. The average price for a 40ft HC container is around $2,100.

            Want to see the best deals you can get on 40ft HC containers in your location? Click here to connect directly with 1,500+ vetted suppliers.

            40ft reefer container for sale 

            Reefer containers are special containers used to store and transport temperature-sensitive cargo. This includes dairy, meat, pharmaceuticals and ice.

            40ft reefer container

            Since these are special containers, reefer containers are more expensive than standard 40ft containers. The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft reefer container in the US is around $6,800. Click here to check out deals on reefer containers in your location. 

            40ft double door container for sale 

            Double door containers are built to have doors that swing open outside on both ends. You can use these doors to load and unload goods quickly from either ends of the container.

            You can get new double-door containers for around $4,500 on our platform. Click here to check out more deals in your location. 

            These are just a few types of 40ft storage containers that we’ve discussed. Click here if you want to read more about the 12 types of shipping containers available on the xChange platform. 

            Now that you’ve an idea of which container is best suited to store your cargo, read on to find how you can buy them at best prices. 

            Buy 40 foot storage container at best prices on xChange

            Buying storage containers through the traditional way requires a lot of steps. It starts with looking for container suppliers, vetting them, contacting them and going back and forth with the price negotiations through long emails.

            However, you can avoid this tedious process on the Container xChange platform. All you’ve to do is type in the location and container type on our platform to find available offers that fit your criteria. You can then compare deals to find the one that best suits your requirements and budget. And once you’ve found the deal that you like, you can negotiate directly with the seller!

            Here are some other benefits of using xChange over your traditional sourcing methods.

            • Risk-free deals with vetted partners
            • 100% secure transactions
            • Price transparency
            • 50,000+ containers to choose from in over 2,500 locations worldwide
            • Secure payments
            • 0% commission on all deals

            Want to know more about how xChange can help your business? Simply click the banner below to get started!

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            40 foot storage container: Common FAQs

            How much does a 40ft container cost?

            The average price of cargo-worthy 40ft container is around $1,500 to $2,000. The price keeps changing and depends on a variety of factors like location, condition and supply & demand.

            What is the capacity of a 40 foot storage container?

            The payload of a 40 food storage container is 27,600 kgs and the cubic capacity is 67.7 cubic meters.

            How much cargo can a 40ft shipping container hold?

            A standard 40ft container can hold 400 full-sized mattresses, 1,150 cartons of bananas and 20 to 24 standard pallets. It has a payload capacity of approximately 27,600 kgs.