Looking to lease a COSCO shipping container or track one? You’ve come to the right place. COSCO is one of the top shipping companies in the industry. It offers you a variety of container types and sizes for your shipments. This blog guides you to pick the best box according to your needs at the most competitive price.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • COSCO is the 2nd largest shipping company in the world. It has a total fleet of 1.9 million TEUs.
  • Types of cargo you can ship with COSCO.
  • The average pick-up rate for a 20ft DC on Container xChange is US $0 – US $1,350.
  • You can get your hands on some of these boxes on Container xChange

Cosco Shipping

Lease COSCO containers

If you want to ship your goods, you obviously want the best there is. Leaving your hassle of finding the “right” container, you can choose from a range of containers and get the perfect fit for your needs at xChange.

xChange offers a diversity of COSCO containers while keeping in mind your requirements and expectations. And the best part? It’s to forget all about the cumbersome process of following up.

With us, all you need to do is log in into your xChange account and let us coordinate for you! Still looking for answers to Why COSCO and how to lease one? Keep reading!

COSCO shipping container: background & history

COSCO shipping is 6+ decades old in the industry. It’s known to have a strong presence in the market. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be as monotonous as us telling you how COSCO started in 1961 as the China Ocean Shipping Company (although it did!)

Because we feel it’s so much better to talk about how it made its way all the way up to the ladder. COSCO is the largest integrated shipping company in China and the second largest in the world. Operating worldwide, the company owns a total of 373 container vessels, with a total capacity of 1.9 million TEUs.

Being a big player in the market, COSCO is still forming new shipping alliances in the industry. Owning just short of 2 million containers, COSCO offers a wide range of boxes. Scroll down to know the most common ones.

7 types of COSCO shipping container available (+ average leasing prices)

“Does size matter?” That shouldn’t even be a question anymore. Of course it does, especially when you’re finding the right container for your cargo. If you’re struggling with containers and their sizes, we’ve curated a list of COSCO containers and their dimensions. Skim through and choose your pick.

We’ll also give you the average costs of leasing the different containers for a one-way lease. These containers are also known as SOCs, where the container owner needs a container moved from one location to another. That’s also why, you’ll see on some stretches, you won’t have to pay anything for the actual lease of the box.

Are you more interested in buying a container? Then we can help get you started right here instead.

If you’re looking to transport your dry cargo, these containers might do the trick –

20ft DC Containers

If you’re shipping sacks of sugar, cement or anything dry – 20ft containers are your thing! They are standardized containers, built from steel or aluminum. These containers help a shipper to load dry cargo and are water-resistant to prevent any damages to the content inside. 20ft DC are the most popular container types.

Cosco Shipping

Average price:
If you want to lease a 20ft DC, the average pick-up rate will vary from US $1,050 to US $1,350. For instance, from Rotterdam to Shanghai, you pay US $0 for it. That’s because ports in China are often in need of containers. The country is known for hefty exports and thus in demand for more containers. However, when you change the location, prices change as well. Keeping the pin on Rotterdam to Houston will surge the leasing price to an average of US $1,350.

20ft HC Containers

Cosco Shipping

Do you have cargo with extra height? Then 20ft HCs might be the right container type for you. All that extra space helps you accommodate furniture, more stocks and other items in the container.

Are you interested in leasing or buying a 20HC? Then click right here and see how many of these containers are available to lease where you need them!

40ft DC Containers

Cosco Shipping

If you’re worried about carrying your pallets safely from one place to another, 40ft DC might be your match. These standardized containers are often used to carry nearly 20-21 standard Euro pallets (in one tier). People are also trading specific cargo such as apparels in 40 DC containers.

Average Price:
The average leasing rate can range from anywhere between $50 and $400 per month (for storage purposes). However, it’s still very location and cargo specific. For instance, the average price for a 40ft DC container from Shanghai to Houston will cost you an average of US $1050. Whereas, from Rotterdam to Dublin, it won’t cost you a single dollar — owing to the demand for containers in that area.

40ft HC Containers

Cosco Shipping

Countless 40ft HC containers are used to ship cargo on a daily basis. These containers help people trade in dry cargo. They aid to store more cargo rather than heavier cargo. 40ft HC containers have made it to the list of most preferred containers.

Average Price:
The average pick-up rate for these containers can range from US $178.23 to US $2,549.

Special COSCO shipping container

Reefer Containers

Cosco Shipping

Reefer containers are special containers. They’re refrigerated containers.

Reefers are used to maintain a certain temperature inside them to keep temperature-sensitive cargo from going stale. Reefers are usually used to trade in dairy, vegetables and fruits.

Want to see how many reefers are available where you need them? Just try out our public search. All you’ve to do is choose “I want to use” and your preferred location. Within seconds you’ll get a list of containers and locations, just waiting for a deal.

Looking for reefer containers? Try our public search below to see how easy it’s to find reefers at your preferred region. All you need to do is type in your pick-up and drop-off locations and hit search.

Please select a location.
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Open-Top Containers

Cosco Shipping

Curated with either a steel or a wooden flooring, these containers are open at the top. Usually, open tops come in 20ft and 40ft. Open-top containers are ideal for carrying heavy cargo such as machinery and trade in bulky material.

Flat-Rack Containers

Cosco Shipping

Want to ship that pretty car or simply move that precious-than-life bike of yours? Flat-rack containers are your deal. They’re an excellent choice for heavy loads and cargo that need loading from the top or sides. Some of the new-gen containers can load up to 50,000 kilograms on a single trip! – Supership, indeed, eh! They take more room than your average 20ft shipping container though, so make sure you know what size works best before booking anything long term with them.

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Types of cargo you can ship with COSCO shipping container

Once you’ve figured out the containers, you need to be double sure of what to put in them. We don’t want you to be putting veggies in a DC container or dairy in HC. Here’s a quick skim-through guide for what you can put in your COSCO container:


All those gorgeous apparels from pullovers to denims and sensitive satin and nowhere to go to transport them? DC and HC containers can be your go-to! Apparels and clothes are one way to trade with containers. As discussed a while back, DC and HC containers can be leased for the purpose of storage and trading. In fact, HC containers might just be your perfect pick for these purposes, considering they even have integrated hangers to ease the process of hooking clothes for trading.


Hefty bikes, cars and other vehicles/ automotive are also used for trading. Especially in flat-rack containers, since these types of containers can take the weight and keep the automotive safe until the final destination.


Trying to run a business and manage shipping containers all by yourself? No more! If you’re nailing your retail biz, COSCO containers will nail retail transports! Other than types of aerosols, household cleaners and solvents, retail products like spices, dairy, art and others can be shipped in the containers.

How to track a COSCO shipping container

As a brand in business making your way through the waters – it isn’t easy to get through the challenges. Especially when the company numbers are dependent on the cargo in container shipping. You’ve done your job of shipping the material but what next?

How do you ease the anxiety that keeps building up, screeching “where is the shipment?” There are two ways around it. You can either track your shipment on the COSCO website or you can join the xChange family and let’s keep you updated with real-time tracking on our portal.

With xChange, all you need is your tracking code and you facilitate the shipping process with COSCO through our platform.

Find the right COSCO shipping container with xChange

Now that you’re aware of COSCO containers, it’s about time that you choose your pick with us.

We’re a neutral online platform with 1000+ container logistics businesses in more than 2500 locations. We also make tracking your shipments a breeze. With us, at xChange, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your containers again. We’ll help you with automatically-generated detailed reports on containers’ location. We will also help you in staying updated with the expected arrival time. So that even if something happens unexpectedly (like when a shipment arrives early or late) you can make necessary changes without worrying too much!

xChange makes finding the perfect SOC container easy. An SOC is a Shipper Owned Container. In this, the shipping party is expected to “get their own box”. And if you, too, are willing to find yours – we’re right here to help you with it.

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With us, you can find vetted owners who offer boxes where they’re needed most in your area. With Container xChange, finding a container is a breezy task. All you’ve to do is choose where you want your shipment delivered; then simply enter some basic information about the lease requirements and voila! You’re ready for the picking up line at any major port globally.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get on finding the perfect container for you and set the sails (we’re getting better with the puns) to success!

Is COSCO Shipping a Chinese company?

Yes, COSCO Shipping is a Chinese company. It was founded in 1961 as a government-owned company. Evolving through the years, it’s currently serving as one of the leading names in the shipping world.

How much can a COSCO ship hold?

COSCO Ships can hold 21,237 TEU or over 8 million pounds. Some of the giant vessels owned by the company measure upto 302 meters long.

How much does a COSCO ship measure in size?

A COSCO ship is a 400 meter long vessel and has an impressive 58 meter width and 22 knot maximum speed. With its deadweight of 199 thousand metric tons this flagship ocean liner from 21st century maritime silk road will make your journey across the world seem like a piece of cake.

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