Looking for shipping containers for sale in California? Uncover the prices of dry containers in the major ports of Los Angeles and Oakland. Plus, find out how to buy them from 1,700 vetted suppliers at the best prices on Container xChange. 

Over the past year, the West Coast region experienced a drop in container prices due to factors such as wage wars, bottlenecks and port congestion. However, with the Red Sea crisis and preparations for the Chinese New Year leading to a spike in demand, prices have been on the rise again since October 2023.

With that said, standard container costs remain low, making it a good time to acquire units before the peak shipping season begins in April. If you want to seize this opportunity but are unsure where to source containers, don’t worry! 

Container xChange is here for you. With 100,000+ containers at your disposal across 2,500+ locations, sourced from 1,700 vetted suppliers, finding units of your choice is a piece of cake.

Check out the easiest way to find units in California at unbeatable prices! Try our public search now. Just enter your container type and location, hit ‘search’, and find offers that suit your budget and requirements instantly

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    Shipping containers for sale California: How much do they cost?

    Shipping container prices in California are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

    • Supply and demand
    • Container availability
    • Container type and size

    Check out the graphs below to see the price trend for 20ft and 40ft cargo-worthy units in Los Angeles and Oakland between February 2023 and February 2024.

    20ft container trends California 2023-2024

    As we can see (above), prices for 20ft containers in LA and Oakland started to decline around March 2023, continuing to fall until September. There was a steep rise in prices around October due to the Red Sea crisis, which led to a capacity crunch as shippers looked for alternative routes for their cargo. 

    This didn’t last for too long, as we can see a price drop since December again. Container prices are still significantly lower than they were this time last year. Whilst in February 2023, the average price of a cargo-worthy standard 20ft container in California was US $1,785, it now sits at around US $1,590. So if you buy containers on Container xChange now, you’ll save around US $200 per unit. 

    40ft container trends California 2023-2024

    For 40ft containers, we saw prices starting to decrease around February 2023, rising slightly around October as the Red sea crisis hit (but not significantly), and then decreasing again until January 2024. In January, prices slowly rose again in preparation for the Chinese New Year shutdown. 

    The price of a 40ft container is significantly lower in February this year, as compared to last year. 

    At the same time last year, 40ft containers in California were going for US $2,680, whereas you’ll shell out just US $1,655 per unit this year. So you’ll be spending around US $1,025 less on this container type than a year ago. 

    If you are a member of Container xChange, you’ll have exclusive access to up-to-date container prices and trends, just like the ones above, so that you can make better and more informed decisions when buying and selling units. Keep ahead of the curve by tracking the latest price and get your container at the best price. 

    Know how you can get exclusive insights into container prices, save money for your business and trade smartly Talk to our expert team today, and learn all about the platform and how it can work for you.

    New and used containers for sale in Los Angeles, Oakland & more

    Now, let’s compare the prices for new and cargo-worthy 20ft and 40ft shipping containers below. So that you can decide which container condition best suits your needs and budget.

    20ft and 40ft shipping containers

    Shipping containers for sale Los Angeles 

    Los Angeles is both the biggest and busiest port in North America. However, over the past year, this important port has experienced major delays and congestion, causing container prices to plummet.

    If you’re searching for new shipping containers for sale in LA, you’ll be shelling out US $2,080 for a 20ft, and US $3,545 for a 40ft. These are the prices you’ll get exclusively on the Container xChange platform. Why? We offer budget-friendly prices on shipping containers of all types and sizes.

    If these prices are too steep, don’t worry. You can buy used containers instead of new ones and save a substantial amount of cash. 

    For a cargo-worthy 20ft, you’ll pay US $1,351 (save US $729 per container), and for a 40ft, you’re looking at US $1,695 (save US $1,850). 

    Just think, you can buy a whole extra 40ft unit with the money you’ve saved by choosing used over new. And you still have money left over!

    Note that the above-mentioned prices are based on the transactions on our platform and are subject to change. 

    Like the prices, you see and want to find cargo-worthy units at low prices in other cities in California? It’s so easy! Browse and compare container offers in just a few clicks on xChange now.

    Find new and used shipping containers in Oakland 

    Oakland Seaport ranks among the top four ports in North America and 20th in the world in terms of annual container traffic.

    If you’re looking for containers in this area, you’ll pay US $2,527 for a new 20ft and US $3,851 for a new 40ft on Container xChange.

    If you don’t need brand new units, opt for used containers in Oakland instead, for a lower  price. Buy a 20ft for US $1,617 and save US $910 per container. And for a 40ft, pay just US $1,798 and save US $2,053 per unit. 

    Did you know? You can find special shipping containers like reefers and flat racks on xChange too. Whatever the container type, find it in the location you need at a price you’re happy with. Click below to get the best deals on standard and special shipping containers in California today.

    Buy containers in California

    How to buy a shipping container for sale in California at the best price

    Sourcing shipping containers at prices that suit your budget can sometimes become a headache, but all of that can change if you join our easy-to-use marketplace. Don’t believe us? Check out the four simple steps to buying containers on xChange below. 

    Decide on your criteria and price range

    Before you get started looking for offers, there are a few things you’ll need to decide on. This includes figuring out the container type, size, and condition that suits you best. 

    It’s also crucial to know what prices you should be shelling out. Luckily, you can use xChange Insights to check the latest price data for the container types you’re looking for. 

    With this easy-to-use tool, find the most up-to-date prices before hopping onto the trading platform to find offers. This way, you’ll be equipped with the data to make smart trading decisions. Speak to one of our experts about xChange Insights and its benefits now.

    Browse offers

    Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, start browsing and comparing options on our trading platform. It’s quick and easy to compare multiple offers at the same time, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal out there. 

    You’ll be able to see the price, location, condition, and supplier upfront so that you can make an informed decision.

    Trading platform - Container xChange

    Make safe payments

    Once everything is finalized, make payments right on the platform using the xChange Wallet. It’s a completely secure way to pay for your units, worry-free. Plus, keep track of all of your transactions in one place and receive just one invoice every month.

    Want to sell containers in California? List your inventory with us

    If you find it tricky to sell your shipping containers or have extra inventory, don’t stress. On Container xChange, you can list your shipping containers for sale at prices that suit you. 

    As a member of our platform, you’ll work with only vetted and pre-approved partners, so you can rest assured that all parties involved are reliable and professional. 

    What’s more, communicate directly with buyers to negotiate the prices and settle on a deal that suits everyone. No fuss, and no middlemen taking a cut of your profits.

    Buy storage containers in California

    If you’re looking for shipping containers for storage, standard 20ft or 40ft units are the perfect fit. As we saw earlier in the blog, used containers are considerably cheaper than new ones, and you can get the best prices for cargo-worthy units for storage purposes on the Container xChange platform.

    Buying containers for storage on xChange is appropriate if:

    • You’ve got a construction business and need space to store and/or move construction materials safely. Your requirement for containers is frequent.
    • You provide containers for the construction of portable office and home spaces. 
    • You’re a container trader supplying containers to storage facilities regularly and want to offer only the best quality used containers to customers.

    Talk to our expert team today to learn how you can get exclusive insights into container prices, save money for your business, and make smart trading moves

    Get new and used shipping containers for sale in California on xChange

    If your container requirements are frequent, and you don’t want to spend all of your time trying to source containers within your budget, become a member of Container xChange today. Most of the work has already been done for you!

    We’ve got 100,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations globally. Connect with 1,700 reliable partners in one place, and negotiate the price you want to pay for units directly. Finally, do everything from sourcing containers and comparing prices to making safe and secure payments and keeping track of your transactions, all in one place.

    So click the banner below to set up your free demo with one of our friendly experts. You’ll have the opportunity to learn exactly how xChange can work for you, plus get a sneak peek of our easy-to-use platform. Buying shipping containers for sale in California at the best prices has never been easier. 

    Buy containers in California on xChange

    Shipping containers for sale California: Common FAQs

    How much is a 40ft shipping container in California?

    The price of a 40ft shipping container depends on a variety of factors, including the location, container condition, and current market situation. For a 40ft cargo-worthy container in Los Angeles, you’ll be shelling out US $1,695, and in Oakland, US $1,798.

    How much is a 20ft shipping container in California?

    A cargo-worthy 20ft shipping container will cost you US $1,351 in Los Angeles, and US $1,617 in Oakland. It’s important to note that 40ft containers are usually only around 30% more expensive than 20ft containers, so it’s more cost-effective to opt for one 40ft rather than two 20ft containers if you’re moving larger cargo volumes.

    How much does a standard container cost in California?

    The average price of a standard 20ft cargo-worthy container in California is US $1,485 and a 40ft is US $1,620. The prices of standard containers fluctuate constantly, depending on the market situation, container condition, and exact location.