Trident container leasing is known as one of the world’s biggest players in the shipping industry. This blog gives you a comprehensive overview of the company and how you can lease boxes at the best price points on Container xChange. Plus, get a brief look at 6 different types of boxes they offer.

Trident container leasing B.V. has been a top container leasing player in the industry for many years and has provided high-quality new and used containers. Trident has outdone itself in terms of simplifying the process of leasing. Today, it’s a member of Container xChange and together, we help make your container leasing experience worthwhile. 

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What is Trident Container Leasing B.V.? 

Trident Container Leasing B.V. is an international container leasing company, providing services to the marine shipping industry. It was established in 2007 and within a few years, Trident became one of the leading lessors of intermodal cargo containers to shipping lines and logistics providers in Europe and Asia.

The company leases standard 20ft containers, 40ft containers, and 40ft High Cube containers. They also maintain a large fleet of special containers, such as open-top, flat rack, pallet-wide, and reefer containers.

Trident Container Leasing B.V. has its head office located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can also find a branch in Rotterdam as well as agents in Germany, The United Kingdom, and South Korea. In fact, the company has grown over the years to also helm strategic partnerships in global cities.

To reach their global customers easily and ensure timely delivery, Trident has a wide network of depot facilities in all the main ports in Europe and strategic locations in Asia and the South Pacific. In addition to leasing, Trident also has a trading division.

Whether you need short-term or long-term leasing or looking for standard or specialized equipment, Trident provides you with quality boxes. They offer a wide range of leasing options and can customize solutions to fit whatever unique needs you may have. Now, if you’re wondering where to start, here’s a list of 6 popular types of containers that you can lease from Trident to help get you going:

6 types of boxes that Trident Container Leasing offer

Regardless of what you need to ship, Trident has containers suitable to store and transport any kind of cargo you have.

Let’s look at the popular containers Trident offer:  

20ft standard dry container A 20ft standard dry container, or a TEU, is the most commonly used container type. You can store and ship dry cargo, including pallets, barrels, bulk paper, and clothes.
40ft standard dry container  A 40ft standard dry container, is twice the size of a TEU. And just like the TEU, you can store and ship any type of dry cargo in these containers but at a larger volume. 
40ft high-cube container A 40ft HC container has the same floor space as a 40ft container with an extra 30 cm height. Since these containers are taller, they’re perfect for carrying over-height cargo.
Reefer container A reefer container is a refrigerated container designed to carry temperature-sensitive goods. You can store and ship perishable items such as food and pharmaceuticals in reefers. 
Flat rack container A flat-rack container has walls only at the short ends of the container. They are perfect for shipping heavy and uniquely shaped cargo such as timber or heavy machinery. This gets loaded from the top or sides of these special boxes.
Open top containers An open-top container has a tarpaulin instead of a solid roof. You can load and unload over-height goods from the top. Trident Container Leasing company leases 20ft and 40ft open-top containers.
Pro tip: These boxes are part of a wide range of containers that Trident container leasing B.V.  offer, so if you’re looking for more, Container xChange can help you get access to containers from Trident. Reach out to one of our experts and get a free demo to see how we can help you secure solid deals today! 

Trident Container Leasing: Find new and used boxes

As far as the conditions of the container go, Trident leases both new and used boxes. So, if you prefer leasing used containers instead of a new one, you can easily lease them from Trident.

The company has been purchasing new and second-hand containers for its leasing and trading divisions. Through these divisions, the company focuses on selling, renting, and leasing containers globally. 

You can also find containers in your preferred container condition on our platform. Just head over to our leasing platform and make a request for containers in the condition you want. Get new, wind and water-tight, cargo-worthy, and as-is containers on your route.

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3 facts about Trident Container Leasing B.V. 

When it comes to the container leasing industry, Trident Container Leasing B.V. is a company that stands out for its experience and expertise. Here are three facts that demonstrate why Trident is a top choice for container leasing: 

⚡Leading global lessor 

Trident Container Leasing operates in many countries around the world, including the United States, China, Singapore, and Germany, among others. The company has a large network of partners and suppliers, which allows it to provide container leasing solutions to customers no matter where they are located.

⚡Diverse fleet of containers

Trident Container Leasing has a diverse fleet of containers that includes a variety of sizes and types, from standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers to specialized equipment like flat racks, open tops, and refrigerated containers.

⚡Committed to sustainability

Trident Container Leasing recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The company offers eco-friendly container options like the Trident GreenBox, which is made from recycled materials and has a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional containers.

Interested in Trident Container Leasing B.V.? Container xChange can help!

If this blog has piqued your interest in Trident Container Leasing B.V., then we have good news for you! The company is open for business on our user-friendly leasing platform.  

All you have to do is choose your pick-up and drop-off locations as well as the container types you’re looking for. You’ll receive a host of offers from companies leasing on your route. You may even get an offer from Trident if the leasing company has containers to lease out on your route. 

On Container xChange, you’re assured to only find companies that have undergone a thorough background check. This way, all the deals will be secure and genuine. You can also check out the company profiles and peer reviews of these companies to get a clearer idea of their performance. 

Trident Container Leasing BV

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Trident Container Leasing: Common FAQs

What is container leasing?

Container leasing refers to renting a container from a container supplier for a leasing period, as specified in the leasing agreement.

What are container leasing companies?

Container leasing companies are organizations that lease and even manage container fleets for shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders.

How many percent of the world's containers are leased?

Container leasing companies own approximately 52% of the global container pool. The container leasing market size reached $ 5,150 million in 2019.