Using a construction storage container is a durable and cost-effective way of managing your storage needs at your jobsite. If you’re in the construction industry, read this blog to learn how to buy the storage containers you need at affordable prices for your business.

Opting for shipping containers over traditional storage set-ups on construction sites can save you heaps of cash. What’s more, containers are portable, weather resistant and easy to modify. 

But you’ll need to find the right container sourcing partner if you want to get the best wholesale deals on storage units. Why? Because containers are usually sold at retail prices, with a markup that can be easily avoided by buying directly from suppliers. 

Our online container marketplace gives you a list of low-cost container offers available directly from suppliers on a single dashboard. Simply browse through, select, and negotiate offers, then buy storage containers with no markup or commission. With 1,700 vetted suppliers, make budget-friendly deals with reliable partners in one place, worry-free.

Check out offers on the container type and size you need right now in 2,500+ locations with our public search below. You’ll be able to browse and compare prices and find potential partners to work with in no time at all.

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            What is a construction storage container?

            A construction storage container is an old shipping container that’s been repurposed for use on a construction site. Its function is to store equipment, building materials and tools. You can also use shipping containers as mobile container offices at your jobsites.

            Shipping containers are a popular choice for on-site construction storage, as they offer a lot of space, and can easily be moved between locations. We’ll get into the main benefits in the next section.

            Construction storage unit

            Benefits of using storage containers for construction sites

            Considering using shipping containers for your construction storage needs? Here are just some of the benefits of opting for containers:

            Portable storage that’s easy to modify

            Shipping containers are intermodal containers, designed to move cargo between ships, trucks and trains. So it’s no hassle if you need to relocate your storage spaces between sites. Besides this, storage containers are easy to modify—you can add racks, ventilation, windows and extra locks quickly and easily, all without breaking the bank. 

            Low maintenance costs

            Containers are designed to withstand the harsh weather at sea, so they’re durable and weather resistant. This means you won’t have to do shipping container repairs often—another way to save on extra costs! 

            Good resale value

            If you’ve got too many units and no longer need them, you can easily sell them again on our container marketplace to recover your investment. On our Container xChange, you’ll instantly be connected with hundreds of buyers looking for containers just like yours. Plus, you can decide on the price you want to sell your units for.

            Durability and security

            Shipping containers are made from Corten steel, and are extremely strong and durable. So your materials will be safe not only from harsh weather, but from rodents and thieves as well. Just make sure you’ve got good locks on the units, of course! 

            Weather resistant

            Shipping containers are waterproof and designed to withstand heavy rains, winds and extreme temperature changes. They’re perfect for storing any kind of dry material, keeping all contents dry and protected from excess moisture.

            Benefits of using containers for storage

            Best sizes for storage containers for construction

            The shipping container size you’ll need for construction will depend on the size of your site, as well as the type of materials you need to store. 

            20ft standard dry container

            The 20ft dry container is suitable for small construction sites with limited space available for storage. This container size can pack in small pieces of machinery, as well as tools and building materials, whilst still being compact and taking up minimal space. See 20ft container prices now.  

            40ft standard dry container

            If the construction site has more space available, a 40ft container can be used. This container has double the capacity of the 20ft, but usually only costs around 30% more than its smaller counterpart. So it’s great value for money! See 40ft container prices now. 

            40ft HC standard dry container

            The 40ft high cube has the same dimensions as the standard 40ft, with an extra foot of height. So if you’ve got taller pieces of machinery or larger volumes of building materials and tools to store, this size is ideal. See 40ft HC container prices now.

            Should you buy or rent containers for construction site storage? 

            Whilst searching online, you may have found options for buying containers, as well as for construction storage container rental. Let’s take a look at these now, to help you figure out what works best for you.

            You should buy storage containers if you have long term storage needs and want to modify containers for specific storage requirements. 

            The only reason people opt for storage rental is because it’s cheaper for short-term use. However, if your needs are consistent and long-term, then making containers company assets will give you long-term savings and flexibility. 

            If you buy a used 20ft container in Los Angeles on the xChange platform, you’re looking at a price of just US $1,347. And it gets better. For a 40ft HC in New York, you’ll pay almost the same price, US $1,365.67—for more than double the capacity! 

            If buying containers makes sense for your business, you’re in the right place. On our container marketplace you can browse 100,000+ container offers in 2,500+ locations on one platform—hassle-free. What’s more, you can buy wholesale shipping containers and save your business even more cash. Click below to find out more now.

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            Find on site storage containers for construction sites in 3 steps

            If using shipping containers for storage sounds perfect for your business, here are the 3 quick and easy steps to securing containers on the xChange platform.

            Browse and compare offers

            Once you’ve decided on the container sizes that work for your business, hop onto our trading platform to start browsing offers that match your criteria. Here you’ll be able to check out the container condition, price and who the suppliers are. 

            Negotiate the best wholesale prices

            When an offer has caught your attention, the next step is to reach out to the supplier directly to negotiate the price and finalize all details of the sale. You heard that right, it’s just you and the supplier, no fuss, no middleman! 

            Make secure payments

            You’ve agreed on a price and are ready to move forward—congratulations! All that’s left to do is pay for your containers. You can do this directly on xChange using our secure payment platform. All transactions are encrypted, and our support team is available 24/5 if you have any questions or concerns. 

            Buy storage containers for construction at the best prices

            Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you subscribe to our online container marketplace. 

            Work with vetted suppliers

            Each of our 1,700+ members has gone through a mandatory background check, so any partner you choose to work with is guaranteed to be professional and reliable. This saves you invaluable time when sourcing the containers you need for storage.

            100,000+ containers available in 2,500+ locations globally 

            On our container marketplace, we’ve got 100,000+ containers available in over 2,500 locations around the world. Find the container types and sizes you need without switching tabs once. 

            7-day quality assurance period

            To ease your worries, we give you a 7-day quality assurance period to check that you’re happy with the units you’ve purchased. If the containers aren’t in the condition that was promised, you’ll get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

            If you’re ready to get cost-effective, convenient storage solutions for your business, click the banner below to set up your free demo with our expert team. Here, you’ll get to see the marketplace live in action. Finally, buy containers at wholesale prices for construction storage, and save big with us.

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            Common FAQs: Construction storage containers

            What size container should you use for construction site storage?

            The most common sizes to use for storage construction include the 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube container. This will depend on the size of the construction site, as well as the types of materials and equipment that needs to be stored.

            What types of construction materials can you store in a container?

            Shipping containers are waterproof and weather resistant, and can store building materials, equipment and tools of all kinds safely. This includes wood for flooring, metal sheets and pipes, concrete slabs and bricks, as well as electrical supplies.