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New & used shipping containers for sale on xChange

Before we get into some of the different container types, it’s important to decide between new and used boxes.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to decide which one suits you best. A new box is one that has done a maximum of one trip, from the place of manufacture to the place of sale. A cargo-worthy box is a used box that meets all criteria to be able to ship goods.

New container Cargo-worthy container
More costly Cheaper
Always cargo-worthy May or may not be cargo-worthy
Long warranty Warranty may have expired
No toxic substances have been transported in the box Toxic substances could have been transported in the box
Overqualified for storage use Perfect for storage use

Once you’re a member on xChange, it’s easy to find both new and cargo-worthy boxes at great prices. Whatever the container type and condition you’re looking for, you’ll find it in no time at all with our easy-to-use trading search feature.

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Container types for sale on xChange

20ft dry container

The 20ft dry container is a popular choice for transporting dry goods. These 20ft boxes are perfect for transporting everything from clothing, barrels and sacks of grains to large machinery. They can also be customized to transport specific items. Due to their availability and simplicity, standard containers are generally reasonably priced.

20ft dry container

Interested in purchasing a 20ft container? It’s so easy to find the container you’re looking for on xChange. Click below to find the perfect 20ft for your needs today.

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40ft dry container

The 40ft container is twice the size of the 20ft and can carry double the cargo. While the 20ft is often used to carry heavy machinery, the 40ft is ideal for carrying larger loads of lighter cargo.

40ft container

Want a 40ft box? Great! It couldn’t be simpler than on our transparent and neutral trading platform. Click below to find a 40ft at an unbeatable price.

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40ft HC dry container

The 40ft high cube is much like the 20ft and 40ft, but with extra height. This extra height is useful for over-height cargo (up to 2.7m / 8.1ft tall). High cubes are also commonly used to carry large amounts of lighter cargo like clothing, fabric and grains.

40ft HC

Is the 40ft HC exactly what you’ve been looking for? Then why not get searching to find one of your own today. Click below to get started.

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Reefer container

The reefer or refrigerated box is fitted with special cooling equipment, which keeps cargo at a specific temperature throughout its journey. With a reefer, the cold chain stays completely intact. Areas can also be sectioned off for the cooling and freezing of different items.

Reefer container

Need a reefer for your goods? Look no further. Click the button to find reefers near you today.

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Double door container

The double door box is designed for easy loading and unloading of cargo. If you’re transporting cars, motorbikes or boats, double doors are great, because you can drive in from one side, and out of the other.

Double door

Want to get your hands on double door boxes? You’re in luck! Find them in no time at all by clicking below.

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Pallet-wide container

The pallet-wide container is specifically designed to accommodate pallet transportation. This special container can stack 2 standard pallets side by side, without allowing any room for sliding. Here are the 3 popular pallet sizes:

  • American pallet: 40” x 48”
  • European pallet: 40” x 47”
  • Australian pallet: 46” x 46”

Pallet wide

Are pallet-wide containers exactly what you’re after? Click below to get your hands on these boxes quickly and easily.

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Flat rack container

Flat racks have no walls on their long sides. This makes loading and unloading quick and easy. It also allows for the packing of oddly shaped items that can’t fit through the doors of a standard container.

Flat rack

Flat racks are incredibly useful and versatile. Want to add some to your fleet? Then click the below button now to find them.

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Open top container

Open top containers, well, you guessed it, their top is completely open. The container roof is covered with tarpaulin sheets rather than a solid roof. This makes removing the cover quick and convenient during loading and unloading.

You can use an open top for cargo that’s oversized, and cannot fit into a standard or high cube box. This includes machinery or heavy materials that need to be loaded from the top using cranes. If you want to transport things like pipes, cables, or machinery, the open top is just right for you.

Open top

Looking for open tops near you? These containers are only a few clicks away.

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Side door container

The side door container has extra doors along the long sides of the box. These make loading and unloading bulky cargo simple and easy. It also allows more workers to load at the same time. Accessing cargo is also quick with the side door box.

Side door

Is the side door piquing your fancy? Hop onto our trading public searching now to starting finding side doors.

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Hard top container

A hard top container is like an open top box, only it has a detachable steel roof rather than a material one. As with the open top and side door containers, this container type allows for easy loading. If you want to load heavy materials or oddly-shaped cargo, the hard top is a great option.

If you’re needing a hard top to load and unload tricky cargo, look no further. Click below now to find hard tops near you.

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Tank container

These containers are cylindrical and made of anti-corrosive steel. Tank containers are designed to carry liquids safely and effectively. Like most container types, they come in different sizes. The largest tank container can transport up to 26,000 liters / 6868,4734 gallons.

Tank container

If you need to transport liquids, the tank container is for you. Search for the perfect tank container on our trading page by clicking below.

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Container sales: Prices for new and used containers

Now that you know more about some of the most common container types around, let’s take a look at the current prices for standard boxes.

If you’re more interested in used boxes, check out the prices below.

Used 20ft container prices

For a cargo-worthy container in the US, you’ll pay US $2,273, from India, around US $2,286, and from China around US $2,374.

Used 40ft container prices

For a cargo-worthy 40ft in the US, you’re looking at US $3,343, in India, you’ll need to shell out around US $3,537, and in China, you’re looking at a current price of US $4,521.

Used 40ft HC container prices

For cargo worthy 40ft HCs, you’ll pay around US $3,775 in the US, US $4,554 in India, and US $5,795 in China.

Why choose Container xChange for container sales?

xChange is a neutral marketplace for buying, selling and leasing shipping containers of all types and sizes, from reliable sources. We offer complete market transparency and professionalism. Need more reasons to join xChange? Let’s talk about a few of the biggest ones below:

Grow partner network

On xChange, you can widen your network of container owners, users, freight forwarders and shipping lines. Now you can ask for containers from hundreds of companies, and get results fast. If you’re a member on our platform, you’ll have access to leasing companies, and traders of SOCs in over 2,500 unique locations around the world.

Everything in one place

On our platform, you can do everything all in one place. No need to switch between accounts and remember countless passwords. Finally! On xChange, search for containers, connect with sellers and buyers, negotiate deals and manage all payments and invoices. It’s so convenient.

Work with big players

On xChange, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small or a large player, everyone can work with everyone. Become a member and you’ll be working with Kuehne + Nagel, Seaco Global and Conway in no time at all.

Avoid heaps of admin

On xChange, you’ll avoid a lot of time-wasting admin, including searching on multiple sites for boxes, and trying to communicate with stakeholders on various different platforms simultaneously.

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How much does a 20ft container cost?

The cost of a 20ft container will vary depending on its condition, location and the current demand for the container type. For a brand new box in the US, you’re looking at around US $3,485, from India you’re looking at US $3,181, and from China about US $3,398.

How much does a new 40ft shipping container cost?

A new 40ft will cost you around US $3,956 in the US, and goes up to around US $6,101 if you’re looking in China.

Is buying containers a good investment?

Buying containers is a good investment if you plan on using containers long term and often. If you won’t be using shipping containers often, or only need them now and then, it’s better to lease shipping containers.